Centipede Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Centipede Tattoo Designs For Men – Insect Ink Ideas

Centipedes live in the dirt. They venture where few others go, digging through hidden places that few other creatures see. They are secretive, working away with nobody the wiser.

Guys who go for the centipede tattoo often feel most at home at night.

Under the cover of darkness, they venture through rock and grit, wandering aimlessly.

They shape of the centipede makes it great for any spot or style of tattoo. You might want one curling up your back, or wrapping around your wrist, or slinking down your arm.

The centipede has plenty of spiritual meaning throughout the world. In the Philippines, the centipede was known as the gayaman, and the people of the northern part of the island believed it brought safety for travelers. One intricate design that was very popular was both centipede and war canoe—the legs were the paddles.

In the Batok tattooing tradition of south east Asia, the centipede symbolized protection and spiritual guidance. It also identified the fiercest warrior of a given tribe.

Whatever you see in the centipede, and wherever you want it, the centipede tattoo is one of the most unique and defining images to identify with.


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