Holts Bruk Sweden Hand Forged Akka Axe Jonaker Hatchet Review

Hults Bruk Sweden – Hand-Forged Akka Axe and Jonaker Hatchet Review

Since 1697, Hults Bruk has been turning out some of the finest hand forged axes in the world. Based in Sweden, the location holds a distinct story of Vikings who hacked up timber in addition to each other.

Let’s face it, producing an axe that will shave the hair off your arm and make you wonder how wood can split in two with a casual strike isn’t easy.

The process is one that requires perfection mastered over the course of centuries. With over three centuries under their belt, Hults “Bruks” which is Swedish for a factory, has stayed to true to their exceptional level of craftsmanship and character.

Over the years, the traditional art of hand-forging has been kept alive. Each steel axe head is struck multiple times (70) in order to increase the density and strength. The result is a remarkable level of durability. Of course, the head also features a tempered zone for holding an admirably sharp edge even after frequent sharpenings.

Add in American hickory handles, which are hand sanded and oiled with several linseed coats, and you’ve got an axe that’s built to pass onto the next generation.

Now that you’re familiar with the Hults Bruk story, I’d like to share my Akka axe and Jonaker hatchet reviews with you below.


Quick Highlights:

Hatchet And Axe Hults Bruk Review Pine Tree
The Akka

– 2.2 lbs. overall weight
– 1.5 lbs. head weight
– 24” handle length
– Solid Swedish carbon steel head
– Linseed oiled and hand sanded solid American hickory handle
– Includes traditional dark brown leather protective sheath
– Tempered zone holds super sharp edge after numerous sharpenings
– Steel striking process results in increased density and durability
– Lightweight with brilliant leverage and striking power
– Straight knife-ground edge
– Finger notch near the neck
– Hand-forged in Sweden since 1697
– 55 Rockwell C Hardness

The Jonaker

– 1.5 lbs. overall weight
– 1 lb. head weight
– 9.4” handle length
– Linseed oiled and hand sanded, curved solid American hickory handle
– Includes traditional dark brown leather protective sheath
– Solid Swedish carbon steel head
– Hand-forged in Sweden since 1697
– Head stuck 70 times for extraordinary density and strength
– 55 Rockwell C Hardness
– Most compact hatchet offered by Hults Bruk
– Named after a small village located in vicinity of Hults Bruk factory


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One And A Half Pounds Hults Bruk Forester Akka Axe Head

Solid Swedish Carbon Steel Head Hults Bruk Akka Forester Axe And Jonaker Hatchet

Hults Bruk Akka Axe With Jonaker Hatchet Steel Head

Hults Bruk Dark Brown Leather Protective Shealths

Leather Sheaths With Metal Rivet Details Hults Bruk Axe And Hatchet

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Top Of Axe And Hatchet Head Hults Bruk

Detailed Hults Bruk Leather Shealths For Axe And Hatchet

With a 1.5-pound head weight and 24-inch handle, the Akka packs some serious power and leverage behind it. Every single swing of the Forester axe was indeed a treat to take. While chopping my way through branches, I was amazed at the cutting speed and needless to say, fast is merely an understatement.

With a lightweight and portable profile, I was really surprised by just how exceptionally well the Akka performed. In my opinion, it’s the perfect essential lifetime for taking into the wilderness.

For overnight trips spent outdoors and clearing forest trails, this axe is as good as it gets. For wood carving and bushcraft tasks, I’ve come to appreciate the finger notch utility.


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Hults Bruk Jonaker Compact Hatchet Review

Hults Bruk Forester Axe And Jonaker Hatchet With Leather Shealths

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One Pound Hults Bruk Jonaker Hatchet Carbon Steel Head

Linseed Oiled Hand Sanded Solid American Hickory Handles Hults Bruk

Solid American Hickory Handle Hults Bruk

Top Handle View Hults Bruk Axe With Hatchet

Hand Forged And Sharpened Blades Hults Bruk Axe And Hatchets

When it comes to the Jonaker, there’s no question about it; it’s one of the nicest hatchets I’ve ever come across. Beyond the beautiful dark brown leather sheath, reveals a solid Swedish carbon steel head with a one-pound weight. Below, you’ll find a stunning and incredibly easy to grip, Linseed oiled and hand sanded, curved American hickory handle.

While reviewing the Jonaker hatchet outdoors, I was pleasantly surprised by how such a small piece of gear could be so indispensable. From kindling to light clearing and building my shelter, this hatchet made easy work of it all.

The compact size makes this hatchet perfect for a lifetime of backpacking to hunting, camping and beyond. You can bet it will be going with me in just about every single pack I loadout. After seeing the performance and durability first hand, this is one piece of gear I absolutely love!

For such a finely made tool, taking care of it is going to be at the top of my priority list of things to do. If you’re considering a Holts Bruk axe, hatchet, etc. find someone who knows how to sharpen it if you can’t. Once a year or so, treat it to a few drops of raw linseed oil where the hickory passes through the eye.

Do so, and your axe head will stay snug for a lifetime.


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