OD:30 Footwear Mens Coyote A3 Combat Boot And Olive Green Jungle Boot Review

OD:30 Footwear – Men’s Coyote A3 Combat Boot And Olive Green Jungle Boot Review

Time to Rise is the motto of O Dark Thirty AKA OD:30 and is deeply ingrained into their military identity.

By taking military guidelines for product materials and going further, OD:30 is able to take the combat boot to the next level of performance.

The latest in footwear construction technology is used in every pair of OD:30’s. With the perspective of being ready whenever and where ever, they design boots that are suitable for everything.

From the sole tread patterns to the outer material construction, nothing is left untouched on their A3 model. Additional designs of OD:30 are terrain or environment specific and employ materials suitable for such areas. From general combat boots to jungle designs, they have a very purpose driven lineup.

By taking what the most demanding need and improving upon that, OD:30 has done something great. They have made available better combat footwear while providing exceptional value for the wearer.

Technology employed in the production of the OD:30 boot has taken advantage of the best techniques and materials available. Direct Molded Sole, Dimensions removable PU footbed and Strata anti-penetration technology are just a few examples of what you will find.

Focused on the emergency/first responder market, I starting envisioning these boots being worn in general during outdoor recreation or hunting. We were able to get our hands on some OD:30’s for field review which you can read below. If you are looking for a tough wearing pair of footwear, look no further.


Quick Highlights:

Men’s Jungle Boot

Tactical Mens Footwear Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boot Review

– 8-inch height
– 100% Full-grain leather and canvas upper
– Web tape collar
– Brass speed hooks and eyelets with powder coated finish
– Tight weave nylon lace with sealed tips
– Steel shank
– Dimensions removable PU (polyurethane) footbed
– Strata anti-penetration meets ASTMF-2413-11 standard
– Rubber Panama outsole vulcanized to upper with Genuine DMS (direct molded sole) construction
– Built to American Military Standards

Men’s A3 Combat Boot

Reviews Od 30 Mens Combat A3 Boots In Coyote

– 9-inch height
– Flesh-side out cattlehide leather and 1200 denier nylon upper construction
– Padded collar for comfort
– Brass eyelets and speed hooks with powder coated finish
– Tight weave nylon lace with sealed tips
– Dimensions removable PU footbed
– Comfort PU midsole
– Rubber A3 outsole
– AR 670-1 Compliant
– Built to American Military Stands
– Offered in black, sage and coyote color variations
– Side zip option available.


Men’s OD:30 Coyote A3 Combat Boot Review

Od 30 Footwear Boot Shoe Box For A3

Cattlehide Leather Od 30 Tactical Coyote A3 Combat Boots For Men

9 Inch Coyote Mens Tactical Boots Od 30 A3

A3 Detail On Side Of Od 30 Combat Boot For Men

Inner American Standards Tag A3 Combat Mens Boot

Mens Coyote A3 Combat Od 30 Boot Heel

Mens Footwear Od 30 A3 Combat Boot In Coyote Brown

Mesh Interior Combat A3 Od 30 Mens Boots

Metal Hardware For Laces Coyote Brown Mens Od 30 A3 Combat Boot

Od 30 Built To American Standards Footwear

Od 30 Detail Mens Coyote A3 Combat Boot

Od 30 Footwear Coyote A3 Combat Boot Insole

Od 30 Mens Coyote A3 Combat Boot

Side View Od 30 Mens Tactical Coyote A3 Combat Boots

Toe Detail Od 30 Mens A3 Combat Boots

Ventilation Holes On Side Of Od 30 Coyote Brown Mens A3 Combat Boots

Do you need a pair of combat boots that are high in the ankles and were built to American Military Standards?

Maybe your old boots are ragged, or you simply need a more comfortable option to consider for your next round of training. These boots are a soft brown color, which will match nearly any clothing that you have on. The boots are a full nine inches in height, which will give you a lot more shin protection when you put them on.

The boots are made out of cattlehide leather that is very durable, but the upper portion of the boots are made using a 1200 denier nylon that will have a little more movability so that you can move easily in the boots. The outsole is an A3 rubber that is going to be a durable option with quite a bit of tread on it. This tread is also designed to be slip-resistant so that it does not allow you to fall in wet conditions.

The eyelets are coated in a powder that will protect the metal from the rain. There are four eyes for the laces as well as four eyelets, which will allow you to create a very tight lace that will keep your feet dry and warm. Inside the sole of the boots, there is a removable footbed that is designed to give you a bit more comfort on your feet. This can be removed if you would prefer to wear the boots without it, but it is a very comfortable material.

To help increase the comfort that these boots provide, there is a comfort polyurethane midsole in the boots as well. This is a very soft addition that will give you more support in the arch of your foot.


Mens A3 Od 30 Combat Boots Reviews

Od 30 A3 Combat Boot Review Outdoors

Od 30 Footwear Mens Coyote A3 Combat Boot Review

Side View Mens Od 30 Footwear Combat Boots Review A3

Tactical Mens Combat Boots Od 30 Footwear A3 Coyote


Men’s OD:30 Olive Green Jungle Boot Review

Od 30 Jungle Boot Shoe Box

Od 30 Mens Jungle Boot With Rubber Panama Outsole

Back Of Boot Heel Mens Olive Green Jungle Od 30

Dms Construction Mens Od 30 Jungle Boots

Interior View Of Od 30 Mens Olive Green Jungle Boot

Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boot For Men

Od 30 Interior Tag Built To American Standards Jungle Boot

Od 30 Mens Olive Green Jungle Boots

Od 30 Mens Tactical Jungle Boots Spike Protection

Olive Green Mens Od 30 Jungle Boots Lace Detail

Removeable Pu Footbed Od 30 Jungle Boot For Men

Tactical Mens Military Boots Jungle Olive Green For Men

When it comes to jungle boots, I demand an authentic pair with an unmistakably classic design yet meets critical standards.

Luckily, I have found what I have been looking for in the Olive Green Jungle Boot. This pair has many exciting features, including 100% full grain cattle hide leather, which is a tough material that is hard to beat.

On top of that, the Olive Green Jungle Boot also comes with a canvas upper, which gives it even more durability, thanks to the sturdy fabric. The pair also has brass hardware and removable polyurethane footbed designed by Dimensions. This footbed is not just your ordinary standard foam because it is made to be comfortable and guaranteed to fit the wearer’s feet better.

The overall size of this boot is eight inches, which is just the right size for combat footwear. With these qualities, I trust the boots with their reliable performance and protection. They come with strata anti-penetration, which conforms to the American Society for Testing and Materials standard ASTM F-2413-11. Meeting the mentioned standard means that these jungle boots are indeed protective and non-penetrative.

The boots are suitable in jungle combat or just when you need dependable footwear that you can use during wet, humid, hot, or changing weather situations. There are vents right on the sides of each boot so you will feel and stay comfy even after hours of wearing.

Perhaps one of the best things about this footwear is that they meet my requirements. I have always thought that the standard leather combat boots are great but these jungle boots are even better.

They are much more comfortable because they have such a lightweight construction. These boots are also suitable for wearing even though they have been modeled after the traditional military boots that were a mainstay in Panama and Vietnam.


Field Test Woods Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boots

Mens Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boots Reviews

Mens Od 30 Footwear Reviews Olive Green Jungle Boot

Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boot For Men Review

Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boot Review Outdoors

Review Od 30 Footwear Olive Green Jungle Boot Side


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