Triforce Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Triforce Tattoo Designs For Men – Legend Of Zelda Ink Ideas

The Triforce symbol is one of the most popular contemporary icons in existence. The design is incredibly basic, which is part of its beauty. It consists of three triangles forming a larger triangle with a vacant inner triangle.

The symbol comes from the classic video game universe of The Legend of Zelda, and its most basic meaning is developed during the game.

It represents the three virtues of power, courage, and wisdom, which are portrayed as the three fairy creator beings of the world, known as the Golden Goddesses.

Players of the game feel a deep connection to the symbol as it develops through the game, because it reaches beyond the context of the game and can be easily applied to life. The virtues of wisdom, power, and courage are vital if one hopes to thrives in the real world, so the symbol is often taken directly from the game and incorporated into a tattoo so the player can remember those tenants at all times.

The original symbol in the game was made of golden triangles, but the symbol can be augmented in any way to be customized to the individual. Many people add a different color profile or leave it rendered black for a more stoic effect.

1. Forearm Triforce Tattoos

Amazing Artistic Abstract Triforce Inner Forearm Male Tattoos

Black Faded Guys Inner Forearm Legend Of Zelda Triforce Tattoo Design Ideas

Circle With Triforce Watercolor Forearm Tatoos For Men

Dotwork Rose Flower Guys Geometric Triforce Symbol Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Gentleman With Triforce Zelda Symbol Tattoo On Forearm

Infinite Triangle Triforce Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Masculine Guys Triforce Inner Forearm Solid Black Ink Tatot Deisgn

Mens Triforce Zelda Paint Brush Stroke Black Ink Tatoos On Forearm

Mens Watercolor Triforce Red And Blue Ink Forearm Tattoo

Stone Colorful Triforce Mens Forearm Tatto Deisgns


2. Bicep Triforce Tattoos

Cool Blackink Sketched Guys Triforce Inner Arm Bicep Tattos

Full Arm Male Triforce Paint Brush Stroke Tattos


3. Arm Triforce Tattoos

Blue And Red Ink Watercolor Male Triforce Zelda Forearm Tatoos

Dotwork Negative Space Triforce Tattos For Males On Arm

Guys Triforce Black And Red Ink Watercolor Symbol Tattoo On Arm

Shield With Triforce Symbol Male Zelda Arm Tattoos


4. Wrist Triforce Tattoos

3d Mens Stone Realistic Triforce Wrist Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Triforce Wrist Tattos


5. Chest Triforce Tattoos

Artistic Male Triforce Wings Red Ink Chest Tatotos

Heartbeat Triforce Mens Collar Bone Tao

Broken Stone Triforce Mens 3d Chest Tattoo Ideas

Cool Skull With Wings And Triforce Symbol Mens Zelda Chest Tattoos

Legend Of Zelda Themed Mens Triforce Upper Chest Tattoos

Outer Space Triforce Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Triforce With Wings Mens Shaded Chest Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Background Male Legend Of Zelda Themed Triforce Upper Chest Tattoo


6. Back Triforce Tattoos

Gold Triforce With Blcak Zelda Symbol Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Guys Blue Ink Legend Of Zelda Triforce Upper Back Tattoos


7. Side Triforce Tattoos

Bee With Triforce Symbol Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Unique Woodcut Triforce Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos


8. Stomach Triforce Tattoos

Cool Flower Of Life Geometric Mens Triforce Legend Of Zelda Chest Tattoos


9. Leg Triforce Tattoos

Sketched Triforce Mens Forearm Tatoo Design Ideas

Mens Watercolor Negative Space Triforce Leg Calf Tatto Designs


10. Calf Triforce Tattoos

Leg Calf Triforce Solid Black Ink Male Tattoo Designs

Old School Traditional Triforce Tattoos For Guys On Leg Calf


11. Hand Triforce Tattoos

Rose Flower Golden Triangles Mens Triforce Hand Tatos

Guy With Black Ink Negative Space Legend Of Zelda Triforce Hand Tatoo

Golden Legend Of Zelda Triforce Male Hand Tattoo Designs

Nintendo Legend Of Zelda Guys Triforce Hand Tattoos

Triforce Mens Sull Hand Tato Designs


12. Skull Triforce Tattoos

Blue Ink Skull With Triforce Symbol Male Upper Arm Tattoos

Skulls Triforce Mens Forearm Tattoos


13. 3D Triforce Tattoos

Male Stone Symbol Chest Tatto Of Legend Of Zelda Triforce

Mens Stone 3d Legend Of Zelda Symbol Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Mens Triforce Stone Tattoo Design Ideas On Upper Chest With Shaded Ink Design


14. Geometric Triforce Tattoos

Dotwork Geometricla Triforce Mens Triangular Tricep Tattoo


15. Watercolor Triforce Tattoos

Awesome Watercolor Black Ink Triforce Male Inner Forear Tattoo Design Ideas

Triforce Mens Black And Yellow Watercolor Inner Forearm Tatoo

Cool Legend Of Zelda Symbols Mens Watercolor Triforce Inner Forearm Tattoo

Watercolor Circular Triforce Mens Chest Tattoo


16. More Triforce Tattoo Ideas

Unique Mens Triforce Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Heavily Shaded Triforce Symbol Tattoo On Lower Leg For Men


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