Water Tattoos For Men

80 Water Tattoos For Men – Masculine Liquid Designs

When it comes to food, most humans can go without it for generally three weeks. Mahatma Gandhi proved this to be true during his twenty-one days of starvation. However, with water, the body isn’t so forgiving when it’s missing.

It’s been said, at most, the average adult can make it to a one week without water before passing due to dehydration. Which makes sense when you consider that virtually every human body is composed of 70% water.

Needless to say, it’s existence is essential for life. Thankfully, water oddly enough covers 70% of the earth’s surface.

With that said, surely it’s quite easy to see why tattoos of water are popular. From sailors surrounded by it out at sea to those who simply drink it to survive on a daily biases, it’s literally in the lives of everyone.

However, as you can expect, the meanings behind this symbol are all over the place. For some gentlemen it’s seen as a simple symbol of purity, while for others it represents the expansive idea of life’s circulation. The Native Americans for example, view it as a symbol of life. While ancient Egyptians depended on the Nile River, calling it the birth canal of existence.

In certain traditions like Taoist, the concept is a bit different with water is seen as a sign of wisdom. As it moves in the path of least resistance its form holds together.

On the other hand, the ancient Greeks viewed it’s ability to turn from solid to liquid and finally to vapor, as a sign of philosophical recycling and metamorphosis. In other words, it held a certain respectable power of transition.

With that said, I’d like to share with you a collection of X cool water tattoos for men. From abstract ideas to realistic designs that are sure to provide plenty of ink inspiration. Go with the flow and discover them out down below.


3d Puzzle Water Tattoo Design For Males

Abstract Mens Water Black Line Work Tattoo On Chest Shoulder And Arm

Amazing Mens Sailor Skull Face Water Tattoo On Arm

Amazing Water Dragon Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Anchor With Water Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Back Of Leg Calf Turtle And Salt Water Fish Tattoos For Males

Back Tattoo With Water For Men

Bicep Mens Salt Water Sea Life Tattoo On Bicep

Bicep Realistic 3d Male Ocean Water Tattoos

Bicep Tattoos With Water Designs For Men

Black Ink Ocean Water Tattoo Sleeves For Guys

Black Thin Line Work Tattoo Of Water On Mans Upper Arm

Chest Water Tattoos Designs For Males With Sailing Ship And Lighthouse

Cool Japanese Water Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Cool Line Work Tattoo Of Water And Cliff Edge On Upper Arm For Men

Cool Mens Tattoo Sleeve Design With Shark In Sea Water

Cool Water Wave Tattoos For Guys On Bicep

Dog Swimming After Tennis Ball Mens Tattoo Water On Bicep

Forearm Diving Mask Water Tattoo Ideas For Men

Forearm Mens Water Drop Tattoo Realistic 3d Design

Forearm Sleeve Under Water Tattoos For Guys

Forearm Tattoo Of Water For Guys

Full Mens Back Tattoo With Underwater Scene

Full Sleeve Flowing Water River Tattoo For Men

Full Sleeve Guys Cool Water Tattoos

Full Sleeve Japanese Water Tattoos For Men

Full Sleeve Male Water Design Tattoos

Full Sleeve Ocean Life Themed Mens Water Tattoos

Full Water Chest Shading Tattoo For Men

Gentleman With Tigher Water Shading Tattoo On Forearm

Gold Skull With Shark In Water Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Tattoos With Water Full Sleeve Design Ideas

Guys Water Flower Tattoo Lilly In Black Ink On Upper Arm

Guys Water Scene Tattoos On Chest

Guys Water Waves Tattoo Half Sleeve Ideas

Half Slee Mens Black Water Tattoo

Half Sleeve Guys Japanese Water Flower Tattoos

Half Sleeve Mens Japanese Water Tattoo

Incredible Compass And Water Theme Male Tattoos

Incredible Upper Arm Salt Water Tattoo For Men

Japanese Half Sleeve Water Tattoos On Guys

Male Salt Water Tattoos Full Sleeve Design With Fish

Man With Bridge Over Reflective Sunset Water Tattoo On Forearm

Man With Japanese Water Tattoo Sleeve Design

Man With Water Wave Tattoo On Back

Masculine Forearm Ocean Water Waves Tattoo For Guys

Masculine Sleeve Tattoo Designs Water For Men

Mens Bicep Tattto Of 3d Shark Swimming In Ocean Water

Mens Fire And Water Tattoo With Yellow Rose On Bicep

Mens Japanese Wrist Tattoo Of Water Waves And Flowers

Mens Water Tattoo Designs With Old School Shark

Mens Water Tattoo On Chest

Octopus In Water Attacking Sailing Ship Mens Chest Tattoos

Octopus Water Tattoo Sleeve For Men

Realistic 3d Man In Suit Floating In Water Mens Back Tattoo Design

Sailing Ship Sun And Water Tattoos On Men

Sea Otter Swimming In Water Mens Tattoo Sleeve

Shoulder Mens Japanese Style Water Tattoo

Shoulder Water Waves Tattoo Designs On Males

Skull Water Wrist Tattoos For Men

Sleeve Diver Under Water Tattoo For Males

Sleeve Guys Japanese Water Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Mens Water Sleeve Tattoo

Small Bucket Water Splash Tattoo For Men

Small Color Tattoos Of Water For Men

Small Simple Mens Water Waves Blue Ink Tattoo Design Inspiration

Small Simple Ocean Wave Water Tattoo For Men With Birds On Ankle Of Foot

Thigh Abstract Face And Water Tattoo For Men

Tide Water Tattoo For Guys On Chest

Traditional Japanese Water Tattoos For Men

Underwater Diving Mask Tattoo For Men On Wrist

Under Water Mens Bicep Shark Tattoos In Blue Ink

Underwater Tropical Fish Swimming Tattoo On Wrist For Men

Upper Arm Blue Guys Tattoos Water

Upper Arm Blue Mens Water Themed Tattoos

Upper Arm Guys Blue Water Tattoo

Upper Armman With Water Themed Tattoo Of Shark And Airplane

Upper Arm Tattoo Water Designs On Men

Water Japanese Full Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Water Japanese Tattoo For Men With Flowers

Water Ripple Tattoo For Guys Framed Design On Forearm

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