Bindle Bottle Review

Bindle Bottle Review – Double Walled Stainless Steel Travel Mug With Storage

Meet the Bindle Bottle. It lets you sip on down your favorite beverages, either cold or hot while stashing your stuff out of sight.

Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel with double-walled construction, this vacuum insulated travel mug is a dream come true for coffee, tea, and liquid lovers alike.

Best of all, it features something that other travel mugs don’t, a hidden storage compartment located at the bottom. Just twist the bottom cap off, and you’ll reveal 450 cubic centimeters of cargo space. What does that mean in the real world?

It means you can fit your keys, a camera lens cap, headphones, a Zippo lighter, and airplane ear plugs, among other various things inside. To give you a better idea of the space, I put an Amazon gift card, which is the same size as your typical credit card, inside and it fit no problem. The hidden stash compartment is deep enough to fit just about anything you’d ever need while on the go.

For days at the beach, pool or outdoors, the Bindle Bottle makes storing your essentials possible when stuffing them in pockets isn’t ideal. Best of all, it keeps your belongings close by and in one compact area, so events like losing your keys in the sand are virtually a thing of the past.


Quick Highlights:

Outdoor Field Test Bindle Bottle

– Double Walled construction
– Vacuum-insulated
– Bottom Sealed Storage Compartment
– Holds 24 ounces of liquid
– 450 cubic centimeters of space in bottom compartment
– BPA-free polypropylene components
– 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
– Waterproof and Scent-proof bottom compartment
– Available in black, coral, glacier, grey, and stainless variations
– Various lid options available


Bindle Bottle Review

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Bindle Bottle Top Lid Options

Bindle Bottle With Closed Bpa Free Plastic Drinking Lid Top

Bindle Bottle With Plastic Drinking Straw

Black 24 Fl Oz Bindle Bottle

Bottom Storage Compartment Open Bindle Bottles

Bpa Free Drinking Lid On Black Bindle Bottle

Double Walled Bindle Bottle With 18 8 Food Grade Stainless Steel

Sweat Free Exterior Construction Bindle Bottle Open Top

Vaccuum Insulated Bindle Bottle

Waterproof Scent Proof Storage Compartment Bindle Bottle

Bindle Bottle Open Both Sides

Bindle Bottle Handle Top

Bindle Bottle Storage Compartment Depth Card For Comparison

Bindle Bottle Bottom With Cargo

Bindle Bottle Filled Storage Compartment

Teapot With Tea And Black Bindle Bottle

Bindle Bottle Making Tea In Teapot

Pouring Strawberry Tea Into Top Of Stainelsss Steel Bindle Bottle

Regarding insulation functionality, the Bindle Bottle kept my tea piping hot long after I made it. I also gave it a test with ice water while hiking around outdoors in the hot summer. After finishing my hike, to my surprise, the water inside had remained cold.

When it comes to options, Bindle offers plenty with colors ranging from black to stainless, glacier and beyond. Of course, you also opt for lids like their loop lid, coffee lid, straw lid, and coffee lid with loop. My personal favorite is the coffee lid. Just add 24 ounces of either coffee or tea and sip away without the spills.

While it’s expected for the top compartment to be waterproof, surprisingly the bottom compartment is both waterproof and scent-proof. Being able to take this bottle virtually anywhere and protect your cargo at the same time is priceless. Add in the fact that the top compartment serves a useful function, and you’ve got one piece of gear worth always carrying.


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