Shot Show 2018 Convention Las Vegas Part Two

Shot Show 2018 Las Vegas Convention Coverage – Part Two

Did you know that Shot Show is the 19th largest tradeshow in the United States of America? For Las Vegas, it’s the 7th.


While I was attending Shot Show 2018 for business, I did however, take note of how much swag people were carrying away with them in the past.

I honestly expected to see milk crate after milk crate loaded up with swag. I was prepared to trip over them too. In reality, the majority of exhibitors weren’t handing out swag. The milk crate count was rather few too. I spotted twenty five or less for the entire show.

In the end, I collected around 12 or so patches, a Rite in the rain notepad plus waterproof targets, 2 tactical badge holders, cleaning patches, single use gun oil, a 30-round hybrid 300blk Lancer magazine, and a few other things. Stickers and brochures were plenty but I declined to take any.

For business cards, I ended up collecting around 40 or so from people I’m really looking forward to working with in the future. The ability to network with those people is priceless in comparison to the swag.


New Products

In terms of innovation, I wasn’t really finding much on the main exhibit floors in terms of firearms. Sure, Glock rolled out their new 19X and Sig Sauer had their P365 and so on. Nothing I couldn’t see at my local shop or have heard about from the grape vine. In reality, the real innovation could be found heavily through the clothing/footwear retailers, knife makers, storage accessories, new ammunition producers, and a lot of the smaller odd companies (think ballistic gel).

Outside of the main exhibits, the new product center was a real treat. It was the one place where all the innovation really hit you in the face. In reality, it was more like the “cool product center”, as virtually every product in there made you want to take a closer, second look.


Dogs Of Shot Show Juan Johnny Rico

Dupleks Broadhead 20 Ga

Dw 50th Anniversary 1911

Engel Ballistic Research 50bmg Frangible

Engel Ballistic Research 300blk Subsonic Fracturing

Engraved Revovlers

Engraved Wood Shotgun Shot Show 2018

Ets Clear Magazines

Ets Magazine Speed Loader

Ets Mp5 Magazines Clear Prototype

Expanding Ar15 Magazine To Fit Every Mag Well

F4 Defense Rifle

Faxon Custom Barrels

Faxon Lightweight Bolt Carrier Groups

Filson Leather Mens Bags Shot Show 2018

Firearm Cleaning Display Parts

First Tactical Backpacks And Bags

First Tactical Boots For Men Shot Show 2018

Fist Tactical Shoes And Gloves

Folding Glock With Clear Ets Magazine

Folding Rifle

Folding Stock

Fortis Lower Reciever

Fostech Ak Trigger Pack Shot Show 2018

Fox Knives Shot Show 2018

Frontier Armory C 5 Mp5 Style Magazine Lower Reciewver

Full Armor Body Suit

Full Carbon Fiber Rifle Shot Show 2018

Fusion Thermal Overlay Technologies

Gallow Tech Flamethrower Shelf

Gallow Tech Hangun Barrel Shelf

Gallow Tech Hangun Shelf

Gallow Tech Horizontal Hangun Barrel Support Shelf

Gallow Tech Magazine Holder

Gallow Tech Rifle Shelf

Gallow Tech Scope Mount Shelf

Gallow Tech Single Rifle Wall Magazine Shelf

Gallow Tech Steel Cage

Gallow Tech Suppressor Shelf

Gallow Tech Verticle Rifle Hanger

Gallow Tech Verticle Rifle Shelving Unit

Gallow Tech Wall Verticle Support Hangers

Ga Precision Multicam Rifle

Ga Precision Rifles

Garmin Gps Tracking Hunting Dog Collar

Gerber Custom Straps Secure All Of Your Gear

Gerber Cutting Tools

Gerber Fixed Blades

Gerber Hatches And Knives

Gerber Multitools Shot Show 2018

Gerber Shovel And Fishing Tools

Giant Finishings Media

Giant Oversized Multicam Tactical Backpack Shot Show 2018

Glock 17 Cut Open Gen4 Display

Glock 19x Shot Show 2018

Glock Wall

Gold Plated Auto Ordnance

Gorilla Ammunition Defense Silverback Shot Show 2018

Heckler And Koch

Hexagon Reciever With Carbon Fiber Construction

Hill People Gear Chest Pouch

Hk Belt Fed Shot Show 2018

Hk Grenade Launcher

Hunting Camo Wrap

Large Spyder Co Knives Display Shot Show 2018

Massive Tactical Multicam Backpack


Discover More Shot Show 2018





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