Coast Special Feature

Coast Special Feature – Rechargeable Flashlights, Headlamps And Beyond

From beam focusing to flex charging, dual power, max-lock, blade-assist, and beyond, when it comes to Coast you can expect the finest engineering imaginable.

The story of Coast begins almost 100 years ago and has spanned across three generations of the Brands family. It is one that beings with innovation.

While peddling fillet knives used for gutting 50 pound Pacific Northwest chinooks, Henry Brands came to the realization that these tools were insufficient for the job.

After partnering up with a local metalsmith Henry had invented a new tool that featured a significantly stiffer and thicker blade alongside a new rear scoop. The result had made the process of cleaning, slicing and filleting possible with just a single tool.

To spread the word and increase sales, Henry sold the new Coast fillet knife out of the back of his Model T. Eventually he would go on to officially start the Coast Cutlery Co, produce the first “Scribner’s knife” for lumberjacks and improve the grips on fixed-blade hunting knives.

Across future generations, new products including scissors, shears, kitchen cutlery, multi-tools, LED flashlights and beyond would be introduced to the world.


Coast Special Feature History


Coast Quick Highlights

Coast Flashlight Headlamp Feature

– Slide focus system with built in beam lock.
– Quick cycle system.
– Variable light output control wheel.
– Custom-programmed MCU driver circuits.
– Cyclone Heat Sink System.
– Weather Resistant O-Ring Seals.
– Unique optic and lens shapes.
– Aluminum and Staineless construction.
– Tail switch cap design.
– Flex charge system for recharging batteries.
– Dual power system for both alakline and Coast rechargeable batteries.
– Long range, pure beam and universal focusing optics.
– ANSI FL1 flashlight standards.
– Max-lock, blade-assist, double lock, lock liner, frame-lock and lockback.
– High-Carbon stainless steel blades.
– Titanium nitride, glass bead and black oxide blade finishes.
– Spring-loaded multi tool plyers for one-handed operation.
– Built-in LED lights on select multi-tools.


My top 3 personal favorite Coast products:

HP10R Flashlight

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Feature


I remember when flashlights used to take a handful of D batteries. They weighed as much as a stone brick and had the light output of almost nothing. Worst of all, whenever you need to use it, someone had already drained the batteries down to empty first. Luckily, those days are gone.

The HP10R is a compact powerhouse delivering an impressive 1050 lumens with a 6 hour run time. With your choice of a Li-ion battery or 4 AAA’s, keeping this flashlight powered up at all times is nearly effortless.


HL8R Headlamp

Coast Hl8r Headlamp Feature


Let’s face it, you can’t hold up a flashlight forever, luckily you don’t have to. When it comes to going hands-free the Coast HL8R is your best bet. With 800 lumens on high and 4 hour 15 min runtime, it offers incredible illumination at the push of a button.

A light control dial makes shifting through high, medium and low a breeze while twist focus makes going from flood to spot beam near effortless. A hinged beam adjustment angled downwards to ensure that every footstep forward is a confident one.


HP5R Flashlight

Coast Hp5r Flashlight Feature

I’ve had this small HP5R for what seems like forever now. Over the years it has been dropped on everything from concrete to puddles of mud and water. I’ve taken it to low light tactical classes and have fired countless rounds through my HK USP with the HP5R right up to the barrel. It’s been used and abused and yet it refuses to quit on me.

It’s a good reason as to why this small flashlight always stays in my pocket and goes everywhere I go. I know when I need it the most, much like my firearm, it will work. Sure, I can’t predict that with 100% certainty, but given the track record, I feel confident enough to carry it on a daily basis.

At only 4.875 inches in length don’t let the small pocket-friendly size fool you. The Coast HP5R delivers 185 lumens for 4 and a half hours. Just pop in one li-polymer rechargeable battery or a single AA.


Discover Coast’s Collection

Coast Product Collection Feature

Beyond flashlights and headlamps, a few of my favorite Coast accessories include their color lens filter kit, Piccainty rail mount, and tape pressure switch. Not to mention, they also make things like lanterns, knives, and multi-tools too.

For knives, I recommend checking out their frame lock folder FX350 and blade assist RX360.

For lanterns, I’ve come to really like their EAL20 which features 375 lumens at an 80H runtime. And unlike most lanterns on the market today, you aren’t stuck with a proprietary battery. In other words, it isn’t a “throw the entire thing away” unit once the battery dies. Instead, just pop in a new set of 4 D batteries and you’re good to go.

When it comes to multi-tools, their LED145 offers a bit of everything and then a few nice to have extras. The spring-loaded pliers are a nice touch while the built-in led light is incredibly useful.

Regardless of which Coast products you prefer, I’m sure you’ll come to enjoy the quality and craftsmanship as I have for years to come.


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