Top Best Tactical Pen For Men

Top 26 Best Tactical Pens For Men – Covert Writing Tools

They may seem like something out of a James Bond film, but tactical pens actually serve an invaluable purpose.

Constructed of near-indestructible material such as steel or aircraft aluminum, tactical pens are designed to withstand both the unbearable heat and frigid cold, and perform a number of tasks, including personal protection.

More than mere–albeit superior–writing tools, tactical pens are multi-tool devices that also double as self defense aids. Often referred to as Kubotans, tactical pens provide close-quarter protection against assault, their blunt ends ideal for striking a defensive blow while the tip end of the pen conceals a sharp point.

Tactical pens are slim and discreet, carrying the appearance of any innocuous everyday writing utensil, but providing an additional benefit that may just save your life. No one likes to imagine the worst befalling them, but there’s no way around it: self defense is essential in today’s world, just as it has been for centuries.

Ideal for partners and children embarking on first jobs, college, or a new move, a tactical pen is a more subtle alternative to bulkier self defense devices, many of which often harbor the potential for malfunction. A minor wound inflicted by a tactical pen can be the necessary opening for escape and safety.

Self defense aside, these top 26 best tactical pens for men provide an unbeatable writing performance. With some carrying an approximate shelf life of up to 100 years, these pens perform in a number of extremes and altitudes, with an even ballpoint flow.

We can’t always prepare for life’s uncertainties, and many would prefer their reinforcements to appear and act as everyday subtleties. The best tactical pen assures both safety and normalcy, both at an exquisite quality.

Best Tactical Pens For Men

1. Schrade Scpenbk

Schrade SCPENBK 5.7in Black Aluminum Refillable Screw-Off Tactical Pen for Outdoor Survival, Protection and EDC


This Schrade pen has the look and feel most people expect when talking about a tactical survival pen. Nothing real fancy here, though it is still plenty good looking. The design has got plenty of intricate carvings in order to look good no matter where you carry it. It’s also heavy duty enough that it won’t let you down.


2. Smith & Wesson Swpen3bk Stylus

Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK 5.4in Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Stylus Pen for Outdoor, Survival, Camping and EDC


While this list has a ton of pens that do double duty, this Smith & Wesson tactical pen is actually something that can do triple duty. The strong and sturdy build will last plenty when talking about needing to write something up. You can also use the stylus tip in order to write on a tablet that allows it. Then you can fight off attackers should it come to that.


3. Smith & Wesson Military And Police Swpenmp2br 2nd Generation

Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BR 5.8in Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Pen for Outdoor, Survival, Camping and EDC


Smith and Wesson has outdone themselves with this little tactical beauty. If you are looking for carrying a pen that writes great but has a very distinct look then you need go no further. The screw off and on top means, you won’t have to worry about this interesting little piece leaking.


4. Gerber Impromptu

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen - Black [31-001880]


Durability is the name of the game with this Gerber Impromptu pen. The ink cartridge that comes with this is water resistant so you can write even if you aren’t in perfect weather conditions. The glass breaker tip of the pen means that if you find yourself in less than perfect safety conditions you might be able to find your way out.


5. Cool Hand Bolt Action Cannon Style

Cool Hand Bolt Action Cannon Style Tactical Pen, Titianium


Sleek isn’t usually a word you use to describe a pen, but this cannon style writing tool lives up to that descriptor in spades. The bolt action tip comes complete with a DNA catcher that can also serve you well against an attacker if worse comes to worse. Best of all, it comes in several colors so you can match it with the rest of your look.


6. Boker Plus 09BO079 Micarta

Boker Plus 09BO079 Micarta Tactical Pen, Black


This is another tactical pen that screams “style” when you pull it out of your pocket. The ergonomic design of the housing means you can write with comfort for long periods of time. It’s also plenty durable but it doesn’t feel as though you are holding something overly heavy in your hands.


7. Campco Uzi Uzi Tacpen2 Gm Aircraft Aluminum Defender Glassbreaker Gun Metal

UZI Tactical Pen UZI-TACPEN2-GM Self Defense Survival Gear Defender Multi-Tool with Glass Breaker, Ballpoint Writing Pens Accepts Parker and Fisher Space Pen Refill Military and Police EDC -Gun Metal


There are few pens in this world that will truly make you feel like a million bucks when you pull it out of your pocket or briefcase but this is one. The unique gunmetal color along with the cylindrical shape and the deep grooves in the body will help this stand out. Then there’s the ability to break glass with its heavy shaft if need be.


8. Nitecore Ntp10 Tungsten Steel Tip Titanium

Nitecore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen with Tungsten Steel Tip, Titanium


This is yet another sleek looking pen that is even more durable than most. The core is built with Tungsten steel but that doesn’t mean it’s going to feel heavy in your pocket. It’s plenty compact and easy to carry. Even the pocket clip is hardcore as it’s made of titanium.


9. Boker Plus Tactical Pen

Boker Plus Tactical Pen CID Cal .45 (Gray)


This pen is going to stand out for more than just it’s look and feel. This item offers up a bolt action mechanism for when you want to start your writing. It also comes complete with a super comfortable flat head in order to more easily rest your thumb. This high-quality pen allows you to write until your heart’s content without discomfort while looking cool.


10. Hardcore Hardware Twi02 Writing Glass Breaker

Hardcore Hardware TWI02 Tactical Writing Implement Pen Glass Breaker


This pen is both strong and lightweight. While we don’t often look for pens to give off a vide that says “don’t mess with me” this one does the job. The hardcore base and the glass breaker tip is strong enough when you need it and yet comfortable to hold when taking notes is the most action you’re going to see that day.


