Top 17 Best Money Clips For Men

Top 17 Best Money Clips For Men – Hold Your Hard Cash

In our capitalist society, a man is measured by his money clip. To make sure you stack up appropriately, it may be wise for you to upgrade your money clip with one of the sleekly modernized options displayed here.

It’s time to make your cash a little more portable with a dynamic money clip.

These adventurous accessories are often billed as alternatives to wallets, but some of them are actually sold as dual combination pieces. Overall, they offer the mix of convenience and class.

Naturally, money clips come in all sorts of constitutions, and there are endless ways to customize these nifty add-ons. These suave tools offer a sly separation between paper currency and plastic. They also streamline financial monitoring with intuitive brilliance. But most importantly, they add a killer element to an already stunning masculine wardrobe.

Take a trip to sexy town to a money clip that will express your true economic superiority. It may someday be scientifically proven that these apparatuses directly build manly confidence. Just make sure you have the fifties and hundreds to back up your flashy mastery of monetary aesthetics; otherwise, the money clip may be perceived ironically.

Remember, nothing says, “I’m rich,” faster than a money clip. These exposed units are known to make women swoon, so you should consider holding your cash in them on an upcoming date. In a sense, there is a money clip for every occasion. Fortunately, we have every single one of your next 17 events covered with individual selections right here.

Best Money Clips For Men

1. M Clip Ultralight Slide V2 Anodized

M-Clip Ultralight Aluminum Money Clip in Natural with Black Urethane Rubber Accent


In terms of companies disrupting the men’s accessory world, M-Clip is easily one of them and that’s a good thing. When it comes to customization you’re going to be hard-pressed to beat what M-Clip has to offer. Sure, their aluminum construction and heat tempered stainless steel springs are top notch, however it goes beyond that.

In reality, it’s the small touches that make their Ultralight Slide V2 anodize money clip such a treasure to own. Neoprene rubber grip pads offer comfort for the fingers, while 28 different colors will please any man’s eyes. If that wasn’t enough, M-Clip even offers more luxury versions with mother of pearl and rose gold among others.


2. Bosca Old Leather Magnetic

Bosca Old Leather Collection-Magnetic Money Clip, Cognac


For a classic sense of style, just consult the Bosca’s Old Leather Magnetic men’s money clip. It features a beautiful, hand stained, Italian vegetable tanned leather that’s soft and supple. In terms of functionality, a magnetic closure and dependable fold over frame keep your bills secured in place.

To complement the classy appeal each is hand painted inside and around the edges in a solid black finish. For a touch of personalization the Old Leather money clip comes in five different colors including amber, dark brown, amber brown, black and cognac.


3. Alaska Bear Classic

ALASKA BEAR - Classic Silver Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder


Simple and made of stainless steel, though, it comes with one clever surprise. While the price point offers considerable value, this men’s money clip is far from flimsy. Instead of using locks or hinges that overcomplicate things, Alaska Bear opted to go with a more reliable approach. Holding your cash in place is one solid piece of spring steel with rounded edges to make getting your fingers in to pry it open effortless.

For color selection you can choose from silver, gold, pearl white, or mirror polished.


4. Gerber GDC

Gerber GDC Money Clip w/ Built-in Fixed Blade Knife [31-002521]


Meet the money clip that keeps on giving. The GDC by Gerber smashes the traditional mold with a breakthrough tactical titanium design. In terms of appeal, it’s about as ruggedly good looking as you can get while still looking stylishly sharp. Speaking of sharp, each GDC arrives with a slick, concealed fine edge knife blade. For storage it holds five credit cards, and of course, cash thanks to the traditional money clip on the back.

To push things to the extreme, Gerber elected to go with a titanium nitride steel coated body. If that wasn’t enough, Gerber has gone beyond field testing and now offers a lifetime warranty.


5. Sharkk Silver Stainless Steel Slim

SHARKK® Silver Stainless Steel Slim Money Clip Wallet (Black Stainless Steel )


A small price tag yet, surprisingly spacious money clip. This Sharkk piece manages to hold 15 bills and 3 cards at once without being extremely or overly too tight. It arrives in two color choices, black or stainless steel both of which feature a stainless steel construction. In terms of sturdiness, sure, the design is simple however, it’s truly rock solid and far from flimsy.


6. Trafalgar Genuine Alligator

Trafalgar Genuine Alligator Magnetic Money Clip Black 30% OFF


For a more exotic style, the Trafalgar genuine alligator magnetic money clip fares well with your choice of navy, black brown and chestnut colors. Each is handmade right here in the USA and features a heat-glazed finish for charming good looks. At the bottom of every money clip you’ll also find a neat heat-embossed logo.


