Volcano Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Volcano Tattoo Designs For Men – Erupting Hot Lava Ink Ideas

We know now that volcanic eruptions are not caused by “the rage of the gods,” but when you observe the paralyzing rivers of hot lava and sun-cancelling clouds of ash, it’s easy to see why people once believed such things.

A volcano tattoo suits the man with a fiery heart and an explosive personality.

It symbolizes the potential of rebirth after destruction; volcanic soil is some of the most fertile in the world, and lingering volcanic ash in the atmosphere creates jaw-dropping sunsets.

If you trace your heritage to a famously volcanic region–say Japan, the Pacific Islands, or southern Italy–the tattoo will have additional meaning to you, as an important chapter in the story of your culture. With a volcano tattoo, you can experiment with color contrast: jet black clouds, bright orange and yellow lava.

The cone shape of the mountain and the squiggles of lava provide an interesting geometrical aspect. And a tropical volcano tattoo can feature additional scenic details. The ironic cheerfulness of palm trees and flowers beside an exploding volcano makes for a compelling image.

Volcanoes are the most visually striking reminder of nature’s might. They epitomize the allure of the natural world–beauty as a child of danger, majesty with a taste of violence. A tattoo of a dormant volcano signifies potential or indicates a return to peace after a tumultuous period. It’s also a good way to populate your skin with all five elements: earth (mountain), volcanic fire, air (clouds), and water below.


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