Shot Show 2019 Las Vegas Convention Part One

Shot Show 2019 Las Vegas – Convention Coverage Part One

Beyond the typical bespoke AR15s exhibitors, plenty of hidden gems and innovative products could be found throughout the 12.5 miles of aisles this year at SHOT show.

Aside from having plenty of time to catch up with my favorite exhibitors and industry friends, I also managed to cover the entire show floor.

Unfortunately, I had to ship back all my notebooks and business cards, so this article is going to be published solely from pure memory while those things are still moving around in the mail.

Regardless, let’s get started with the 2019 Shot Show coverage below! You’ll find everything from the latest firearms to tactical gear, hunting accessories, camping products, and so much more.


Shot Show 2019 Part One

20mm Bullet Shell After Firing At Block

20mm Shell Bullet Fired At Block Stopped From Going Through

From machine gun fire to 20mm rounds, I came across rubberized blocks that interlocked together and could stop virtually anything you could shoot at them. If you wanted to build a bulletproof castle out of them, you could, although, at four-thousand dollars per block, it would cost a pretty penny to do so!


22lr Rifle With Camo Design

50 Bmg Machine Gun

1911 Custom Gripsshot Show 2019 Display

Adjustable Magazine Molle Pouches

Let’s face it, removing and installing MOLLE pouches isn’t the most convenient thing ever; it takes time and patience.

If you switch between you AR15 and AR10, it means switching out the pouches on your plate carrier. Luckily, I came across pouches at the show that can easily resize to fit everything from a round flashlight to a smaller AR15 magazine to a larger AR10 magazine. Best of all, regardless of what you put inside of each pouch, each piece of gear remained firmly snug and effortlessly accessible.


All Metal Handgun With Polymer Look

When it comes to trends, I found a few all-metal handguns (non-1911 style) that were on par with the traditional polymer handgun appearance.

At first glance, I really couldn’t tell these handguns were metal, but after picking them up and taking a closer inspection, it became quickly apparent. While the metal construction certainly added a significant amount of weight, to be honest, I didn’t come across a single one that felt any heavier than my 1911s.


Amazing Shooting Range Interior Design

Arc Terex Dry Bag Multicam

Arc’teryx had some genuinely stunning load carriage equipment and camouflage packs year at SHOT.

Their Drypack 25, a minimalist single compartment waterproof DryPack, was loaded with features despite its super simple appearance. Their Multicam Assault 30 Pack, a fully-padded, single compartment bag, really caught my attention. I liked it so much that I ended up buying it online while waiting at the airport for my plane to arrive.


Armor Piercing Rounds 338 Lapua Mag 308 Win 50 Bmg And 556

Armour Piercing Rounds Through Thick Steel Plate

Automatic Grenade Launcher Machine

Awesome Knife Display Shot Show 2019

B41 Sprinter Pro Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

When it came to knives at the show, I have three words for you: Carbon fiber everything.

Even the more mainstream brands were incorporating carbon fiber into their collection at surprisingly super reasonable price points. Aside from knives, carbon fiber could be found all over the show floor from belt brace back supports to tripod stands, rifle stocks, pistol grips and beyond.


Barret 50bmg Shot Show 2019 Display

Barrett 50 Cal Black

Bates Mens Military Tactical Boots Coyote Brown And Black With Vibram Outsole

Beautiful Case Hardended 1911

Beautiful Exotic Wood Handle Case Hardended 1911 Pistol

Black And Polished Blade Knives Shot Show 2019

Black Gore Tex Mens Tactical Military Boot

Black Knife With Leather Wrap Handle Shot Show 2019 Release

Black Multicam Backpack With Built In Mag Pouches In Front

Blue And Black Camo Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife Collection

Over at the Victorinox booth, I came across their new navy camo collection.

Along with the new camouflage pattern, Victorinox had also rolled out their exclusive limited edition pocket knife: Huntsman Year of the Pig 2019. The included collector’s box was just out of this world; it was truly stunning to see in person. Beyond their Swiss army knives, their new Hunter Pro Alox, a large folding knife, was terrific to get a hold of in person.

Now, if you’re familiar with Victorinox, you’ll know they make some outstanding cutlery products. At the show, I was surprised to learn that they now also own the Epicurean cutting board brand. These natural-looking boards are nonporous, durable, knife-friendly and dishwasher safe. After seeing them in person, I can easily say they will make their way into my own kitchen here shortly.


Blue Force Gear Tactical Wallest

Body Armor Plate With Various Rounds Fired Through It

Bullets Through Glass Block Window

Cadex Defense Rifle

Camelbak Bfm Backpack Redesigned Multicam

Carbon Fiber And Titanium Folding Knife

Carbon Fiber Ar 15 Stock Grip And Handguard

Carbon Fiber Back Duty Belt

Carbon Fiber Camo Bolt Action Rifle

Carbon Fiber Folding Knife With Gold Details

Case Hardended 1911 Pistol

Case Winkler Hambone Textured Black Rubber Knife

Cerakote Automated Paint Machine

Cnc Machine Cutting Out Firearm Parts

Coast Portland Knife Collection

Color Changing Shot Show 2019 Revolver

Combat Mens Tactical Boots Shot Show 2019

Compadre Frde Axe And Camp Knife

Crye Precision Lightweight Plate Carrier

Custom 1911 Barrel Finish

Custom 1911 Pistol Hydrodipped

Custom Digital Cammo Knife Blade

Custom Glock Cut Out Rmr Sight Slides With Porting

Custom Hard Case Handgun Storage Pre Cut Foam Inserts

Custom Rifles Shot Show 2019 Multicam

Cut Open See Through Ar 15

Cz Integrated Supressor Cut Out Inside View

Cz Pistol Black With Textured Brown Grips

Damascus 1911 Slide With Exotic Wood Handle

Damascus Steel Block For 1911 Frame

Daniel Defense Rifles

Dog Kennel With Shotgun Rifle Attachement On Side

Elite Tactical Rifle Bag In Black Coyote And Multicam

Engraved 1911 With Mother Of Pearl Grips

Engraved Vintage Revovler

Eotech Optic Sights Collection

Epicuran Wood Fiber Cutting Boards With Unique Shapes

Esee Knives Axe With Ridge G10 Handle

Ets Clear Hk Mp5 Magazines

At the 2018 SHOT show, ETS had one of their prototype HK MP5 magazines on display. This year, they had the final production versions on hand.

I had a chance to mess around with them, and the durability and quality is definitely top notch. Best of all, the 40-round magazine is actually a true 40-round magazine; meaning you can run 40 rounds without running into issues. On the majority, if not all, non-HK brand MP5 magazines, you’ll know that 30 rounds for example, really means 28 or so max before you start running into problems.


Explorer Hard Cases Made In Italy

Fixed Blade Tactical Knife With Multicam Camo Shealth

Fixed Turning Target Stand

Fn Helicopter Display At Shot Show 2019 Las Vegas

Fn Latest Rifles Shot Show 2019

Beyond the above, you’ll find plenty of my favorites from the 2019 Shot Show at the Sands Expo Convention Center in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada in parts two, three and four.


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