Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Review Hydration Plus Cargo Pack

Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Review – Hydration Plus Cargo Lightweight Pack

From mountain biking to day hikes, tactical range days slinging bass, And beyond, the Camelbak Miltac Mule is the perfect, portable companion.

For all the times where you need a full range of motion but don’t want to be dragged down by a heavy backpack, the Camelbak Miltac Mule is the ultimate answer.

At 1 lb 13 oz, this hydration plus cargo pack weighs next to nothing. With ultra-compact dimensions (17.5 x 8.5 x 7.9) this tactical pack can go virtually anywhere and fit through any path. For times when tree branches and brush line the path ahead, this pack helps makes the experience a snag-free one.

While the Mule is extremely light and compact, it still offers a generous amount of cargo storage. With 3 exterior pockets and a 3l/100 fl oz hydration capacity, you can stow just about anything you need while on the go.

For mountain biking, a multi-tool, pump, spare tube, and so on all fit with plenty of space to spare. For days spent hiking, maps, satellite comm, snacks, and beyond can all be tucked inside. While out on the range, the Miltac Mule will easily store everything from your handgun to ammo, spare magazines, shooting glasses, ear protection and so on.

With that said, you’ll find more of my Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule review below, featuring my field test and overall impressions.


Quick Highlights:

Camelbak Miltac Mule Backpack Reviews

– Available in coyote, Multicam, and black.
– Top/bottom organized compartments.
– Exterior low-profile composite MOLLE.
– Lower pocket organizer.
– Rapid release side-shoulder straps.
– Ventilated Air Director back panel.
– Lower drink tube exit ports for under arm tube routing.
– 3L/100 fl oz hydration capacity. (Mil Spec Antidote Long)
– BPA/BPS/BPF free.
– 8l/488 cu in gear capacity.
– 1 lb 13 oz pack weight.
– 7mm EVA foam shoulder harness
– 3 exterior pockets total.
– Got Your BAK Lifetime Guarantee
– NIR Compliant. (Reduces near infrared signature of pack)


Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Review

Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Back

Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Front

Nir Compliant Camelbak Multac Mule

Camelbak Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee Tag

Camelbak Multac Mule Tags

Mil Spec Antidote Camelbak Tag


Pack Exterior

Amazing Stiching Detail On Strap Camelbak Miltac Mule

Camelbak Miltac Mule Back Panel

Camelbak Miltac Mule Bottom Waist Strap

Camelbak Miltac Mule Front Molle Panel

Camelbak Miltac Mule Pass Through Port On Sides Of Backpack

Camelbak Miltac Mule Review Side Zipper Pockets

Camelbak Miltac Mule Velcro Name Tag

Flexible Sternum Strap Buckle Camelbak Miltac Mule

Mule Tag Camelbak Miltac Tactical Small Backpack

Tactical Pack Back Straps Camelbak Miltac Mule


Hydration Sleeve

Camelbak Miltac Mule Hanger For Interior Hydration

Camelbak Miltac Mule Hydration Pass Through

Camelbak Miltac Mule Pass Through Tube Interior

Camelbak Reservoir Mouth Piece Cap Closed

Camelbak Reservoir Mouth Piece Cap Open

Camelbak Tactical Hydration Water Reservoir Sleeve Opened

Military Tactical Water Reservoir Camelbak Hydration Sleeve


Pack Interior

Camelbak Miltac Mule Main Compartment Interior Full Space

Camelbak Miltac Mule Main Interior

Camelbak Miltac Mule Organization Panels Flat

Camelbak Miltac Mule Organization Panels Open

Mesh Pocket With Hanger Hook Camelbak Miltac Mule Pack


Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Backpack Field Test

Multicam Camo Camelbak Miltac Mule Backpack Review Plate Carrier Fit

Camelbak Miltac Mule Review Field Test Tactical Backpack

Multicam Camelbak Miltac Mule Pack Review

Outdoor Field Test Camelbak Multicam Miltac Mule Backpack Review

As part of the tactical/military line, I imagined the Camelbak Miltac Mule would fit comfortably in combo with my plate carrier. After putting both on, the fitment was great with zero restrictions on movement.

While making my way through the woods and climbing up giant rock formations, the Mule stayed snug to my back. The lightweight and compact size made it feel almost as if the pack wasn’t on my back at all. While ascending upwards out in the hot summer heat, the AirDirector back panel offered plenty of ventilation to keep cool. Unlike other backpacks out there, I didn’t notice a pool of sweat on my back after taking off the pack.

The 7mm EVA foam shoulder harness was stiffer than I expected, but after wearing it for miles, I came to the conclusion that it was plenty comfortable. Given the smaller size of this pack I was also surprised to find the sternum and waist strap which makes hauling heavier loads much easier, not to mention, general comfortable all-around better.

The Camelbak hydration system works wonders and I couldn’t ask for a better way to transport water from my pack to my mouth. With 3l/100 fl oz, the hydration sleeve size is perfect for virtually any strenuous activity.

Behind the exterior molle which allows you to attach even more accessories and storage options, you’ll find the first cargo compartment. Inside there are numerous organizational pockets plus a zippered mesh compartment at the top front. The layout and size of each pocket are perfect in my opinion.

As far as overall construction goes, I’m super impressed with the build detail of this backpack. The Camelbak Miltac Mule features really nice stitching on the top of the shoulder straps in particular, but everywhere you look stitching is top notch. In terms of ruggedness and reliability, this pack is as good as it gets. I’m really pleased to own such a durable and well-constructed backpack.

With so many possible uses, this lightweight and portable pack is going to be going all over the place with me.


Camelbak M.U.L.E. Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack Black 62603

CamelBak Product Collection

Camelbak Collection

From packs to bottles, drinkware and beyond, Camelbak offers a ton of solutions to virtually any activity. While the Camelbak Miltac MULE may be geared towards more military/tactical applications, the brand offers so much more. From mountain biking to cycling, hiking, skiing, running, hunting and beyond, you’ll find a dedicated pack for just about anything. You can also find drinkware and BPA free bottles, like the one I carry around the office, called the Eddy.


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