11. 5.11 Tactical Matte Textured Body Double Duty

Guys who want to feel like they’re James Bond need look no further than this heavy duty pen. Finished signing that contract? You can fight your way out of the room with this combination writing implement and defensive tool. For those just looking for a dependable writing tool, the pen comes with a reversible clip for a variety of ways to carry it.


12. Benchmade Tactical Pen

Not only does this pen feel good in your hand thanks to the knurling pattern carved into the body to fit your fingers, but it’s always going to look good when it comes out of your coat pocket. There are plenty of colors to match your look and the secure cap and high quality ink will make sure it lasts.


13. Boker Plus 09BO090

If you are one of those people who wants to feel as though they are safe and sound wherever they go, but don’t want to have to carry a gun or other weapon, then this is the pen for you. It’s easy to hold and durable and has a steel insert on one end, allowing the device to be used as you would a Kubotan.


14. CC JJ Aviation Aluminum Anti Skid Multifunctional

CC-JJ - Tactical Pen Aviation Aluminum Anti-Skid Multifunctional


This pen doesn’t look like much at first glance but there are quite a few mysteries hidden in its design. The pen is far more lightweight than others on the list and it’s small enough that it can be tucked away in a side pocket. The grooves in the body help you hold the pen without any kind of slip when you’re writing.


15. Columbia River Knife And Tool Tpenak Elishewitz Tao

Yes, you can do all your paperwork with this pen but that really wouldn’t be using it to its full potential. This is plenty sturdy with a couple of points on the gadget where you can deliver a strike should you find yourself in a pinch. The cap and the butt are both strong enough and built to deal damage if need be.


16. Fortis Led Flashlight Glass Breaker

Fortis Arma Tactical Pen - Black Multipurpose Pocket Tool - Built-in LED Light - Glass Breaker Tungsten Tip - Self Defense DNA Catcher Crown - Made of Durable Aircraft Aluminum


Whether you want this in gold, graphite or black you are going to feel plenty safe and secure carrying this thing around. This is made from the same kind of aluminum you find when you’re flying in an airplane, you will be equipped in the middle of the night with a strong flashlight and a glass breaker mechanism for tight spots.


17. Night Armor Tactical Pen Flashlight

Whether you need to bash your way into a car or your house you will be able to do it with this pen. The pocket-size self-defense tool also has a flashlight with an led light so you won’t ever have to worry about it going out. The mesh design on the cartridge means you’ll be able to grip it well no matter what you need it for.


18. Rothco Aluminum

Rothco Aluminum Tactical Pen


You aren’t going to find an item on this list that looks anything like it. The curved middle means you are going to be able to hold this Rothco pen for hours if the need comes along. The solid exterior means that even its thin body doesn’t show just how strong it can be if you need a little extra help.


19. Schrade Survival

Schrade Survival Tactical Pen


The black matte finish might make this look rather simple at first glance, but the barrel belies a high-class pen that is going to come in quite handy if you’re carrying for a reason beyond writing your next memoir. The screw on and off cap is a bit of a different feature when you’re talking about this group.


20. Smith And Wesson 2 Blk Fire Striker

Glass breaker tips are one thing, but this pen does quite a bit more when it comes to being able to make fire. You’re going to need to practice a bit but this is the kind of pen you’re going to want to have should things go really, really wrong when you are out and about.


21. Surefire Iv Clicking Mechanism

SureFire Pen IV with Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 ballpoint pen cartridge, Black


This Surefire IV tacticalpen works best because it looks like every other pen. This has a retractable tip so you won’t be having to worry about losing anything. The pen is quite a bit more rugged than it looks at first glance though, thanks to the aerospace aluminum body and the heavy duty pocket clip made of steel.


22. Tacrayti 6al 4v Titanium Alloy And Carbon Fiber

TACRAY Tactical Pen for Self Defense with Ti-6AL-4V Titanium Alloy and Carbon Fiber Body (Sand Blasting)


The black body tipped with silver on both ends gives this TACRAY model a stylish look that will fit into any boardroom. The glass breaker tip means that if you find yourself locked into that boardroom for some reason, you’ll be able to get yourself out given enough time. Despite its power and strength, this is quite lightweight.


23. Timberline 700 Lightfoot Lcp Combat

Timberline 700 Lightfoot LCP Combat Pen


This combat level pen is something that police officers and soldiers would be happy to find themselves equipped with. Thanks to its durable build that is lightweight and compact, you can slide it right inside your coat pocket easily. Despite the ease with which you can carry it, this is a hardcore tool that will come in handy in a tight spot.


24. Titaner Titanium Bolt Action Survival

There’s just something about the bolt action slide being included in these kinds of pens. They give them an even more high-class look and feel. That combined with the sleek silver shiny titanium look this gadget has makes it look more stylish than rugged. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to count on this when the time comes.


25. Valtev Black Aluminium

The rounded tip edge on the end of this rugged black Valtev aluminum tactical pen makes it look quite cool when you are just going about your daily work. When you need to use it for self-defense it will be something that takes down an enemy quite quickly.


26. Zero Tolerance 0010TI Titanium

This sleek Zero Tolerance tactical pen is one of those that does it all when it comes to making you’re safe. There is the ability to write even if you have to do so in the rain. Then there’s the glass breaker tip and the durable body that will make sure you’re covered if the weather becomes the least of your worries.

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