Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Zp Cut Coho Knife Review

RMJ Tactical – Jenny Wren Hammer Poll, ZP-CUT, and Coho Knife Review

Every aspect of design is considered when it comes to material selection, feature function, heat treatment, grips & handles, as well as grind types.

This is an extremely concise version of RMJ Tactical’s overall design philosophy.

With a never-fail approach toward constructing tools, RMJ quickly has gained a reputation for making outstanding quality pieces. Lately, they have been venturing into tactical valet trays, and we cannot forget to mention their Thumpers (think heavy mini-bat with an optional weighted core).

Based in Chattanooga, TN since 2005, RMJ has partnered itself with other local outfits in addition to doing excellent solo work. They make production pieces as well as custom and small runs. Less than 20 employees and a strong track record for quality, RMJ is exactly who you want to make your hard use hand tools. These people know what they are doing and know how to do it well.

As a family business, RMJ Tactical is focused on the tactical tomahawk. That has been their primary product for a while. Having said that, they do make other very high-quality gear such as knives, hammers, ferro rods, sharpeners, sheaths, and other items.

After you purchase an RMJ Tactical product, they aren’t done with you. RMJ has info on how to care for and protect everything on your item. They go into depth on features, differences, how to’s, heat treating, and a tactical design approach in general. It is very evident that they are intimately acquainted with their craft.

Read below on our recent experience with a few RMJ production examples and what we thought.


Quick Highlights:

Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Tomahawk

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Tactical G10 Tomahawk Outdoor Woods Review

– Ultra-lightweight, compact tomahawk design
– Three sharpened edges for various cutting tasks
– Hammer backside
– Multiple handle tube flared rivets for numerous lanyard options
– Handle jimping for indexing without readily observing which side you are striking with
– 11.5” length
– 2 5/8” forward edge (4.9” forward edge to hammer) head
– Milled from over-sized ¼” 80CRV2 steel
– Cerakote finish
– Full tang I-beam handle design
– 3D machined G-10 handle scales
– Available in black, Hyena Brown and Dirty Olive handle variations
– 57-58 HRC
– 21.7 oz. weight without scabbard
– 25.7 oz. weight with scabbard
– Includes bottom-eject Kydex scabbard and low ride MOC straps
– Model first introduced back in 2010
– 100% lifetime guarantee against structure failure (excludes normal wear and tear)
– Made in the USA

ZP-CUT Cord Cutter

Rmj Tactical Reviews Zp Cut

– Single-handed cord and line cutter
– Split ring mounts to any keychain, zipper or misc. attachment point
– 303 stainless steel construction
– 360-degree cutting edge
– Tumbled tool finish
– 3-inch tool length
– 1/8” tool thickness
– 18mm cutting disc
– 0.6 oz. weight


Coho Knife

Rmj Tactical Coho Knife Review Mounted On Chest Pack

– 2.9” blade length
– Wharncliffe style blade
– Includes Kydex sheath and 2 MAD straps for scout carry
– 6.5” overall length
– Flat grind
– First appearance at SHOT Show 2019
– 3D machined G-10 grips
– Tungsten Cerakote finish
– Designed by Brian S. (RMJ in-house crew member)
– Per blade length, legal in several additional states
– 58-60 HRC
– 2.25 oz. knife weight
– 1.8 oz. sheath weight
– Offered in black, Hyena Brown and Dirty Olive handle choices


Dirty Olive RMJ Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Tomahawk Review

Rmj Tactical Usa Box

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Tomahwak

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll How To Carry

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Included Papers

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Carrying Instructions

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Back

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Front

80crv2 Steel Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Tomahawk

American Made Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Tomahawks

Cerakote G 10 3d Machined Drity Olive Handle Scales Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll

Dirty Olive G 10 Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Tomahawk

Full Tang I Beam Handle Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll End Of Handle

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Hammer Backside

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Leather Straps

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll Usa Made Tomahawk

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll With 80crv2 Steel

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll With Kydex Sheath Attached To Belt

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll With Kydex Sheath Removed

Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll With Sheath On

Super Sharp Balde Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll

Tomahawks Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Hammer Poll

The Jenny Wren Hammer Poll from RMJ Tactical is a tomahawk that combines the dream of several knife lovers.

It has an aggressive look and a tactical tomahawk. Although the ‘hawks have always been tactical for several years now (probably a hundred) if you think about their original form. Such knives were used in battlefields as a weapon and a tool.

This ‘hawk is durable and tough even when you use it in harsh environments. In fact, it is built for such conditions, whether you plan to use it in the wilderness of South America or the rugged Afghanistan mountains.

The knife is easy to use and carry simply because it has the right balance in its hardness and firmness. This trait is due to differential heat treatment, which was the technique used in treating this particular steel object. The Jenny Wren Hammer Poll is used in many ways, including chopping, cutting, and digging.

