Rechargeable Led Coast Px1r Flashlight Review

Rechargeable LED Coast P1XR Flashlight Review – Twist Focus Torch

At just under 5 inches and 5 ounces, the Coast P1XR makes for one excellent, all-around compact flashlight.

Arriving with a belt clip, this is one flashlight that’s meant to go places.

With 460 lumens on high and a 3.5-hour runtime, the P1XR has some admirable power given its space conscious size. Even more impressive is that it also manages to deliver 50 lumens on low power for 14 hours.

With a rechargeable Li-ion pack and 3x AAA battery alkaline options, you’ll never be stuck in the dark. To make things even better, Coast has integrated a hidden recharging port on the rear of the P1XR. The unique flex charge system allows for USB, AC and DC power charging possibilities.

To dive into this Coast P1XR flashlight review further, keep reading below and you’ll find my field test and final impressions.


Quick Highlights:

Outdoor Field Test Review Coast Px1r Flashlight

– 460 lumens high LED light output
– 50 lumens low LED light output
– 508 FT / 155 M high beam distance
– 164 FT / 50 M low beam distance
– 3 Hours 30 Min high runtime
– 14 hours low runtime
– Dual power options; rechargeable Li-ion pack or 3 x AAA batteries
– 4.9 oz weight
– 4.9 inch length
– Push button high and low power cycle options
– Pure Beam Focusing Optic with Twist focus. (Changes beam from flood to spot)
– Flex charge allows for USB, AC, or DC.
– Available in black, red, blue, green and orange colors.
– Impact and weather resistant
– Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
– Tested/rated to ASNI/FL1 standards.


Rechargeable LED Coast P1XR Flashlight Review

Led Coast Px1r Flashlight Box

Coast Px1r Flashlight Light Beam Box Detail

Coast Px1r Flashlight Rechargeable Battery Powered

Coast Px1r Flashlight Alkaline Battery Powered

Battery Detail Box Coast Px1r Flashlight Review

Coast Px1r Unboxing Detail

Coast Px1r With Included Battery Power Packs

Coast Px1r Included Accessories

Coast Px1r Review

Coast Px1r Glass Lens Flashlight Led Detail

Coast Px1r Led Rechargeable Flashlight Lens

Coast Px1r Closed Usb Recharging Port

Coast Px1r Flashlight Battery Cap With Waterproof Seal

Coast Px1r Open Usb Cable Port

Coast Px1r Recharging Port With Usb Cable

Coast Px1r Flashlight Empty Tube No Battery

Coast Px1r Flashlight With Battery Installed In Case

Coast Px1r Rear Flashlight Rubber Button

Twist Focus Lens Led Coast Px1r Flashlight

Rechargeable Led Flashlights Coast Px1r


Coast P1XR Flashlight Field Test

Coast Portland Px1r Review

Coast Px1r Led Flashlight Wide Beam

Coast Px1r Led Flashlight Narrow Beam

On the back of every P1XR, you’ll find a rubbery button that cycles between high and low power. Personally, I like how Coast managed to incorporate their signature brand detail while making this button texturized for a firm grip. Even when my hands are dirty or wet, I can still manage to push that button down with confidence.

With a pure beam focusing optic and twist focus system, going from a flood beam to a spot beam is as simple as it gets. The action of doing so is exceptionally smooth, not to mention, fast! On high power, a 508 ft. beam distance is possible while on lower power a 164 ft. beam can be achieved. With 460 lumen and 50-lumen options, you’ve got great options at hand for most light requiring scenarios

If you appreciate things that are engineered to be functional and sharp-looking, you’re probably going to love the P1XR. With an all-metal exterior, excluding the push button and glass lens, of course, this flashlight is simply put, rock-solid! Best of all, its impact and weather resistant. Go ahead and use it in the real world without worry, there’s no cheap plastic or corners cut here. Of course, Coast also stands behind their gear with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship too.

While black is my go-to color choice for flashlights, you might be pleased to know that the Coast P1XR also comes in a wide range of colors including red, blue, green and orange. Regardless of which color you choice, you can be certain that carrying around a P1XR is truly an every day treat.



Coast Product Collection

Coast Collection

Beyond the P1XR, Coast Portland offers everything from knives to multi-tools, lanterns and a whole boat load of accessories. If you’re looking for something more powerful or perhaps smaller in size than the P1XR, don’t worry, Coast has numerous models worth checking out.


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