Best Shooting Glasses For Men Protective Hunting Eyewear

Top 20 Best Shooting Glasses For Men – Hunting And Range Eyewear

There’s more to the superior outdoorsman’s lifestyle than looking badass; a gentleman also protects himself and acts with due responsibility.

Hunter or marksman, the real pro knows the importance of safety over style, and thanks to today’s designs, he no longer has to choose.
This most certainly applies to modern shooting glasses, an absolute necessity and now in a variety of appealing designs.
Whether you’re a shooting pro or just starting out, you no doubt understand the vital importance of high quality protective eyewear. The right shooting glasses can make all the difference between a successful day and unexpected disaster.
First and foremost, make sure your shooting glasses meet the standards set by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, as well as those of the military. (You can easily find this information online at the ANSI website.) The best shooting glass are a seamless combination of design and no-nonsense safety components, with no sacrifice made on either side. Lens material, color, and UV coating, as well as comfort and style–these are just a few of the qualities to look for when selecting your personalized shooting glasses.
As a man in control of his weapons and tools, you deserve the peace of mind that puts you back in control of your surroundings and safety. These top 20 best shooting glasses for men should feel practically invisible, allowing you to focus on what matters, all the while adding to that badass appeal you’ve worked hard to hone.

Best Shooting Glasses For Men

1. Caldwell 320040 Shooting Glasses

Caldwell Adjustable Pro Range Glasses with Clear Lenses and Black Frame for Outdoor, Range, Shooting, Competition and Hunting
Anyone who worries about shooting glasses not fitting right on their nose should look into these. The nosepiece and temple pieces are both adjustable. As icing on top of the cake, they are also impact resistant. Unfortunately, sometimes the temple pieces do not reach over the ears, but it just depends on the size of the buyer’s head. Otherwise, they are comfortable and they get the job done. These glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 Standards.


2. Smith And Wesson 19823 Magnum 3G Eyewear Shooting Glasses

Smith and Wesson Safety Glasses (19823), Magnum 3G Safety Eyewear, Smoke Lenses with Black Frame
These come in both grey and black. With an athletic design, they are timeless and can be worn for many activities. The wrap around is also great for protection on all levels! Smoke colored lenses help dim light for sensitive eyes. Though they won’t last forever, it is not hard to buy multiples of these if one would rather not invest in a more expensive pair. (Or if you tend to lose them a lot!)


3. Wiley X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses

Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses, Smoke Grey/Light Rust/Vermillion, Matte Black
If you have very sensitive eyes, these glasses might be the way to go. They actually block 400 nanometers of the sun’s harmful UV rays! They can also be worn all the time because the triloid nylon frames help with the durability of these shooting glasses. They can withstand your daily routine. With shatterproof technology and an added strap, you don’t have to worry about these breaking easily. These do not fit over prescription lenses.


4. Smith And Wesson Shooting Glasses

Smith & Wesson Major Full Frame Shooting Glasses with No-Slip Rubber, Impact Resistance and Storage Bag for Shooting, Working and Everyday Use, Clear
These stylish, and rimless Smith and Wesson glasses have a nosepiece that specializes in “non-slip” functionality. They also include full peripheral eye coverage. Any buyers can keep the glasses in a nice microfiber bag that is included with the purchase. Probably the best quality about these is that they are highly trusted as durable, especially as opposed to other durability claiming brands. Finally, these shooting glasses provide 99.9% UV blockage for up to 375 nm.


5. Allen Over Safety Shooting Glasses For Use With Prescription Glasses

Shooting & Safety Glasses for Use with Prescription Glasses - By Allen
Shooters come in all sizes and an upside of these is that they are accommodating and versatile in that they fit many face types! This Allen eyewear protection comes in different colors: clear, smoke, and yellow. The wrap around frames provides some extra protection from hazardous material, which is especially useful when worn over prescription lenses. They eliminate the wider gap between spectacles near the temple and side of face that other brands may not.


