Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod Spikes Review

Accu-Tac BR-4 G2 Bipod, G2 Spikes and Claws Review – Support and Stability

A manufacturer of superior quality shooting products, Accu-Tac believes that every weapon’s functionality can be improved upon, and their legacy is a testament to this mission.

Using the best technology available in regards to material, design, and engineering, every Accu-Tac product is produced through a state of the art CAD/CAM system, utilizing Haas CNC equipment, in the very heart of the USA.

Perhaps most famous for their bipod, a two-legged front support device for improving firearm stability, Accu-tac was founded on the principle that cheap gear only encourages a below par performance.

With the market flooded with overpriced bipods and subpar shooting accessories that more often than not failed to live up to their promise–and pricetag–Accu-tac took a different route and departed from their competitors’ middle of the road quality.

Fairly priced and designed to outperform at every turn, Accu-tac’s popularity has continued to grow in the field of shooting and outdoor pursuits.

With all bipods made to fit any rifle or long gun, Accu-tac uses only premier domestic air craft alloys including 6061 / 2024 / 7075 / 4130 / 4340 / 17-4 SS.

Whether you’re looking for a bipod, rail mount, or ring, Accu-tac ensures only the best for each customer, and their ever-growing popularity is proof that you don’t need to cheat the demand to make your mark.


Quick Highlights:

BR-4 G2 Bipod

Accu Tac Bipod Reviews Prone Position On Ground With Rifle

– 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy
– Min. Height 5.5″ /140mm (Legs at 45°)
– Max Height 8.25 “/210mm (Legs at 90° deployed)
– Max Stance 12.25″/311mm (Legs at 90° deployed)
– Min. Stance 8.0″/203mm (Legs at 45°)
– Type 111 (MIL-SPEC) Hard Anodize coating
– 20 oz weight
– 5 notches on leg extensions
– 45 and 90 degree position leg positions (forwards/backwards)
– Legs move through a 180 degree arch
– Ability to cant with lockable throw lever
– No tools required quick detach rail mount (1913 Picatinny)
– 100% billet construction
– Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA


G2 Spikes and Claws

Accu Tac G2 Spikes And Claws Review

– 6061 Aliminum Alloy (Claws)
– 1 oz/29g/.62lb weight (Per Set of Claws)
– Type III- Hard Anodize Coating
– Converts spike to clawed foot
– Perfect for sand, mud and soft surfaces

– Aluminum Alloy / steel Hardware (G2 Spikes)
– 1.7oz/48g/.108lb weight (each spikes)
– Black Oxide coating (spikes)
– G2 spikes compatible with HD-50, FC-10, FC-G2, LR-10, LR-10 QD, LR-10 G2, SR-5 G2, and BR-4 G2
– Simple screw on design for switching between rubber and steel spikes


Accu-Tac BR-4 G2 Bipod Review

Accu Tac G2 Spikes And Claws Packages

Accu Tac G2 Spikes For Bipod

Accu Tac Claws For Bipod

Accu Tac G2 Spikes And Claws Combined

Accu Tac G2 Spikes For Rifle Bipod

Accu Tac G2 Spikes With Claws Attached

Claws For Accu Tac Bipod Feet

Removeable Feet Replaced With Spikes And Claws Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod Package

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod In Box

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod Included Rubber Feet

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod Rear View

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod Top View

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod Type 3 Mil Spec Hard Anodize Coating

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Rifle Bipod Front View

6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Construction Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod

Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod For Rifles Made In The Usa

Adjustment Release Handle On Accu Tac Bipod Br 4 G2

Expandable Feet Closed Position Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod

Expandable Feet Open Position Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipod

Quick Release Attachement Accu Tac Br 4 G2 Bipods

Meet the latest and greatest 100% billet, aircraft-grade aluminum, American made bipod from Accu-Tac, the BR-4 Gen 2. For the precision shooters and those who demand the perfect grounded shot, it honestly doesn’t get any better than this.

Look around if you wish, I have, it’s nearly impossible to find a bipod that can rival the quality of one from Accu-Tac. But more on the functionality later, let’s talk about what makes this rifle bipod out of this world when it comes to craftsmanship and durability. For starters, stability starts with a rock solid construction and the BR-4 G2 has it. Each features 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, a Type 111 (MIL-SPEC) hard anodize coating, and a 100% billet construction. Not to mention, every product you’ll find from Accu-Tac is made right here in the good old USA with their state of the art CAD/CAM system and Haas CNC equipment.

When it comes to perfect front support setup, the Accu-Tac BR-4 Gen 2 offers all the functionality you could ever need and then some. In reality, the BR-4 G2 goes far beyond just having two legs for stability. It all starts with the quick detach rail mount for a secure attachment to any 1913 Picatinny rail. Thanks to the unique setup you can easily remove and attach the bipod without the need for any extra tools.

Accu-Tac’s unique leg design offers five different positions with the ability to lock each leg independently thought a 180-degree arch. With the second generation version, Accu-Tac has added five total notches to the leg extensions for additional height. In addition to the above, you’ll find the ability to the cant, with a locking throw lever.

After owning one of their F-class bipods and seeing the results first hand at the range, I was really eager to get my hands on of their BR-4 Gen 2s. After throwing the BR-4 Gen 2 on my .308 rifle, I was just as impressed with what it managed to deliver in terms of performance.

For the absolute top notch in precision, stability, and durability, Accu-Tac is my go-to for when I demand the absolute finest in firearm accessories.


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