Watershed Drybags Goforth Review

Watershed Drybags Goforth Review – Best Waterproof And Leak Proof Duffel Bag

Step on it, stand on it or stomp around on it, no matter what you do, the airtight ZipDry closure on the Watershed Goforth won’t leak.

When keeping your personal belongings dry is a life and death situation, I’d trust mine to Watershed.

From the incredibly strong Airtight ZipDry closure to the 420 dener Cordura nylon ripstop fabric coated with polyurethane, it’s hard to know where to begin with the Goforth. Truth be told, there’s just too many novel features to love about it.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast then I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of dry bags, but when it comes to Watershed, they are truly in a league of their own. In terms of construction and function, nothing else even remotely compares.

Watershed hasn’t just gone above and beyond; they’ve created what I consider to be one of the greatest dry bags ever invented.


Watershed Drybags Quick Highlights:

Goforth Watershed Review

– Airtight ZipDry closure
– Watertight at 300 feet submersion.
– Stich-free, fused seams.
– 5 times the abrasion resistance of PVC
– 420 dener Cordura nylon ripstop fabric coated with polyurethane
– UV and chemical resistant
– Never cracks, fades or loses flexibility
– Double and triple layer fabric at meeting points
– Welded joints with high pressure radio waves.
– Created by river guides in 1995.
– 100% leak-proof.
– US Navy SEALs asked Watershed to build a custom suite of waterproof bags.
– All bags designed, tested and produced in the USA. (North Carolina)
– 2″ Nylon removable waist belt.
– Rugged carrying handles.
– Several lash points along the 2″ wide webbing; 1″ Beastie D’s on sides
– Multiple compression straps.
– Available colors including multicam, black, coyote, blue and orange.


Goforth Drybag Watershed Review

Backtrack to 1995 and you’ll find the first Watershed bag being introduced to the world by river guides with a brilliant idea. In order to create a bag that could remain waterproof against flipped rafts, storms, sailing the open ocean, etc. they had to create a freezer bag on steroids, and so they did.

Fast forward to 2000 and Watershed began producing waterproof bags for the US Navy SEALs military operations. Tests have been performed at 100 meters submersion with zero leakage by the US Navy.

Today, these American made dry bags ware truly out of this world. You’ll find them among everyone from scuba divers to oil field workers, fishermen, surfers, sailors and beyond. When I finally had a chance to own one I was more than excited, to say the least. My first introduction to Watershed was at Shot Show and while the company has been around for ages, they were one of the most innovative companies I had seen across the entire convention.


Watershed Drybag Goforth Box

Watershed Goforth Drybag Reviewed

Box Features Watershed Goforth

Coyote Watershed Goforth

Made In The Usa Drybags

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Watershed Goforth How To Use Zipdry Enclosure Seal

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Compression Straps Watershed Goforth Drybags Review

Coyote Drybag Watershed Goforth Review

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Watershed Goforth Drybags Reviews Full Duffel

After getting my hands on a coyote Watershed Goforth it has lived up to my expectations and then exceeded them. I’ve owned a handful of waterproof bags in my day but this one takes the cake! While it keeps all my gear absolutely bone dry, what’s really impressed me is the construction.

This isn’t your flimsy everyday dry bag, oh no, it’s so much more than that. It starts with a 420 dener Cordura nylon ripstop fabric coated with polyurethane. It features 5 times the resistance of PVC and will never crack or fade, nor lose its flexibility. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Goforth is also chemical and UV resistant.

To ensure this bag is one your family and friends will probably fight over when you’re dead, Watershed has gone over the top when it comes to construction quality. Each features stitch-free, fused seams alongside double and triple layer fabric at meeting points. Joints are welded with high-pressure radio waves. You’ll also find a heavy duty Airtight ZipDry closure which is like a Ziplock bag, only it’s insanely heavy duty. This closure system doesn’t just pry open when you tug at both sides.

In order to open it, you must first make an S shape by pulling the sides inwards then pulling them outwards. It’s different, but the waterproof seal is so tight and secure that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You’ll also find several lash points along the 2” wide webbing and 1” Beastie D’s on the sides. If you want to wear the Watershed Goforth around your hip you can thanks to a removable 2” Nylon waist belt. Should you wish to carry it by hand, straps at the top of the bag are rugged yet, extremely comfortable.

Best of all, Watershed has included multiple compression straps to really maximize the amount of precious cargo you can store inside. These work beautifully and even when under a heavier amount of pressure, I still feel that they are attached securely enough to the duffle bag.


Underwater Leak Proof Watershed Goforth Review

Watershed Bags Review

Watershed Drybag Review Water Field Test

Watershed Goforth Interior Of Drybag


Watershed Goforth Duffel Bag, Clear

Watershed Collection

Watershed Product Collection

While I love my Watershed Goforth in coyote, they also make this model alongside others in colors including black, blue, orange and Multicam. You can also choose from small waterproof duffels like mine to larger ones, backpacks, gun cases, electronic cases and beyond.

No matter what the military mission or outdoor activity, chances are Watershed has the ultimate answer.


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