Shot Show 2019 Las Vegas Convention Part Four

Shot Show 2019 Las Vegas – Convention Coverage Part Four

After four days of taking in everything shooting, hunting, firearms and tactical, the 41st NSSF SHOT Show has officially ended!

Though I managed to walk the entire show floor this year, with over two-thousand exhibitors at SHOT, it’s genuinely impossible to cover it all.

Below, you’ll find a handful of my final favorites from the 2019 show, including three-barrel shotguns, armored trucks to BOA tactical boots and beyond.

At both the Steel Will and SOG booths I managed to find two excellent folding blades with carbon fiber handles. Both pieces offered an extremely light, everyday carry option.

While strolling the floor, I came across a new product called “Suppressor Shield.” It features a carbon fiber shroud that goes over your suppressor to reduce the mirage effect, cool down the suppressor and enable easier handling when hot. Unlike conventional suppressor wraps, it won’t melt down or leave residue all over your pricey can.

At the Agilite booth, I found some innovative helmet cover accessories that fit practically every bump and ballistic tactical helmet out there. And while I can get just about every accessory I could ever need on the new EXFIL SL Team Wendy helmet, it’s always nice to have additional mounting options.

Speaking of Team Wendy, they just rolled out their new ballistic and meshed bump face shields. Alongside the two new accessories, Team Wendy also released their latest electronic communication kit, which allows you to run both a cell phone and radio comm at once. Best of all, the ear inserts offer noise suppression functionality so you can shoot while staying connected in the field.

For mobile security, I really liked the Tuffy Security Products metal trunk case. With various sizes and numerous drawer combinations, I could easily see myself putting one in the back of the G-Wagen. I also found Vaultek’s smaller safes to be well-designed, not to mention functional, thanks to their integrated biometric feature.

The Viktos booth left my really surprised as I found myself wanting to own everything from their unique compression shorts to tactical boots. Even their tactical-looking sandals were out of this world!

Well, that’s it for this year! Shot Show 2019 was a blast to attend and I can’t wait for the next show to get here. While it may be roughly a year away from now, you’ll find a handful of special features from the show rolling out here shortly.


Shot Show 2019 Part Four

Shot Show 2019 Hk Grenade Launcher

Shot Show 2019 Knife Shealth Aluminum Metal Block

Shot Show 2019 Large Rail Gun

Shot Show 2019 Led Flaslights

Shot Show 2019 Long Range Fn Booth Firearms

Shot Show 2019 Luminox Military Watches

Shot Show 2019 Luminox Tactical Watches

Shot Show 2019 Pelican Cooler Backpack

Shot Show 2019 Plate Carrier Shaped Medic Pack

Shot Show 2019 Surefire Flashlight

Shot Show 2019 Three Barrel Shotgun

Small 1911 Frame Kimber Pistol

Snugpak Multicam Winter Head Cover

Sog Knives Carbon Fiber Flipper Folding Knife

Steel Bullet With Brass Case Armor Piercing Round Cutaway

Steel Will Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

Stunning Wood Rifle Stocks

Supressed Sniper Rifle Display Shot Show 2019

Supressor Shield Innovative Shot Show Find

Surefire Supressors For Military

Swat Police Bulletproof Truck

Swat Police Bulletproof Truck Rear Seats With Table

Swat Police Truck Interior Back

Swat Police Truck Roof Cut Out Opening

Tactical Fixed Blade Knives With Unique Blade Finish

Tactical Helmet Cover Attachement

Tactical Mens Military Boots With Water Drainage Outsole

Tasmanian Tiger Shot Show 2019 Black Multicam Packs

Team Wendy Ballistic Face Shield New For Shot Show 2019

Team Wendy Communication System

Team Wendy Multicam Mesh Bump Protective Face Shield

Thermal Optics Heat Vision Mounted On Machine Gun

Titanium Case Hardended Pattern Pistol Slide

Titanium Folding Knife With Incredible Design

Titanium Pen And Every Day Carry Tools

Tourniquet How To Use Education Gel Blocks Shot Show 2019

Trump 45 Gold Plated 1911

Tuffy Security Products Trunk Locking Metal Gun Case Box

Under Armour Camo Hydrodipped Rifle

Vanquest Tactical One Day Black Multicam Backpacks

Vaultek Pistol Case With Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Victorinox Multi Tool Collection

Victorinox Pocket Knives Display

Victorinox Unique Pocket Knife Designs

Viktos Compression Pants

Viktos Mens Tactical Coyote Brown Boots

Viktos Mens Tactical Sandals

Vintage Revovler Collection In Display Case Shot Show 2019

Vintage Style Firearms Shot Show 2019

Walls Camp Shot Show 2019 Booth

White River Knife And Tool All Black Fixed Blade Knives

White River Knife And Tool Skinner Fish Knife

Wolverine Boa Outdoor Mens Boots

Wolverine Mens Shot Show 2019 Boot Collection

Wolverine Taxidermy Shot Show 2019 Display

Wood Stock Rifle Las Vegas Shot Show 2019

Yukon Outfitters Hard Pistol And Rifle Cases

Zamberlan Boots Las Vegas Shot Show 2019

Zev Ar Receiver Shot Show 2019

Zev Customized Handgun

Zev Rifle Reciever Vegas Shot Show 2019

Zore Pistol Lock Display Las Vegas Shot Show 2019


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