Mens Ecco Exostrike Outdoor Ankle Boots Review With Dyneema Bonded Leather

Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Review – Tough Dyneema Bonded Leather Footwear

I’ve seen Dyneema being used in body armor for a while now, but when I heard about it being applied to hiking boots I was stunned. Leave it to ECCO to incorporate some of the best materials into some the best boots out there.

If you demand a super tough yet, ultra-lightweight boot it doesn’t get any better than the ECCO Exostrike boots.

For starters, you’ll find Dyneema bonded leather uppers, which is unheard of. If you’re not familiar with Dyneema fiber here are a few quick facts. Aside from being used in cut resistant gloves and body armor, it’s 15x stronger than steel (weight for weight), 40% stronger than aramids (weight for weight), floats on water, and is resistant to moisture, UV and chemicals.

In other words, it’s a wonder material that comes flexibility, durability and lightweight strength in one.

When combined with ECCO’s new Exostrike boot, the exterior feels almost suede-like, it’s incredibly soft. Yet, when you brush it up against a rock, tree root or branch, and other similar rough outside elements, it can take an impressive amount of abuse. With the exterior construction the way it is, I expect these boots to last for ages.


Quick Highlights:

Ecco Mens Exostrike Outdoor Ankle Wild Dove Hiking Boots

– Rugged DYNEEMA BONDED leather uppers
– Reduced-weight PHORENE midsole for added shock absorption
– Remains comfortable in sub-zero conditions
– FLUIDFORM direct injection for one-of-a-kind anatomical lasts and form
– PROSOMA heel cup for support and snug fit
– Soft luxurious leather lining inside boot


Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Review

Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Shoe Box

Danish Designed Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men

Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men Dyeema Bonded Leather Construction Tags

Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men With Agressive Outsole Lugs

Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men With Prosoma Heel Cup

Fluidform Direct Injection Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men

Hiking Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots

Lace Strap Detail On Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men

Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Insole

Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Luxury Leather Lining On Interior

Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Side View

Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots Top View

Mens Ecco Exostrike Hiking Boot

Phorene Lightweight Midsole Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men

Tag Dyneema Bonded Leather Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots

Trail Boots For Men Ecco Exostrike Top

Ultra Durable Rear Heel Mens Ecco Exostrike Boots

Wild Dove Ecco Exostrike Boots For Men

Now aside from the cool factor of Dyneema and its terrific properties, ECCO has also managed to include a handful of other things I really like.

For instance, there’s a PHORENE midsole which really trims the weight off while adding an excellent amount of shock absorption for the feet. You can literally walk over anything for hours and at the end of the day, I still enjoyed having a pair of these on my feet.

While I didn’t personally have a chance to test them out in the snow or freezing winter conditions, it’s nice to know that they retain their high level of comfort even in sub-zero conditions.

Of course, you’ll also find ECCO’s unique FLUIDFORM direct injection process plus their PROSOMA heel cup which when paired together, offer the perfect snug, yet comfy fit. Lastly, the soft and luxurious leather interior lining feels absolutely incredible. It reminds me of the plush feel of an extremely fine, hand-crafted leather dress boot, yet, it’s as breathable, dry and comfortable as a top-notch hiking boot on the inside.

Lastly, the outsole features a great aggressive pattern for a phenomenal amount of traction. Regardless of what I threw at these men’s boots, they gave me all the grip I needed, every single time.

While they remind me more of a cool space boot looking type of style, I have to say the comfort and durability are definably out of this world!


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