Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles And Instinct Mips Helmet Review

Bolle TSAR Ski Goggles and Instinct MIPS Helmet Review

Stretching back to late 1800’s France, Bollé has been making world-renowned products with the most advanced materials.

It’s founder, Seraphin Bollé set out for the best, over the years this would be achieved.

From being an innovator, industry manufacturing leader, and trendsetter, Bollé has stuck around and is here to stay. For almost 80 years the company would grow from being a successful small family business to a large worldwide known brand after launching snow goggles.

Over the years, Bollé would traverse and dominate in various areas of eyewear and protection. From snow to bike, they have been making excellent products for the outdoors recreation industry for decades. They now venture into other sports such as tennis or running and also make very stylish everyday lifestyle shades.

No matter where you are in the world when you mention the name Bollé people will recognize it. After having much success with sales and partnerships, Bollé would also endorse athletes and do excellent work advancing the outdoor recreation sports industry.

Many of the popular designs we are used to seeing today are in some way shaped by Bollé. They continue to develop and expand while focusing on creating the best technology and design has to offer.

The next time you are looking for a new pair of sports or even everyday eyewear protection, consider Bollé. We have enjoyed their products and wrote about our experience and thoughts below. Take a look then go out and see a pair first hand; we don’t think you will be disappointed.


Quick Highlights:

TSAR Ski Goggles

Bolle Tsar Ski Googles Review

– Available in ten unique lens and strap color variations
– First universal fit goggle with B-Flex technology
– Unique design eliminates pressure points and air gaps.
– Equalizer vents for ultra-high performance anti-fog
– Double lens construction for dual-pane thermal barrier
– UV protection (AVA/AVB rays) blocks up to 400 nanometers.
– Forestay system
– Siliconised strap for additional support
– Triple density foam featuring ultra-soft polar fleece
– Optical clip compatible for SOS prescription adapter
– Carbo Glas anti-scratch protection
– Premium P-80+ layer anti-fog
– Flow-tech venting
– Seamless google and helmet integration
– Wide field of view for maximized peripheral vision
– Phantom Fire Red lens (brown tint base with red mirror)
– Cat. 1-3 (VLT 57%-15%)

Instinct MIPS Helmet

Review Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet For Skiing

– Available in matte black, blue, black moss and white red
– Adjustable ventilation for added comfort
– Dual shell in mold construction
– Avid progressive EPS for superior head protection
– MIPS protection
– Easily removable ear pads
– BOA closure system for the perfect customized fit
– Neck roll
– Removable and washable helmet lining


Bolle TSAR Ski Goggles Review

Carboglass Anti Scratch Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles

Bolle B Flex Universal Fit System

Bolle Phantom Lens Highlights

Bolle Phantom Lens Tag

Bolle Ski Snowboard Goggles Tag

Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles Adjustable Strap

Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles B Flex Foam Padding For Face

Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles Equalizer Vents

Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles Matte Black Patch

Flow Tech Venting Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles

Matte Black Patch Phantom Fire Red Lens Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles

P 80 Plus Anti Fog Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles

Bolle has yet another wonderful offering in the form of the Tsar Goggles.

It has taken the ski community by storm simply because it is feature-rich and does its job well. The product calls itself as the first-ever goggle that fits everyone, which is possible through its B-Flex technology.

When worn, you will immediately feel the benefits of a customized fit, which include the absence of air gaps. Tsar also promises to remove pressure points, which is a common problem with other ski goggles. It is safe to say that this eyewear will be the best one you have ever worn because of the comfort it gives.

The goggles also come with prominent technologies that may be difficult to imagine as they are combined in just one product. The Equalizer vents enable the goggles to fight off fog with its unique ventilation system. This feature allows the goggles to control atmospheric pressure so you will never see humidity and condensation-linked issues.

Another exceptional reason why Tsar is the only ski eyewear to go for is its dual lens. They are actually comprised of the dual-pane thermal wall that blocks cold and dry temperatures while also preventing moisture from obscuring your view. In connection with this facility, the goggles also come with P-80+ layer, which fights off fog when you are in an area with a low temperature.

Just because you are out skiing in the snow does not mean you will not face the harmful rays of the sun. Bolle has included its wonderful technology, which is embedded on the lenses so your eyes get the protection they need from UVA and UVB rays.

Tsar fits snugly on your face, too. You can go skiing or perform any thrilling activity but the goggles will stay on your face. Through the Forestay system, this product can work with your helmet so they stay in place at all times while providing protection.


Bolle Tsar Ski Googles Reviews

Review Bolle Tsar Ski Googles


Instinct MIPS Helmet Review

Bolle Instinct Mips Ski Helmet Box

Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet Features Box

Strain Level Injury Chart Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet Explained Tag

Side View Bolle Instinct Mips With B Brand Decal On Helmet

Bolle Instinct Mips Side Helmet Rear View

Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet For Skiing And Snowboarding

Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet Front Visor Lip

Bolle Instinct Mips Protection Ski Helmet Interior With Liner Removed

Bolle Instinct Mips Protective Ski Helmet Chin Strap Detail

Bolle Instinct Mips Ski Helmet With Boa Head Adjustment Dial

Bolle Instinct Mips Ventilated Helmet With Adjustable Slider

Ear Covers With Velcro Compartment Pocket Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet

Included Protective Bag Cover Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet

Integrated Goggle Strap On Back Of Helmet Bolle Instinct Mips

Removeable Ear Covers Bolle Instinct Mips Ski Helmets

Removeable Liner Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet For Skiing

Winter Sports Helmets Bolle Instinct Mips Ear Covers Detail

You may have heard about all the benefits you can get from MIPS technology. MIPS means Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is exactly what every helmet should have. Thankfully, the Instinct MIPS Helmet from Bolle will give you this innovation and more.

With MIPS, Instinct comes with the utmost protection you could ever ask for in a helmet.

During an accident, it is impossible for you to control your body, especially when you are moving as you crash. You may try to shield your head or avoid hitting a hard object but you cannot fully protect yourself.

The best way to gain protection is through a helmet, particularly one with MIPS. Instinct gives you amazing features in just one product, including adjustable ventilation. Therefore, even when you are performing extreme activities, you will still feel cooling air reaching your scalp and forehead.

The helmet also has dual shell in-mold, which is perfect for those who will use the helmet when skiing. Its construction process has the expanded polystyrene (EPS) to bond with the polycarbonate outer shell. It may sound like it is all technical but it is crucial in forming a lightweight design.

Instinct also has removable ear pads and linings that you can wash to retain its hygienic properties. It also contains the highly regarded BOA closure system, which is crucial in keeping the helmet tight without discomfort. Because it has a lightweight construction, you can stay in the moment as you enjoy your game.

This helmet is designed to give the wearer the perfect fit. It is equipped with many modern technologies that give the wearer comfort and control. Instinct is indeed everything you want out of a ski helmet or the protection you need for any free-ride activity. It also uses high-density EPS, which protects you as it can absorb high-energy collisions.


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Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles Purchase



Bolle Instinct Mips Helmet Purchase



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