6. 3M Virtua Anti Fog Shooting Glasses

3M Virtua Protective Eyewear, Clear Frame, Clear Anti-Fog Lens
When hunting for shooting glasses sometimes it’s best to stick with the basics. These get the job done. One common negative would be that they are not always made in the best condition (i.e. they are not always symmetrical and don’t always sit straight). However, they are fairly durable and a great value to buy in bulk! They also come in individual packages and are big enough to attempt being worn over prescription glasses.


7. Howard Leight By Honeywell Vapor II Sharp Shooter Shooting Glasses

Howard Leight by Honeywell Vapor II Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses, Clear Lens (R-01535)
With optical 9-base wraparound polycarbonate lenses, these shooting glasses provide 180° field of vision. They sport a very simple and sleek design; minimalistic, yet functional. Perhaps not the best quality but they will do the trick. They scratch easy, but they pass the hot breath and cupped hands test. A noticeable aspect of this eye protection option is the lightweight black nylon frame. Lastly, they sport an adjustable nose piece and anti-fog lens coating.


8. Howard Leight By Honeywell Genesis Sharp Shooter Shooting Glasses

Howard Leight by Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses, Clear Lens (R-03570)
This Howard Leight has a 9-base wraparound uni-lens style that offers supreme coverage and first-rate peripheral vision. A soft brow guard provides comfort at all key points while diffusing any impact. With anti-fog coating, fog ventilation channels, adjustable nosepiece, and adjustable temple length these glasses really have it all. At only 2.4 ounces they are not uncomfortably heavy nor restricting. On top of any other standards, they meet Military V0 ballistic impact test requirements.


9. Bolle Safety Rush+ Safety Shooting Glasses

Bolle Safety Rush+ Safety Glasses, Black & Grey Frame, Twilight Lenses
Not only do these have a pretty wide variety of lens colors, but they also come in more ornate design and color options for the glasses legs. For anyone who likes flashier eyewear, these most definitely hit the mark! On top of style, they are very functional because they include upper brow bar protection and ultra-flexible temples. The quality is fairly high, however, they are not indestructible and have been known to break on occasion.


10. Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses (Dark Smoke Lens/Black Frame)
These also have a huge color lens selection. The lens provides 99.9% UV protection for when being used in the sun a lot. An inclusion of impact resistant polycarbonate lens protects eyes from discharged debris. Do note that the optics are not really the best with these glasses. They’ll get the job done, but users will also want to be careful not to touch the lenses with sunblock or insect repellent on their fingers!


11. Beretta Policarbonate Injected Lens Shooting Glasses

Beretta Shooting Glasses with Policarbonate Injected Lens, Smoke
These feature smoke lenses which will heighten your visibility. On top of this, they work well in all weather and even lower lightings, so users never have to worry about sight obstruction. This aids in the clarity of clays and other targets. It is good to consider that the rubbers at the ends of the legs tend to get caught in longer hair, and they can be uncomfortable depending on the size of one’s head.


12. Bolle Safety Silium+ Safety Shooting Glasses

Bolle Safety Silium+ Safety Glasses, Dark Gunmetal Frame, Clear Lenses
If you’ve never considered weight a factor before, you will for sure after trying these. With an ultra-lightweight frame, the safety glasses feel super comfortable on the face. They also look very sporty and they don’t slide down the nose from sweat. Their more technical features include platinum anti-fog coating and 99.99 percent UVA and UVB light absorption. The ergonomic flexible temples aid in facility as well as anti-fog/anti-scratch coated on both sides.


13. Carhartt Carbondale Men’s Shooting Glasses

Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses with Clear Lens
It is noted that these shooting glasses are very up to code. By meeting standard ANSI Z87.1 and CAN/CSA Z94.3-07 safety specifications, they ensure quality in terms of protection. A cool trait for these would be dual-injected straight-back temples as well as a flexible rubber nosepiece. Black framing gives them more of a spectacle look. They sit close to the eyes and are credited to fitting well on “smaller faces” as well.


