Mens Tobe Novo Outwear Bib And Jacket Review

Men’s TOBE Outerwear NOVO Jacket And Bib Review – Viking Designed 2.0 Gear Collection

Meet the men’s Novo outerwear 2.0 collection from TOBE, featuring some of the best skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile jackets, bibs and mono suits, ever made.

Designed by Vikings in Sweden should say it all.

TOBE’s outerwear took me by complete surprise the moment I got my hands on their new 2.0 Novo jacket and bib.

Not only was their 2.0 gear exceptionally well-built for backcountry conditions and fitting for virtually all snow sports, but it also featured a level of quality and functionality that left me beyond impressed.

In reality, it’s what you’d expect from some of the world’s best technical outerwear out there. There’s no compromise on materials, features or innovative technologies. And best of all, the 2.0 collection from TOBE features a ton of fine-tuning and real-world testing that you can sense the moment you slide on any piece of their outerwear collection.

Below, you’ll find my men’s TOBE 2.0 Novo bib and jacket review featuring a skiing field test on the mountain. Of course, I’ve also included a handful of quick highlights that I love from the 100% waterproof construction to the Armortex Kevlar on areas like the knees, inner calf, and leg cuff.


Quick Highlights:

Tobe Novo Bib And Jacket Eldora Mountain Ski Field Test

– 45,000mm Sympatex membrane
– 100% windproof, 100% waterproof and optimal breathability
– 2 layer Sympatex Cordura shell fabric (jacket)
– 2 layer Sympatex Nylon shell fabric (bib)
– Non-insulated
– Reinforced, fully seam sealed construction
– YKK Aquaguard zippers
– Durable, double stitched construction details
– Chest vent zips
– Removable hood (jacket)
– Adjustable waist
– Face placket with laser-cut breathing holes (jacket)
– Laser-cut wrist gaiters (jacket)
– 4 exterior compartments (jacket), 2 exterior pockets (bib)
– Dedicated cell phone pocket with clear window
– Google pocket (jacket)
– Removable powder skirt (jacket)
– Mesh and taffeta interior lining
– Metal kill switch D-ring
– Integrated leg gaiters with metal hooks (bib)
– Ergonomic adjustable shoulder braces (bib)
– Aromortex Kevlar knee, inner calf and leg cuff construction (bib)


Men’s TOBE Outerwear NOVO Jacket Review

Tobe Choose Your Path Clothing Box

Tobe Made By Vikings In Northern Sweden Box

Tobe Outerwear Packaging

Tobe Novo Jacket Cf Black Front

45000mm Smpatex Membrane Tobe Novo Jacket

Black Tobe Novo Jacket Front View

Cfb Edition Metal Decal On Tobe Novo Mens Ski Jacket

Interior Ski Jacket Lining Tobe Novo Jacket

Non Insulated Mens Ski Jackets Tobe Novo With Mesh Lining

Sympatex Phaseable Smart Climate Control Tobe Ski Jackets

Tobe 2 0 Gear Jacket Logo Stiching

Tobe Novo How The Sympatex Membrane Works

Tobe Novo Jacket Back

Tobe Novo Jacket Care Instructions Tag

Tobe Novo Ski Jacket Tag

Tobe Outerwear Novo Jacket Clothing Tag

Waterproof Windproof Tobe Novo Ski Jacket For Men

Dedicated Waterproof Tobe Novo Phone Compartment With Zipper And Clear Window

Interior Tobe Novo Zipper Pocket

Laser Cut Breathable Vents Tobe Novo Jacket

Mens Ski Jacket Tobe Novo Removeable Powder Skirt

Mens Ski Jackets Tobe Novo Drawstring Pull Cord Adjustment

Mens Tobe Novo Jacket With Drawstring Cord Adjustable Hood

Powder Skirt Loop On Tobe Novo Jacket

Removeable Hood On Mens Tobe Novo Jacket

Snowmobile Jacket Metal Kill Switch D Ring Tobe Novo

Soft Upper Neck Lining On Tobe Mens Ski Novo Jacket

Strech Loops Tobe Novo Jacket For Men

Tobe Exterior Zippered Front Pocket Novo Ski Jacket

Tobe Novo Jacket Powder Skirt For Skiing And Snowmobile

Tobe Novo Laser Cut Wrist Gaiters With Velcro Adjustment

Tobe Novo Ski Jacket For Men Side Of Arm Zippered Pocket

Tobe Novo Waist Drawstring Adjustment Cord

Starting with the TOBE Novo Jacket in CF Black, I was surprised by how a size small fit my body the best.

For the most part, whenever I buy any top it’s almost always a size medium. Regardless, if you plan on ordering a Novo Jacket consider going down one size for that perfect fit.

Beyond sizing, this technical shell offers an outstanding range of movement while gliding down the slopes and tackling the terrain park. Best of all, the Novo Jacket is remarkably lightweight to wear. For all the unique features alongside the construction quality, it’s easy to expect it to weigh significantly more. Somehow TOBE has managed to pack in everything I could ever want in a jacket while keeping it far from bulky.