7. Tapp Collection Fine Leather

Fine Leather Magnetic Money Clip - Beige


If you need to conserve cash to actually fill this money clip up, well, you’re in luck. This Tapp Collections money clip for men comes in at one of the lowest price points. Though, you do sacrifice some quality with the faux leather. Regardless, there’s still numerous colors to choose from to make things personal even while on a budget. Plus, the exterior stitching offers some eye-catching appeal.


8. Oakley Metalworks Silver Stainless Steel

Oakley Men's Metalworks Money Clip, Antique/Silver, X-Large


Oakley took quite a different route with their Metalworks stainless steel money clip. Aside from having a unique design far from the traditional approach, it also features a front with flared ends to make bill insertion effortless. To finish things off, you’ll find a neatly etched Oakley logo above the cut out slots.


9. Adamant Gold And Silver

For the old-school gentleman, the Adamant money clip serves a good reminder of the classics. Both gold and silver versions feature a simple but elegant design with two stripes running across the front. It announces a professional presence without the hefty price tag that comes with it. Though, as you guessed it, with value often comes a downside. In this case, it’s really hit or miss with the grip being a little iffy depending on the quality control.


10. Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Money Clip,Silver


When you need a money clip that does what it promises while looking fashionably sharp, this Kenneth Cole Reaction men’s accessory delivers. With a streamlined design in brushed silver or “textured finish” as they call it, this money clip isn’t overly flashy nor does it drawn in too much attention. The low-profile design tucks away into the pocket nicely, though, you may want to sand down the edges a bit; it’s known to be a bit sharp.


11. Tumi Delta Magnetic

Treat your pocket and hands to supple full-grain Napa leather. Not only does the Tumi Delta magnetic money clip look great, but it also lasts. Each features durable outer stitching and a super strong magnetic closure that snaps back every time like the first. Of course, there’s also a sharp interior with red stitching and ballistic nylon spine. It makes for sliding out your cash and cards easy without there being any sliding around going on in the pocket.


12. Fossil Ingram Leather

100% leather encompasses Fossil’s Ingram money clip for an intelligent stylish appeal. For a straightforward approach to keeping everything from business cards to cash secure, you’ll find a strong magnet in its rather slim profile. Each comes with a handy one-year warranty for peace of mind.


13. Cole Haan Greenwich

Fine two-tone leather makes this attractive Cole Haan Greenwich money clip hard to miss. A strong magnetic flap closure makes reaching for cash and cards ultra convenient. At just three inches high and one and half inches wide, it arrives with a slim profile that tucks neatly into any pocket comfortably.


14. SunRock Carbon Fiber

1 X Genuine Carbon Fiber Glossy Money Clip Credit Card Business Card Cash Holder


When every ounce matters, the glossy carbon fiber money clip by SunRock delivers. Sure, it’s lightweight in design however, you’ll be surprised by just how sturdy and solid it feels. Not to mention, tight as you can fit seven cards inside or store a mix of five cards and fifteen bills instead.

On the plus side, the glossy carbon fiber finish makes for a smooth retrieval of cash and cards. Of course, it’s also easier on your legs too thanks to having zero sharp metal edges poking around in your pocket.


15. Tumi Delta Monogram Patch

Ditch the big bulk wallet for the slim Nappa Leather Monogram Patch money clip by Tumi. It arrives appointed with rich leather and a subtle accented stitching design. To make things personal, each features a blank flat space at the top capable of holding three initials. To finish things off Tumi has added curved edges all around to make carrying this money clip in your pocket extremely comfortable.

Now, while it be small in size don’t let its look fool you. In reality, this men’s money clip can easily fit twenty plus bills inside.


16. TUMI Delta Ballistic Etched

A new take on the traditional classic. Inspired by Tumi’s original ballistic nylon fabric the design features a sharp etched pattern across the front. To complement the appearance you’ll also find a nicely stamped Tumi logo at the top and MCMLXXV at the bottom. Each arrives in a brilliant silver tone finish for a clean, modern look.


17. TUMI Cambers Magnetic

From casual to professional, this magnetic men’s money clip is as beautiful to look at is it is functional. Each Tumi Cambers comes with a handcrafted lambskin exterior that’s soft and smooth to the touch. To keep your cash secure a strong magnetic closure locks everything in place.


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