Wanderlust Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Wanderlust Tattoo Designs For Men – Travel Inspired Ink Ideas

Travel to far-off places beckons to many of us, and a tattoo that declares your wanderlust shows others how passionate you are about exploring your world, meeting new people, and learning about new places and things.

Wanderlust tattoos can be as different as the person receiving them, and they look great on just about any part of the body.

Some people prefer the simplicity of having the word “wanderlust” tattooed on their body in delicate, cursive script. The script can flow directly into an icon like a paper plane, a small group of birds in silhouette or an arrow. The font is usually a whimsical choice that is reflective of the flights of fancy that can inspire travel.

Others like a more concrete example of their love for travel, such as a globe or a map of a specific area of the world where they like to travel. A compass, RV, plane or passport stamps can be woven into the design. The word “wanderlust” can be included or not.

You can design a beautiful wanderlust tattoo that can remind you of all the trips you’ve taken and inspire you to plan all the trips you’ve yet to take. Every time you look at the tattoo, you can be transported to some place exotic. In the meantime, check out these beautiful wanderlust tattoos to get you inspired.

1. Forearm Wanderlust Tattoos

3d Compass Wanderlust Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Amazing Windy Road With Mountains Wanderlust Mens Forearm Tattoo

Black And Grey Sall Wanderlust Globe With Mountains Guys Forearm Tattoo

Compass Star With Wanderlust Map Inner Forearm Tattoo For Guys

Creative Ship Sailing On Globe Male Forearm Wanderlust Tattoos

Forearm Neo Traditional Mens Wanderlust Globe Tattoo

Geometric Globe Male Wanderlust Black Ink Forearm Tattoo

Globe With Wanderlust Banner Mens Old School Tattoo On Forearm

Inner Forearm Male Traditional Wanderlust Themed Tattoos

Mens Hot Air Ballon Globe Wanderlust Inner Forearm Tattoo

Mens Small Retro Wanderlust Compass Tattoo Design Ideas On Forearm

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Guys Wanderlust Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Small Retro Guys Wanderlust Globe Paper Airplane Forearm Tattoo

Traditional Sailing Ship With Wanderlust Banner Male Forearm Tattoo

Wanderlust Black And Grey Ink Inner Forearm Tattoos For Males

Wanderlust Tattoo For Men On Inner Forearm With World Map Design


2. Bicep Wanderlust Tattoos

Guy With Cool Wanderlust Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Masculine Inner Arm Bicep Wanderlust Map With Plane Tattoo

Ship Inside Globe Guys Wanderlust Small Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Suitcase With Globe Mens Wanderlust Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Cool Mens Rose Flower Globe Wanderlust Inner Forearm Tattoo

Tropical Beach Scene Wanderlust Banner Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo


3. Arm Wanderlust Tattoos

Buildings With Globe Wanderlust Mens Old School Arm Tattoo

Shaded Compass With World Map Guys Wanderlust Arm Tattoo

Airplane With Mountian Landscape Guys Wanderlust Forearm Tattoo

Black Ink World Map Outline Wanderlust Mens Arm Tattoo

Man With Wanderlust Old School Traditional Arm Globe Tattoo

Mens Inner Forearm Wanderlust Sketched Camera Tattoo Designs

Mens Upper Arm Shaded Traditional Wanderlust Tattoo

Sailing Ship With Globe Wanderlust Guys Arm Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Wanderlust Forearm Tattoo Ideas


4. Sleeve Wanderlust Tattoos

Half Sleeve Guys Map Wanderlust Themed Tattoo Ideas

Masculine Wanderlust Half Sleeve Guys Map Tattoos

Wanderlust Travel Themed Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos


5. Wrist Wanderlust Tattoos

Small Wanderlust City Skyline Mens Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Male Wanderlust With Paper Airplane Tattoo Deigns


6. Chest Wanderlust Tattoos

Watercolor Wanderlust Compass Upper Chest Tattoos For Men


7. Back Wanderlust Tattoos

Back Of Leg Calf Plane With Wanderlust Banner Around Globe Mens Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Outdoors Themed Mens Wanderlust Full Back Tattoos

Floral Pattern World Map Wanderlust Upper Back Tattoo For Guys

Geometric Compass Wanderlust Mens Back Of Leg Tattoo

Manly Wanderlust Airplane Mens Back Of Leg Tattoo

Mens Wanderlust Globe With Rose Flower Traditional Upper Back Tattoo

Mens Wanderlust Snowflake Compass Upper Back Tattoo

Wanderlust Mens Traditional Mountains Back Of Leg Tattoo


8. Side Wanderlust Tattoos

Male With Wanderlust Script Rib Cage Side Tattoo


9. Leg Wanderlust Tattoos

Awesome Mens Old School Traditional Wanderlust Globe And Airplane Leg Tattoo

Globe With Compass Wanderlust Mens Leg Tattoo

Mens Wanderlust Palm Tree Leg Tattoo

Old School Traditional Themed Male Wanderlust Leg Tattoo

Small Mens Anchor Compass Wanderlust Leg Calf Tattoo

Wanderlust Script Guys Lower Leg Word Tattoo

Old School Shaded Globe Wanderlust Banner Male Leg Tattoo Designs


10. Thigh Wanderlust Tattoos

Male Airplane Flying Over Globe Wanderlust Thigh Tattoo Designs

Mens Wanderlust Campfire Nature Thigh Tattoo


11. Shoulder Wanderlust Tattoos

Shoulder Wanderlust Compass Masculine Tattoo Ideas


12. Foot Wanderlust Tattoos

Guys Wanderlust Flying Plane Foot Tattoo

Mens Nautical Star World Map Wanderlust Foot Tattoo Designs


13. Traditional Wanderlust Tattoos

Wanderlust Retro Mens Traditional Globe Tattoo Ideas


14. Negative Space Wanderlust Tattoos

Gentleman With Negative Space World Map Wanderlust Upper Back Tattoo


15. Watercolor Wanderlust Tattoos

Watercolor Wanderlust Airplane Mens Forearm Tattoo


16. More Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

Paint Brush Stroke Wanderlust With Flying Paper Airplane Tattoo For Men


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