Vertx Fr Breacher Gloves Review

Vertx FR Breacher Gloves Review – Tactical Flame Resistant Glove With Knuckle Protection

Tired of the typical hard knuckle gloves chewing up your knuckles? Vertx’s FR Breach gloves offer added protection and then some, all without the discomfort.

Let’s face it, ask anyone who’s worn run of the mill hard knuckle gloves for an extended period of time and they’ll tell you one thing…

Their knuckles get torn to shreds.

It’s a common design flaw that made me leery of owning another pair until I saw Vertx’s new FR Breacher gloves. With a new take on knuckle and hand protection, I just had to have them.


Quick Highlights:

Knuckle Protection Vertx Fr Breacher Gloves Review

– Nomex IIA Interlocked Knitted with Anti-Static Fabric
– Flame resistant fabric (Removing suppressor possible)
– Strategically placed knuckle protection.
– Kevlar thread construction.
– Articulated pre-curved fingers.
– Conductive middle finger and thumb for touchscreen devices.
– 0.6-0.8mm natural goat hide (goatskin suede) to mimic skin for better sense of touch.
– Hammer bite protection.
– Fits like a baseball glove.
– Trigger finger left unrestricted.


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Unlike other brands, there’s no hard carbon fiber protruding out the glove or hidden underneath on the inside. Instead of allowing that hard material to dig into your skin and knuckles, Vertx’s solution was rather simple. They’ve added strategically placed knuckle protection to the exterior of the glove using a patterned rubberized material.

It’s flexible enough to move with your hand and fingers, but tough enough to where it could easily do some considerable damage to your opponent. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the placement of each rubber section. Vertex didn’t just aim to protect the knuckles, instead, you get protection for the entire hand in all the key areas.

Of course, knuckle protection isn’t the only benefit to owning a pair of these gloves, each pair is also flame-resistant. While flame-resistant doesn’t mean totally fire-proof it does mean that you can do things like touch/remove/adjust a hot suppressor.

Aside from knuckle and flame protection, you’ll also find hammer bite protection. If you own a 1911, chances are you know what this means. If you don’t, it’s what happens when the skin of your hand rides up after recoil and get pinched between the hammer and safety. The experience can be extremely painful.


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Vertx Fr Breacher Gloves For Men

In terms of fit, Vertx’s FR Breach gloves have a baseball glove-like fit. Each articulated pre-cured fingers alongside a natural goat hide which makes them feel pretty close to bare skin. Best of all, Vertx has opted to incorporate a conductive middle and thumb for touchscreen devices.

By doing so, your trigger finger remains as unimpeded as possible. Of course, the unique stitching detail helps as well. To keep the gloves secure, a Velcro strap at the top does a fine job.

With the above features are wonderful, durability is ultimately a major decision maker for me. Luckily, Vertx has chosen to incorporate Kevlar thread throughout the glove to ensure they last the test of time. These gloves feel well-constructed and give me the impression that they can be heavily used and abused without having to worry about early failure from wear and tear.


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