Coyote Brown Kelty Eagle Backpack Review Large 128 Liter Tactical Military Pack

Coyote Brown Kelty Eagle Backpack Review – Large Volume 128 Liter Tactical Military Pack

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve owned a Kelty Eagle backpack. At 128.7 liters, this pack will take you anywhere you want to go and it will do so with more than enough room for all of your belongings.

When the Kelty Eagle backpack first arrived I immediately noticed just how gigantic it was.

I’ve owned my fair share of large technical packs from backpacking to hunting, tactical and beyond, but this one takes the cake. With 7860 in3/ 128.7 L volume to store all your gear, your literally only limited by the amount of weight your body can physically carry.

If you think you can pack the Kelty Eagle all the way up, I have two words for you: Good luck! The amount of storage it has to offers just goes on and on. From bulky winter gear to extended trips beyond a week, it will fit with ease.

While the storage capacity is certainly impressive, how Kelty organizes each compartment on the Eagle backpack is truly admirable. Personally, I really like the layout of this backpack and the high number of pockets. It’s set up in a way where I can rapidly access essential cargo on the fly while still making the larger, less used item storage space neatly separated.

Below, you’ll find my Kelty Eagle Backpack review, featuring details on comfort, load capacity, cool features like the lid that converts into a fanny pack, durability and much more.


Quick Highlights:

128 Liter Kelty Eagle Backpack Review Outdoors

– Length 44 in / 112 cm, width 29 in / 74 cm, height 17.5 in / 44 cm
– Volume 7850 in3 / 128.7 L (6285 in3 / 103.0 L using low-profile hood without side pockets)
– Weight 11 lb 2 oz / 5.0 kg (9 lb 4 oz / 4.0 kg using low-profile hood without side pockets)
– 16 – 22 in / 41 – 56 cm torso fit range
– 500D nylon kodra, 1000D nylon kodra body fabric
– Compatible with separate Kelty satellite Radio Holder and Battery Holder
– Top-load and front-panel access
– Lid converts into fanny pack or shoulder-strap pack organizer
– Lid has two U-shaped zippers and one map pocket
– Internal divider unzips into single main compartment
– Key clip
– Zippered stash pocket inside lid
– Large zippered mesh pocket on the bottom side of lid
– Secondary low-profile hood stows in storm collar pocket
– Dual hydration ports and reservoir sleeves for hydration bladders
– Daisy-chain loops
– MOLLE along sides
– 2 generously sized front compartment pockets
– 2 large removable side compartment pockets
– Dedicated sleeping bag compartment with zippered partition
– Sleeping pad compression straps
– Zippered interior mesh retaining wall prevents gear from spilling out
– 3 interior zippered mesh pockets
– Double haul loops on back panel
– Side compression straps
– Mesh water-bottle pockets
– Spindrift collars
– Rain/sand pack fly cover stows away in bottom zippered pocket
– Removable pack cover is two tone
– Coyote Brown pack has desert tan and white raincover
– Adjustable suspension with aluminum stays
– HDPE frame sheet
– Padded, breathable backpanel with Spacermesh
– 2-layer padded waistbelt with Scherer Cinch adjustment
– Quick-release, padded shoulder straps
– Load-lifter straps
– Adjustable sternum strap
– Belt stabilizers
– Levitator belt supports


