Shot Show 2018 Convention Las Vegas Part Four

Shot Show 2018 Las Vegas Convention Coverage – Part Four

Most of the exhibitors I wanted to see were covered in bulk on day one. Day two, three and four were spent playing find this specific exhibitor in a sea of exhibitors.

Shot Show Flu

Before heading out to Shot Show I heard about the dreaded “Shot Show flu”. At the time it made complete sense. 65,000 people touching and handling the same products on display. Surely, at least one of those out of the thousands had some kind of illness.

To avoid getting sick afterwards, I asked my doctor about taking those mega doses of Vitamin C. According to him and the studies he’s read, taking large doses of vitamin C does work, slightly, but only when you take it for the entire course of the flu season. You can’t just take vitamin C in excess a week before Shot Show and expect it to work magically.

Instead, I armed myself with a bottle of hand sanitizer and avoided eating anywhere near the convention. You can’t expect every single food serving worker to wash their hands while handling food. That’s just fantasy. For lunch I left every day to eat elsewhere. I used hand sanitizer religiously. It’s amazing how many hands you will shake, even if you don’t want to shake hands with people. It’s something you just naturally end up doing.

Luckily, I can report, I did not leave home with the Shot Show flu!



Shot Show 2018 was an excellent experience! I’m looking forward to Shot Show 2019 next! The more sections I walked, the more I discovered. Exhibitors I missed were just a few feet away from where I had just walked. The show is so big that you will get completely distracted turn after turn.

The press room was convenient, and I really liked how exhibitors had private meeting rooms away from the main floors. All of the exhibitors I met with were extremely friendly and just as enthusiastic about the industry as I was.


Sig Sauer Supressor Cut Open

Sig Sauer Supressor Display Shot Show 2018

Silencer Co Supressed 1911

Silencer Co Supressed Walther Ppk 22lr

Sitka Hunting Clothing

Sitka Waders

Sitka Winter Hunting Clothing

Sk7 Speed Light Boot Boa

Slr Hanguard And Reciever In Camo Cerakote

Sniper Extreme Ammo

Snugpak Coyote Brown And Multicam Sleeping Bags

Sog Carbon Fiber Knife

Sog Knives Collection

Sog Multitool Display Collection

Sog Multitools

Spd Solar Flipdot

Spiral Barrel Rifle

Spyder Co Knives

Square Magazine Drum

Standard Ballistics Gel Demonstration

Steel Bullet Traps

Steyr Arms Aug A3 M1

Stunning Woodgrain Rifle Finish Stock

Supressed Scar And 22 Rifles

Supressors Display Wall Shot Show 2018

Tactical Inflatable Life Jackets

Tan Heckler And Koch Mp5

Team Wendy Helmets Shot Show 2018

Transparent Ar10 Lancer Magazines

Triggertech Precise Trigger Control

Trijicon Scopes

Under Armour Boot Laces

Under Armour Camo Hunting Clothing Collection

Under Armour Hiking Hunting Outdoor Boots For Men

Under Armour Revenant Windstopper Parka Hunting Clothing

Unique Cerakote Rifle Coating Finish

Unique Slotted Barrel Shot Show 2018

Vertx Tactical Backpacks

Vertx Tactical Black Gloves

Vibram Knee Pads Shot Show 2018

Victorinox Spartan Ps

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Vintage Firearms

Volquartsen Barrel Shot Show 2018 Las Vegas

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

Volquartsen If 5

Wall Supressor Display

Watershed Dry Bag Detail Shot Show 2018

Watershed Dry Bags

White River Knife And Tool Gti 4 5

White River Knife And Tool Orange Hatchet

White River Knife And Tool Orange Knives

White River Knife And Tool Skeleton Blades

White River Knife And Tool Sporting Classics

Wilson Combat Grips Shot Show 2018

Wolverine Mens Outdoor And Tactical Work Boots

X Products Drum With Custom Billet Reciever

X Products Heckler And Koch Drum

Zenith Hk Rifle

Zenith Mp5

Zenith Z 5rs Sbr

Zev Technologies Ar15 Upper Assembly

Zev Technologies Customized Glock

Zev Technologies Large Frame Billet Reciever Set

Zippo Bullet Customer Letter Stating Lighter Saved His Life

Zippo Customer Letter With Bullet


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