Venom Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 57 Venom Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Because of his lashing tongue, Venom tattoos make for remarkable pieces of skin art; your artist can shape Venom’s tongue to flow perfectly with your body.

Venom was originally created as a villain in the Spiderman universe, by Todd McFarlane.

Over time, though, he’s become more of an antihero. Eddie Brock became Venom when a Symbiote bonded with him; the Symbiote suit alone can be incorporated into a tattoo in many ways. With his black and white aesthetic and the creepy spider pattern on his chest, Venom is the ultimate tattoo for the super-fan.

There are several variations of Venom tattoos for men that work well. Venom’s face in profile would make a rocking shoulder blade or back tattoo — especially with his tongue lashing out, green slime oozing out of his mouth. A Venom tattoo would also look sick on your forearm or bicep. Because of his shape, an artist can easily incorporate him into your body, making for a very fluid piece.

Another cool Venom tattoo idea is Spiderman bursting out of the Symbiote suit. The splash of the black goo can flow with any part of the body. Speaking of, you can simply get Venom goo tattooed around your forearms or even calves. If you’re into hand tattoos, you can get the Venom symbol inked on the back of your hand. (Just be aware that hand tattoos require frequent maintenance.)

See our list below of amazing Venom tattoos that are sure to electrify your existing ink or kick off your foray into skin art.

1. Black and Gray Venom Tattoos 

Venom is custom made for solid black and grey tattoo application. The monochromatic color scheme natural to the character plays off solid black lines, deep saturation, textured shading, and the use of negative space to make accents like Venom’s eyes, teeth, and spider logo pop.  

Check the use of shadow and light that brings these tattoos to life. The splashing drool, the light shading along the side of the face and the little light accents that make the oozing wetness of the symbiote shine in black and greyThe greys create a softness in the curves and pulpy parts of the character’s design to give it a sinister depth and realism. Just be aware that a heavy black application for a design like this can end up looking like a cover up if your artist hasn’t mastered shading and the use of negative space. Too much black can become a blowout blob.  

2. Savage Venom Tattoos 

What is Venom if not the savage alter-ego of Spider-Man? In the comics he’s long been the mirror of the popular webslinger. These Venom tattoos capture the bestial aspects of his design. This first tattoo we’ve highlighted isn’t going to be mistaken for photorealism any time soon, but the techniques used by the artist in the application are top notch for making the character look grisly, glistening, and nightmarish. The fine line work across the black costume creates a texture you can almost feel as your eyes run across it. The jaw’s red muscle and tendon development creates an illusion of living tissue, even if the overall design comes across as heavily illustrative.

3. Epic Venom Tattoos 

Tom Hardy proved that Venom has cinematic quality. These Venom tattoo designs bring it home by being truly epic Venom tattoos filled with hyperrealism that makes the design pop. Is there such a thing as a photorealistic tattoo of a character that isn’t realistic at all?

Check out this first tattoo of Venom facing off against his spawn Carnage and decide for yourself. These tattoos are mind-blowing and expansive in their application, taking the unreal elements of the character’s design and applying the rules of reality to them. Line weight and application is solid but understated. The biology follows the rules of anatomy as well as the character ever did, and the light source makes sense in a real-world setting. The result? A thing that could never exist that looks like a terrifying portrait.

4. Colorful Venom Tattoos 

It’s counterintuitive to consider a Venom tattoo as a place to showcase color given his monochromatic color palette. Luckily a lack of color has never kept a good symbiote down or stopped a comic book character from thriving. Light and shade lets allows you to play with blues and purples in the costume, while Venom’s animated tongue cries out for rich, punched-in reds that look amazing in an illustrative New Wave style.  

These examples show how diverse, or completely off the wall you can get with a Venom tattoo.  The Venom symbiote has infected nearly every character n the Marvel universe in the past, so there are tons of colorful and unique versions of the character that can inspire you and your artist’s creation. Go for verdant greens with a Venom Hulk, or metallic reds and yellows with Iron Venom. New Wave, illustrative, or more weird technical applications like watercolor or Trash Polka could be adapted to a solid full color Venom tattoo. 

5. Size Conscious Venom Tattoos 

Venom is a big, bold dude but sometimes you don’t have the real estate for a massive back piece or full Venom tattoo sleeve. What’ a Venom fan to do? These size conscious examples take Venom down to scale, making use of smaller spaces like the wrist or forearm. That natural, fluid quality of the Venom symbiote means a good design can be custom fit to any space. Our first example here is dynamic in black and grey, managing to display a lot in just that small forearm space by using the natural length of the tongue. A creative, skilled artist can make the ever-changing nature of the symbiote expand to fill a hand, wrist, or whatever small space you have free. 


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