Pack Details

128 Liter Kelty Eagle Backpack 7850 Front Of Pack

Kelty Eagle Backpack Rear Of Pack

Military Tactical Kelty Eagle Backpack 7850

Kelty Eagle Backpack Coyote Brown Stiched Logo

Kelty Eagle Backpack Suspension Features

Kelty Eagle Backpack Packing Hints For Light Medium And Heavy Items


Large Front Pockets

Kelty Eagle Double Storage Large Pockets On Front Of Backpack

Kelty Eagle Backpack Large Front Pockets Open Unzipped

Kelty Eagle Backpack Middle Front Daisy Chain Loops


Lid Details

Molle Top Panel Kelty Eagle Backpack

A6iuj79tyu8 0022 DSC07595

Kelty Eagle Backpack Lid Two U Shaped Zippers Compartments

Inner Pocket With Key Clip Kelty Eagle Backpack Lid

Kelty Eagle Backpack Lid Map Pocket

Compression Straps Lid Kelty Eagle Backpack

Kelty Eagle Backpack Buckles For Detaching Lid On Rear

Kelty Eagle Backpack Detached Lid

Kelty Eagle Backpack Lid Removed From Pack

Lid Mesh Compartment With Zipper Kelty Eagle Backpack


Main Compartment

Kelty Eagle Backpack Top Main Compartment Pull Closure

Kelty Eagle Backpack Interior Main Compartment Cargo Storage

Top Storage Room Of Kelty Eagle Backpack Main Compartment

Kelty Eagle Backpack Exterior Pack Zippers To Main Compartment On Front

Kelty Eagle Backpack Front Zippers Open Main Compartment With Mesh Divider

Kelty Eagle Backpack Main Compartment Open Front Zipper

Zippered Mesh Pockets Kelty Eagle Backpack Main Compartment

Kelty Eagle Backpack Main Compartment Dual Side Pull Pockets

Kelty Eagle Backpack Bottom Main Compartment Sleeping Bag Divider Zipper


Bottom Sleeping Bag Compartment

Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack Exterior Sleeping Bag Compartment Bottom

Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack Compartment For Sleeping Back With Pass Through Divider

Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack Interior Bottom Sleeping Bag Compartment

Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack Sleeping Compartment Divider Unzipped Open


Bottom Rain/Sand Fly Compartment

Bottom Kelty Eagle Backpack Pocket Containing Rain Sand Fly

Rain Fly Stow Away Zippered Bottom Pocket Kelty Eagle Backpack

Desert Tan Rain Fly Covering Entire Kelty Eagle Backpack


Side Pocket Compartments

Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack Coyote Brown Side Compartment Zipped Closed

Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack Side Pocket Unzipped Open

Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack Coyote Brown Molle With Velcro

Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack Coyote Brown Side Pouch Removal

Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack Coyote Brown Side Pouch Remvoed

Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack Coyote Brown Dual Mesh Pull String Pockets On Both Sides


Back Frame Details

Metal Frame Suspension Support Kelty Eagle Backpack Details

Velcro Back Panel Kelty Eagle Backpack


Belt, Straps And Handles

Breathable Back Panel With Spacermesh Kelty Eagle Backpacks

Coyote Brown Kelty Eagle Backpack Heavy Duty Buckle For Waist Belt

Heavy Duty Stiched Pull Handles On Back Of Kelty Eagle Backpack

Kelty Eagle Backpack Breathable Mesh

Kelty Eagle Backpacks Mesh Waist Lower Padding Area

Kelty Eagle Backpack Sternum Strap

Kelty Eagle Backpack Waist Support Suspension

Padded Waist Belt Kelty Eagle Tactical Backpack

Shoulder Strap Detail Kelty Eagle Military Backpack


Kelty Eagle Backpack Review

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Review Kelty Eagle Coyote Brown Military Backpack

At a little over 60 pounds pack weight, the Kelty Eagle remained quite comfortable on my back for the entire trip duration.

The adjustable suspension, aluminum stays, breathable and padded back panel, etc. all worked their magic together for excellent support. Adjustable features like the Scherer Cinch waistbelt, sternum-strap, load-lifter straps, etc. made getting that perfect fit so the above was possible, just right.

For trips or missions where lighter and more compact loads are required, the side cinches and low profile top are fantastic features of the Kelty Eagle backpack. Of course, being able to remove the side MOLLE compartments on both sides is a nice touch too if you demand a smaller profile.

For heavier loads, I greatly appreciated how Kelty went about organizing each compartment of the Eagle pack. Take, for instance, the mesh wall on the main compartment which makes grabbing gear fast and easy. The days are having to dig through your pack and grab gear blindly are gone!

While the two main front pockets and two top lid pockets, alongside the single map pocket make getting gear super simple, I’ve also come to appreciate how Kelty has made the traditionally larger, and less-convenient compartments, an absolute breeze to access. The main compartment can easily be opened by undoing the lid or by unzipping the entire front panel. Best of all, there’s a mesh divider just below so a full pack won’t gush out gear everywhere once you open it. The divided sleeping bag compartment and zippered wall are plenty spacious and well thought out.

In terms of durability, this is one tough pack! You’ll find a 500D nylon kodra and 1000D nylon kodra construction. After field-testing countless packs and taking note of the usual weak points, I’m happy to see I’ve yet to find any on the Kelty Eagle. The build quality is ruggedly rock-solid and should offer plenty of use for years to come.


Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack (Coyote Brown)




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