Speaking of features, the 45,000mm Sympatex membrane delivers a 100% windproof, 100% waterproof and optimally breathable construction. The shell, which includes a two-layer Sympatex Cordura fabric build, also comes with numerous other great things like double stitching, YKK Aquaguard zippers, and reinforced seams.

In other words, this TOBE jacket isn’t just ultra-reliable it’s also built to last. I’ve had the opportunity to explore many shells out there, but TOBE has managed to set themselves apart from the pack with a construction quality that is genuinely the crème de la crème.
When it comes to functionality, you’ll find a removable hood, chest vent zips, adjustable waist, exterior pockets, a goggle pocket, a dedicated cell phone pocket, a metal kill switch D-ring, removable powder skirt and much more. For the finer details, TOBE has left me impressed with things like their unique laser cut breathing holes on the face placket.

Overall, TOBE’s men’s Novo jacket from the 2.0 gear collection is as good as it gets. For the money, it’s worth every single penny. Pair it to the bib below, or go with a monosuit and you’ve got the ultimate setup for any winter sport that requires staying warm, dry and comfortable.


Men’s TOBE Outerwear NOVO Bib Review

Tobe Outerwear Packaging Novo Bib

Tobe Novo Bib Cf Black Front

Tobe Skiing Bib Black Novo Back

High Tech Fabric Tag Tobe Novo Bib

Tobe Novo Bib Armortex Protective Fabric

Waterproof Windproof Tobe Bib With Sympatex Membrane

4500mm Sympatex 2 Layer Nylon Membrane Tobe Novo Bib

Adjustable Shoulder Braces Detail Mens Tobe Novo Bib

Armotex Kevlar On Tobe Novo Bib Knees Leg Cuff And Inner Calf

Inner Tag Tobe Outerwear Novo Bib With Name Area

Kevlar Reinforced Knee Cap Area Tobe Novo Bib

Ski Bib Pants Zippered Waterproof Pocket

Snap Buckle Bottom Of Leg Tobe Novo Ski Bib

Sternum Strap Tobe Novo 2 0 Bib Detail

Strechable Tobe Novo Bib Leg Section

Tobe 2 0 Gear Novo Bib Stiched Logo Detail

Tobe Novo Bib Back Of Legs With Armor

Tobe Novo Bib Breathable Mesh Shoulder Braces

Tobe Novo Bib For Skiing Waist Back Detail

Tobe Novo Bib Lower Legs And Knees Detail

Tobe Novo Bib Metal Cfb Metal Badge

Tobe Novo Bib Shoulder Straps Back

Tobe Novo Bib Waterproof Zipper Detail

Tobe Novo Bib With Fully Seam Sealed Construction

Waise Size Adjustment Tobe Novo Bib Velcro System

Zippered Main Section Waist Tobe Novo Bib

Just about every time I go out skiing, I manage to crash on the slopes at least once or twice. If I don’t, then I know that I haven’t pushed myself beyond my limits that day.

On my first hard crash of the day, I managed to get myself covered in fresh powder. Luckily, the Novo bib handled it like a champ. My entire lower body stayed 100% bone dry with no traces of snow to be found anywhere on the interior. Best of all, I didn’t have to re-adjust the bib thanks to its forgiving yet, perfect fit.

Concerning comfort, the bib was beautiful to wear. A sternum strap alongside adjustable shoulder and waist areas make it effortless to secure the bib to the body with precision. For range of movement, the TOBE Novo Bib offered a natural feel with zero restrictions. From fast decedents down the mountain to catching air on the terrain park, the Novo Bib felt terrific.

When it comes to things like durability and reliability, this skiing bib is brilliantly well-made. The two-layer Sympatrex nylon construction features a 100% waterproof, 100% windproof and breathable Sympatex 45,000mm membrane. Armortex Kevlar can be found on the knees, inner calf, and leg cuff for peace of mind when it comes to preventing wear and protecting the body.

Alongside an excellent choice of materials, TOBE has also included other nice features like YKK’s Aquaguard zippers, reinforced seams, and double stitching. Needless to say, this bib is rock solid!

Beyond fit, feel and build quality, you’ll also find things like two exterior pockets, a mesh and taffeta lining, metal kill switch D-ring, integrated leg gaiters with metal hooks, an adjustable waist/shoulder braces, and more.

Overall, the TOBE 2.0 collection Novo men’s bib, offers all the protection from the elements without the bulk. The lightweight construction manages to provide a stunning level of durability and reliability still. Meanwhile, the functionality and placement of each feature makes total sense. The moment you see their outerwear in person, let alone wear it outdoors, you really can tell just how much attention to detail has gone into their 2.0 gear collection.


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I love the Novo bib and jacket, and the matching CF black color without any over the top logos or graphics is a bonus!

The look of the entire outfit is super clean and sure to stay in style for years down the slopes.

In reality, I couldn’t ask for a better jacket or bib to wear out while skiing, because TOBE’s Novo outerwear is absolutely top notch in all aspects.


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