Shot Show 2018 Convention Las Vegas Part One

Shot Show 2018 Las Vegas Convention Coverage – Part One

65,000 people, 2,000 exhibitors, and 12.5 miles of aisles, it’s an outdoor and sporting man’s dream come true.

At least for me it was.

What is it like to attend Shot Show 2018 in Las Vegas for the first time ever?
Exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

On day one I was on what I like to call the “shot show high”. There were just so many cool things to look at, that virtually all my leg and shoulder pain were ignored for the most part.

I just kept moving and looking. I couldn’t stop.

By lunch time my shoulders felt like jelly from carrying around a backpack. By dinner time and the close of day one, even my camera strap felt like an anchor around my neck.

Luckily, I invested in a pair of Timberland work boot soles which made my feet and legs feel amazing regardless of how much I walked.

And speaking of walking, I completed 21,464 steps / 8.1 miles on day one. Though, on another tracker which was more accurate the number was just over 10.0 miles.

For now I’ll keep this short and to the point so that you can get to all the photos for Shot Show 2018 below. In parts two, three and four, you’ll find things I found interesting or learned along the way while attending the show.


3m Peltor Headsets Shot Show 2018

5 11 Tactical Boots For Men

5 11 Tactical Hard Protection Cases

80 Percent Lower Drilling Tool Shot Show 2018

1301 Tactical Fde 12 Gauge Shotgun With 18 5 Inch Barrel

All Billet Rifle Reciever

Arcteryx Winter Clothing

B And T Sbr With Drum Shot Show 2018

B And T Swiss Made Rifles

Barrett M240lw

Barrett Moderl 82a1

Barrett Rec7 Sbr

Barrett Supressor Shot Show 2018

Beautiful Vintage Flint Firearm

Belt Fed 50 Cal

Belt Fed Rifle

Benchmade Knives Process One

Benchmade Knives Process Three

Benchmade Knives Process Two

Benchmade Knives Shot Show 2018

Benelli Shotguns Raffaello Power Bore 12 Gauge

Billet Reciever And Hanguard

Blazetorch Shot Show 2018

Blue Force Gear Tactical Backpacks

Bobster Alpha Birdshot Number 7 Goggles Demonstration

Bobster Birdshot Number 7 Glasses Demonstration

Boot Chains

Bullet Sheild Demonstration Glass Shot Show 2018

Camelbak Backpacks

Camo Wrap

Carbon Fiber Barrel With Wood Stock

Carbon Fiber Damascus Knife Shot Show 2018

Carbon Fiber Handguard

Carbon Fiber Knife Blade

Carbon Fiber Magazine

Carbon Fiber Stock

Carbon Fiber Summit 6 5 Creedmoor 1 8 Shot Show 2018

Cerakote Rifles

Chris Reeves Knifes Breakdown Of Parts

Chris Reeves Knives Collection Shot Show 2018

Chris Reeves Knives Custom Engraved Editions

Chris Reeves Knives Display

Christensen Arms 1911

Christensen Arms 1911 Slide Finish Shot Show 2018

Coast Headlamps Shot Show 2018

Coast Knives Shot Show 2018

Condor Pouches Multicam

Coyote Brown Condor Mens Tactical Boots

Crye Precision Battle Belts

Crye Precision Plate Carriers

Crye Precision Tactical Pants For Men

Custom Cz Pistol

Cut Open Boot Shot Show 2018

Cz Scorpion Evo

Daniel Defense Display

Daniel Defense M4a1 Shot Show 2018

Danner Hiking Boots For Men

Danner Tactical Mens Boots

Darn Tough Socks For Men

Defense Innovation Di Ptr

Dog Ball Trainer System

Dogs Of Shot Show

Shot Show 2018 Las Vegas Display Of Ballistics Gel


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