Coast Tx7r Flashlight Review

Rechargeable LED Coast TX7R Flashlight Review – Ultimate Tactical Torch

Meet the long range monster with an impressive 1200 FT beam distance! With a construction that’s built like a tank, the TX7R has easily become one of my all time favorite flashlights.

In reality, it’s not hard at all to see why.

Originally designed for law enforcement officials in mind, the TX7R is big on the tactical feel but extremely lightweight to carry.
Factor in an aluminum body, impact resistant design, weather resistance design, and virtually near unbreakable LED and you’ve got the gold standard of flashlights.

Best of all, it’s rechargeable; allowing you to take advantage of both lithium and alkaline battery options. Simply tug on the rear of the flashlight to expose a hidden recharging port, and charge it back to full power. To switch between lithium and alkaline, a quick single tube change is all it takes.

Below, you’ll find a full Coast TX7R flashlight review alongside more details as to why I believe this is one of the best tactical torches out there.


Quick Highlights:

Coast Tx7r Rechargeable Flashlight Review

– 325 lumens high LED light output
– Long range 1200 FT / 366 M beam distance
– 7 Hour 30 min high run time
– 6.125” length
– Lightweight aluminum body; 7.5 oz weight
– Dual power options; rechargeable Li-ion pack or 4 x AAA batteries
– Impact and weather resistant
– Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
– Tested/rated to ASNI/FL1 standards.
– Flex charge allows for USB, AC, or DC.
– Slide focus allows for shaping beam with push/pull of thumb.
– High and strobe light modes.
– Tactical grip rings for enhanced control.


Rechargeable LED Coast TX7R Flashlight Review

Coast Portland Tx7r Rechargeable Led Flashlight Box Front

Coast Tx7r Back Of Box Detail

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Side Of Box Led Light Beam

Coast Portland Flashlight Tx7r Unboxing

Coast Tx7r Flashlight With Battery Packs

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Included Accessories

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Front

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Front Edges

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Metal Construction Detail

Narrow Beam Led Flashlight Coast Tx7r Flashlight

Rear Push Button With High Low And Strobe Coast Tx7r Flashlight

Wide Led Flashlight Coast Tx7r Flashlight

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Rubber Grip Detail

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Without Battery

Coast Tx7r Flashlight With Rechargeable Battery Installed

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Battery Tube Opened

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Rechargeable Hidden Covered Port

Coast Tx7r Flashlight Review Rechargeable Usb Cable Port

Coast Tx7r Flashlight With Light On Solid Led Beam


Coast TX7R Flashlight Field Test

Coast Tx7r Review

Field Test Outdoors Coast Tx7r Rechargeable Flashlight

Review Coast Tx7r Rechargeable Flashlights

Coast Tx7r Led Flashlight Narrow Beam

Coast Tx7r Led Flashlight Wide Beam

Aside from Coast’s impeccable commitment to a quality construction, where the TX7R really shines (with its 325 lumens) is its long-range optic system with slide focus. To switch from a broad view flood beam and x-range spot beam, a turn of the fingers is all it takes. The way Coast does it couldn’t be easier or faster.

With the X-Range spot beam, you can max out the viewing distance to an impressive 2240 feet. With the Broad View Flood Beam, the TX7R delivers a crisp, full circle of light up to 7.5 feet in diameter at a 6-foot distance.

Unlike the other Coast flashlights I’ve owned in the past, there’s no low power beam on the TX7R. Instead, you can switch between high and strobe with each click. It’s something I personally really like given the intended usage of this flashlight.

You’ll also find rubber tactical grip rings; something I’ve yet to see on another Coast flashlight out there. At first glance I expected these to possibly snag while entering and exiting my pant pockets, but after testing it out, this wasn’t the case out all. (Yes, it conceals in the pocket without sticking out.)

The grips have lots of little round dimples that create a smooth profile, yet, when held in the hands, they deliver a rock-solid grip. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the addition of these tactical grip rings, but overall I’ve come to actually desire them on every flashlight I own. They are excellent!

As mentioned above, the recharging port and dual power options are out of this world. The system is just ingenious. Both the Li-ion pack and alkaline 4 x AAA batteries packs work. If one dies you simply swap out for the other. In situations where you absolutely need your flashlight to run, it doesn’t get any better than this. As someone who loves backup solutions, this is a major winner in my book.

Overall, the TX7R has left me extremely impressed and then some. The look alone stands out and I’ve come to really admire the finish on the aluminum body. The edge profile near the glass lens cover gives off a really sharp tactical look too.



Coast Product Collection

Coast Collection

From lanterns to multi-tools, knives, various mounts, tape switches, tons of accessories and beyond Coast Portland offers a little bit of everything. If a longer run time, higher lumen output, smaller size, etc. are of any interest, then I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the other models Coast makes too.


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