Pelican 20qt Elite Cooler Review

Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler Review – Hard Sided USA Made Coolers

Dave Parker had a vision in 1976 which he and Arline (his wife) utilized to start Pelican Products, Inc. The massive company we know of today began in the scuba diving world.

First products included rugged cases and flashlights that would outperform those available at the time. Dave and Arline knew that there was a better alternative and would prove that by creating many examples.

After decades of many more innovations and expansions, Pelican Products, Inc. was acquired by Behrman Capital. Over the years new divisions would be created on continents spanning the globe. In 2012 the consumer market would be introduced to Pelican Products as a new aggressive growth strategy that would prove fruitful in time.

Beyond the consumer markets, Pelican would become the largest manufacturer of temperature controlled cases globally. Today, they are known as making excellent products such as phone cases, coolers, backpacks, general use cases, travel accessories, and flashlights. If you have anything of value that goes with you, there is a pelican for it, and you should probably grab one!

Many of the cases made by Pelican are pressure sealing, tamper-resistant, perfect for photography gear and can find their place on the beach- keeping drinks cold and food fresh.

Memories of a lifetime can be and are made around Pelican Products. From travel security to defense or military applications, no other company does it better. If you have an extreme need for the best protection out there, then Pelican is for you.


Quick Highlights:

Cooler Reviews Pelican 20qt Elite Cooler

– Made in the USA
– Available in 17 unique color combinations
– Freezer-grade seals for exceptional ice retention
– Lifetime guarantee
– Easy to operate press and pull latches
– Molded-in tie downs
– Non-skid and non-marking raised feet
– Integrated cup holders on top of cooler
– 21.50 QT (20.35 liters) interior volume
– 0.78” polyurethane foam insulation thickness
– 12.52 lbs. weight
– 12.00″ x 6.70″ x 14.10″ (30.5 x 17 x 35.8 cm) interior dimensions
– 18.80″ x 12.60″ x 17.70″ (47.8 x 32 x 45 cm) exterior dimensions
– Polypropylene body and handle construction
– ABS latch
– Stainless steel hardware for longevity
– Certified grizzly proof construction
– Built in bottle opener
– 2 full days of ice retention
– Fits up to 15 cans or 4 wine bottles or lunch for two with 4 drinks (2:1 ice ratio)


Dark Grey and Green Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler Review

Pelican 20 Quart Elite Cooler

Top Pull Carry Handle Pelican 20 Qt Elite

Top View Pelican 20 Qt Elite Coolers

Extreme Ice Retention Pelican Coolers

Cooler Features Pelican 20 Qt Elite

Dark Grey Green Pelican 20 Qt Elite Cooler

Insulated Coolers Pelican 20 Qt Elite

Latch Mechanism Pelican 20 Qt Elite Cooler

Locking Latch Cooler Pelican 20 Qt Elite

Pelican 20 Qt Elite Cooler Sizes

Pelican 20 Qt Elite Cooler With Non Skid Non Marking White Feet

Pelican 20 Qt Elite Freezer Grade Seal

Pelican 20 Qt Elite Included Stickers

Pelican 20 Qt Elite Made In The Usa Coolers

Pelican 20 Qt Elite Molded Brand On Inner

Let’s face it, operating a chainsaw in the woods from morning to night can be a dehydrating process.

While water or a sports drink is satisfying, nothing beats having a bone-chilling ice-cold one.
To keep things near frozen from the start of the day to the end, I brought a Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler out into the field. Packed with ice and several canned drinks, I was curious to see how well it would do against the rather brutal, high-altitude mountain sun.

With a 0.78” polyurethane foam insulation thickness, freezer-grade seals, and ABS latch, Pelican’s latest cooler managed to leave me impressed. Drinks were ice-cold all day long, and after leaving the cooler outdoors overnight, I came back in the morning to find nothing had changed. Going on two full days, the cooler managed to really deliver in terms of excellent ice retention.


Dark Grey And Green Outdoor Pelican 20qt Elite Coolers Field Test

Opening Latch Pelican 20qt Elite Reviewed

Outdoor Field Test Pelican 20qt Elite Coolers

Pelican 20qt Elite Cooler Review Outdoors With Ice And Beverages

Pelican 20qt Elite Cooler Reviews

Review Ice Retention Pelican 20qt Elite Cooler

Given its rather compact size and lightweight construction, the 20QT has become a welcomed addition to the back of my G-wagen.

It’s so easy to load this thing up with drinks and hit the road. With the ability to fit 15 cans or 4 bottles of wine, or lunch for 2 with four drinks, it’s perfect for most of my activities and adventures spent outdoors.

Beyond the above, I really can appreciate the craftsmanship when it comes to this cooler. With the USA made construction and lifetime guarantee, you can expect nothing short of a top-notch build. Of course, Pelican also managed to incorporate a few other features that I’ve come to really enjoy.

For instance, this grizzly-proof cooler comes with stainless steel hardware, a built-in bottle opener, molded-in tie downs, non-skid/marking feet, and integrated cup holders.


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