14. Oakley Clear Industrial Det Cord Clear Shooting Glasses

Oakley Men's OO9253 Det Cord Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Clear, 61 mm
Sporting matte black framing and clear lenses, these Oakley are titled as official safety glasses by the industrial collection. They receive high praise from users as the best with little to no negative feedback. For anyone who needs safety glasses on a daily basis, these are a great investment. They are durable and clear in functionality as eye protection when shooting. With the superior quality provided, shooting glasses do not get much nicer than this!


15. Oakley Si Tombstone Reap Prizm Shooting Glasses

Oakley Men's OO9328 SI Tombstone Spoil Shield Sunglasses, Matte Black/Clear, 39 mm
This other Oakley brand is also high-grade. The lenses are ballistic-rated and they come in clear, Prizm TR22 and TR45. The lenses are also interchangeable and the frames sit very close, yet comfortably on the face. If anything, these glasses are sometimes a little too large. The inclusion of three lens variations and a nice case is a great feature, as well as the fact that the slim legs fit well under ear coverage.


16. Radians Rock X Treme Anti Fog Shooting Glass

Radians Rock X-Treme Anti-Fog Shooting Glass, Clear
It is very convenient that the rubber temples wrap around for non-slip comfort. The single lens is the same in the sense that it aids in very clear vision. With more frame color options, buyers aren’t limited to simply black as per usual. A lightweight design and rubber tipping on the temples enhances these anti-fog glasses. Buyers can get them in packs of more than one as well if they go through will need more.


17. Randolph Ranger Edge Shooting Glasses

Randolph Engineering Ranger EDGE Shooting/Hunting Glasses/Eyewear Skull or Cable temples Frame Only (Lenses Sold Separately) (Temple Style Skull (One Size), Frame Size 63mm)
These shooting glasses come with a lifetime solder joint warranty! Buyers will find an adjustable nose piece and reduced distance between lenses. If you want a custom fit, these are the glasses for you. Interchangeable NexPC lenses can be bought separately. Not only do these Randolph Rangers have angular lenses that prevent fogging. There are different legs and temple fixtures available, but be careful not to drop the lenses on the ground because they’ll scratch.


18. Remington T 71 Dual Mold Shooting Glasses

The natural spectacle style that these provide with clear anti-fog lens and black frames are a cool quality with this pair of glasses. The lens provides 99.9% UV protection. and the polycarbonate lens is impact resistant. Though up to code, these lenses do have a flaw. Even though they are anti-fog, many users complain that they do not actually live up to this feature. When the SCUBA mask test is done, the lenses fog.


19. Smith And Wesson Harrier Interchangeable Shooting Glasses

Smith & Wesson M&P Harrier Half Frame Interchangeable Shooting Glasses with Impact Resistance and Anti-Fog Lenses for Shooting, Working and Everyday Use
If you like a safe and convenient way to store your glasses, these include a hard zippered storage case with 3 microfiber lens bags. On top of that, they come with 4 sets of interchangeable anti-fog lenses! A “one-touch” lens swap means there does not need to be any bending (or snapping) of frames to change the lenses. The versatile and lightweight shooting glasses have a full peripheral eye coverage rated to the ANSI Z87+ standard.


20. Smith Optics Hideout Tactical Sunglass Shooting Glasses

Smith Elite Hideout Tactical Sunglasses
As far as shooting glasses that masquerade as sunglasses go, these are certainly them. Though they may look casual, they are tactical glasses that meet US Military specs. They are very non-slip and are also made from microfiber. Tapered lenses produce distortion-free vision and are resistant to any harmful UV rays. Lastly, they include temple and nose pads for the best comfort. These glasses are an excellent choice for shooting with spectacular visual contrast. As far as personal choices go, I tend to wear these the most for both tactical range days and hunting outdoors.


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