Mens Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots Review

Men’s Thorogood Veracity GTX Boots Review – 8″ Tactical GORE-TEX Waterproof Footwear

The Thorogood story reaches back into history, over a quarter century ago in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

Since 1892 this brand has been a haven of quality and comfort for countless people. What Albert H. Weinbrenner and Joseph Peffer would begin work together as cobblers at first would grow beyond their imaginations.

Within the next 25 years, the company would undergo several vital changes as times changed and business grew. From switching to 100% wartime production during WWII to developing safety footwear. Today, Thorogood calls Merrill, WI home.

Just shy of 100 years, in 1988 the company would be bought by locals. Some of these buyers happened to be employees. Twelve short years later, employees would take complete ownership as a benefit provided by the company.

When September 11th occurred, Thorogood donated boots to the rescue effort at ground zero. Five hundred total pairs were sent that were undoubtedly crucial to the incredible people there.

It isn’t often one comes across a true American company which embodies these strong homegrown values. Aside from how the company supports freedom, they produce a beautiful pair of boots that will last a very long time with correct care and attention.

Since making a great product isn’t enough, Thorogood provides many resources for customers who want their investment to last. One can even find restoration information on

We were fortunate enough to take a look at a pair of Thorogood boots and really liked what we saw. The pair we tested were durable, comfortable and built exceptionally well.


Quick Highlights:

Outdoor Field Test Thorogood Veracity Gtx Mens Tactical Boots

– Full-grain leather and ripstop fabric construction
– Polishable toe
– GORE-TEX waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane
– Removable military-grade polyurethane footbed
– Vibram cup outsole with TC4 rubber
– Cement construction
– ASTM F1671/1671M-13
– ASTM F1677-05
– ASTM F2913-11
– Made in America
– Fiberglass shank
– Non-safety toe
– 8” height
– USA flag lace charm detail
– Metal lace hardware


Black Men’s Thorogood Veracity GTX Boots Review

Waterproof Mens Boots Thorogood Veracity Gtx

Union Made Footwear Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots For Men

Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots For Men Tag Usa Made

Top View Mens Tactical Boots Thorogood Veracity Gtx

Safety Toe Tactical Boots Thorogood Veracity Gtx For Men

Side View 8 Inch Tactical Boots Thorogood Veracity Gtx

Gore Tex Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots For Men

Heel Detail Thorogood Veracity Gtx Mens Tactical Military Boots

Inner View Thorogood Veracity Gtx Mens Boots With Military Grade Polyurethane Footbed

Mens Black Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots With Gore Tex

Mens Boots Thorogood Veracity Gtx Metal Hardware For Laces

Mens Tactical Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots Tounge Detail

Thorogood Veracity Gtx American Flag Pin Mens Boots Detail

Thorogood Veracity Gtx Mens Boots Tc4 Rubber Construction

Thorogood Veracity Gtx Rugged Mens Tactical Boots Outsole For Traction

Vibram Cup Outsole Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots For Men

For soldiers in the field, the Thorogood Veracity GTX waterproof 8” tactical boots serve their mission well. For those who don’t mind getting dirty during an honest day’s work or a never-to-be-canceled nature outing, these tactical boots are golden.

Those days when you hate that it rained because now you have to postpone that day of hiking you planned are a thing of the past. With these, you’ll be just fine. Here’s what they do for you:

For starters, the men’s Thorogood Veracity GTX boots have a GORE-TEX membrane for waterproof protection. No more wet socks when moisture somehow seeps through just from walking across a dew-filled field of grass in the morning.

Of course, they also have a removable military-grade polyurethane footbed which also keeps your feet dry inside regardless of the weather conditions. Let the Spring showers and late thunderstorms boom in the sky. You can slosh around all day, and purposely plunge into puddles for laughs and your feet remain cozy.

You’ll love the polishable toe whether you are a soldier, or just going on a date straight from work. You get to polish these babies, so they look shiny and well-groomed. There’s nothing like making a good impression.

Cement construction with a Vibram cup outsole and TC4 Rubber won’t let you slip and fall. You’ll scale steep cliffs without losing your grip. No embarrassing banana peel moments that send you flying! Instead, you’ll move confidently, displaying what great shape you’re actually in.

Not to mention, you have three masculine colors to choose from: Go for rich black or full-grain leather. If you’d rather wear a ripstop fabric instead, you can. You’ll find the right match for your wardrobe look. Best of all you can enjoy the high-quality craftsmanship and comfort that exceeds the standard. Thorogood has been around since 1892. Its Weinbrenner Shoe Company started in Wisconsin where rugged terrain abounds.


Review Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots For Men

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Mens Thorogood Veracity Gtx Boots Review

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