When you buy this knife, you will also get the Kydex scabbard with a bottom-eject feature. This scabbard securely holds the tomahawk so you can carry it with you anywhere you want without worrying about it slipping. At the same time, this addition lets you draw it out with ease.

This knife is almost 12 inches in length with a head length of 6.25 inches, producing a lightweight knife weighing only 18 ounces. Expect it to be extremely fast and its great design will make you feel that it is an extension of your arm.

If you have heard about the Jenny Wren, like everyone has, this knife is her sister. It has great specs like the earlier product but there is this interesting difference. Instead of a spike, you will find that this has a hammer.

With hours upon hours dedicated for the design of this knife, it is no wonder that Jenny Wren Hammer Poll finds the balance between a handy tool and efficient style.


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Field Test Rmj Tactical Jenny Wren Tomahawk

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Black RMJ Tactical Coho Knife Review

Boxed Rmj Tactical Usa Made Coho Knife

Rmj Tactical Coho Knife Papers

Black Rmj Tactical Coho Knife

Front View Rmj Tactical Coho Knife

Black G 10 Handle Grips Rmj Tactical Coho

Kydex Sheath For Rmj Tactical Coho Knife

Rmj Coho Knife Blade Detail Up Close

Rmj Coho Tactical Small Edc Knives

Rmj Tactical Coho Knives

Rmj Tactical Coho Mini Knife

Small Everyday Carry Knife Rmj Tactical Coho

Top Knife View Rmj Tactical Coho

The story of Knife Center’s RMJ Tactical COHO Fixed Blade Knife starts in-house with a design invented by one of RMJ’s own team members. Exclusively picked for production, the COHO is a brand new piece of gear that continues to tells the story of RMJ Tactical beautifully.

In a perfect world we are all outfitted and prepared for whatever life throws our way, but RMJ Tactical knows this isn’t always possible. For tactical to every day carry use, the COHO blade is both tool and weapon, a companion for both solider and outdoorsman alike. Ryan’s philosophy that a tactical knife should be able to withstand all circumstances, be they in the battlefield or rugged backcountry, can be seen in every detail of the COHO knife.

Fast, light, and ideal for multi-use, the COHO is perfectly sized for everyday carry. The sheeps-foot blade is unmatched in versatility while the slender, compact blade handle boasts a secure and comfortable grip. Measuring 6.5″ with a 3″ 52100 carbon steel, Cerakote-finished blade, the COHO comes complete with a Kydex scabbard and multidirectional biothane straps for the ultimate carry. Available in black, dirty olive, and hyena brown, the COHO elevates the tactical to a whole never level of haute design.

You may not know every task you’ll be called upon to tackle in the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t equip yourself with the best weapon against failure. If you’re looking for an ultra-compact tactical knife that wears as flawlessly as it performs, the COHO will no doubt become your most essential companion.


Black G10 Handle Rmj Tactical Coho Usa Made Knives Reviewed

Carving Tinder For Campfire Rmj Tactical Coho Small Edc Knives

Mini Edc Knives Rmj Tactical Coho

Outdoor Review Rmj Tactical Coho Knives

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Reviews Rmj Tactical Coho Knife

Rmj Tactical Coho Knife Mounted To Multicam Tactical Backpack Review


RMJ Tactical ZP-CUT Cord Cutter Review

Edc Tools Back View Rmj Tactical Cord Cutter

Front Everyday Carry Mini Tools Rmj Tactical Cord Cutter

Rmj Tactical Zip Cord Cutter Up Close

You go on outdoor exploration, survivalist training, or even adventuring off the grid and you probably have all the essentials with you.

However, what you should not forget is a cord cutter. Unfortunately, some explorers do not bring this tool because they can be quite bulky and inconvenient.

This is where the ZP-Cut Cord Cutter enters the picture. It is the only solution you need for line and cord cutting. This tool makes it possible for you to take it with you anywhere because you can mount it on a zipper. Another option is linking it to an attachment point in your gear. If you have a fanny pack or a backpack, you can attach this handy cord cutter as well.

The ZP-Cut Cord Cutter is as durable as cord cutters get, thanks to its 303 stainless steel. Therefore, it demonstrates superior toughness and is designed to resist corrosion. This particular tool is exactly three inches in length and a blade that is 0.125 inch. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 0.6 ounces. You can simply attach it to your keychain or lanyard so you can use it whenever you want.

The stainless steel body features a cutting disk that rotates, along with a split ring so you can mount it in many ways. It is not only light but can also be operated using just one hand. Cut away cords or lines with this tool without needing any help. You can use it to perform even the toughest cutting tasks.

Even if you do not explore the great outdoors regularly, you will find the ZP-Cut Cord Cutter a valuable tool. It is a must-have and a great addition to your arsenal, especially if you have plans to go camping or fishing – even if it is an occasional activity for you.


Zp Cut Review Rmj Tactical Cutting Paracord

Paracord Line Cut With Rmj Tactical Zp Cut Field Tests

Rmj Tactical Zp Cut Review


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