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The Best Men's Tattoo Designs

As you wander through thousands of male tattoo designs, know each has been individually handpicked. From the ultra complex to simple marks with meaning. Needless to say, there's an endless amount of inspiration for every man out there. To get you started, here are four of the most popular picks.

Devise your next creative design

You have the motive, now here's the vision to bring it to life. Browse all men's tattoo ideas by both body placement and design type.
Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men Arm
Leg Tattoo Ideas For Men Leg
Rib Tattoo Ideas For Men Rib
Car Tattoo Ideas For Men Car
Gun Tattoo Design Ideas For Men Gun
Owl Tattoo Design Ideas For Men Owl
Bat Tattoo Design Ideas For Men Bat
Male Key Tattoo Ideas Key
Fox Guy's Tattoo Design Ideas Fox
Sun Tattoo Ideas For Males Sun
UFO Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen UFO
Dog Tattoo Ideas For Guys Dog
Eye Male Tattoo Design Ideas Eye
Fox Tattoo Ideas Male Designs Fox
Gentlemen's DNA Tattoo Designs DNA

The Top Tattoo Essentials For Gentlemen

Before you take a trip down to the tattoo shop, consider these top men's tattoo essentials. From numbing cream to reduce the grueling pain, to aftercare balms to help your soothe and heal your newly inked skin.