Compass Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Compass Tattoo Designs For Men – An Exploration Of Ideas

For any man, the thought of navigating life be a scary thought. With every step we make there is always the possibly of taking a wrong turn or path. Luckily, a compass whether physical or moral, can guide us safely along our journey.

Back in 3000 BCE, the constellation Draco held the Thuban star. For men of this time period, it acted as a faint guiding light with only one-fifth the brightness of Polaris.

By 27800 CE, the Polaris, which rested some 434 light years away, would claim the title as the North Star, or Pole Star. Yet, you might be surprised to know that at the present moment there is no South Star that can measure up to the Polaris.

For the compass itself, it wouldn’t appear until the Chinese Han Dynasty in 206 BC. When it first surfaced, it was used for everything but navigation, like fortune-telling and geomancy!

However, within time the compass would eventually become what it is today, an important directional guide.

Speaking of today, the meaning behind compass rose tattoos is quite straightforward. For the traveler, it is a symbol of adventure or a past voyage. For other men it symbolizes a steady focus on the future and a reminder to stay on the right path.

Regardless of what direction you take, you’ll enjoy these top 70 best compass tattoo designs for men. Perhaps in a sense, I’ll be able to guide you on a journey of inspiration and ideas.


World Map Antique Compass Tattoo For Gentlemen

Vintage Compass Tattoo For Men

Viking Compass Tattoo For Men

Tribal Compass Tattoo For Men

Traditional Compass Tattoo For Men

Tattoos Of Compass For Men

Tattoos Of Compasses On Men

Tattoos Of A Compass On Man

Tattoos Compass For Guys

Tattoo Of Compass Mens

Black Tattoo Of A Compass On Male

Color Tattoo Compass Rose Men

Full Sleeve Sun Compass Tattoo For Men

Sleeve Sailor Compass Tattoo For Men

Skull Runic Compass Tattoo For Men

Forearm Rose Compass Tattoos For Men

Watercolor Norwegian Compass Tattoo For Men

Norse Compass Tattoo Men

Navy Compass Tattoo For Men

Nautical Compass Tattoos For Men

Nautical Compass Tattoo For Men

Nautical Compass Tattoo Designs For Men

Moral Compass Tattoo For Men

Men's Square And Compass Tattoo

Men's Full Chest Compass Tattoos

Men's Small Compass Tattoo

Men's Simple Compass Tattoo

Men's Rose Compass Tattoo

Men's Old School Compass Tattoo

Men's Old Compass Tattoo Sleeves

Men's Nautical Star Compass Tattoo

Men's 3D Nautical Compass Rose Tattoo

Men's Compass Tattoo Meaning

Men's Compassion Tattoos With Skull

Men's Compassion Tattoo On Hand

Men's Compass Bicep Tattoo

Masculine Men's Star Compass Tattoo On Foot

Masculine Men's Simple Compass Tattoos

Map Compass Tattoo For Men

Man With Nordic Compass Tattoo On His Hands

Manly Men's Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

Male With Tattoo Compass Shoulder

Male With Pocket Compass Tattoo

Male Compass Designs Tattoos

Male Anchor Compass Tattoo

Guy's Vintage Compass Tattoos

Back Of Neck Guy's Compass Cross Tattoo

Golden Compass Tattoo For Men

Cool Compass Tattoos For Men

Compass Wrist Tattoo For Men

Compass Tattoo Arm For Men

Compass Tattoos For Men

Compass Tattoos Designs For Men

Compass Tattoo Ideas For Men

Compass Tattoo For Men

Compass Tattoo Designs For Men

Compass Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Compass Tattoo Design For Men

Compass Star Tattoo For Men

Compass Rose Tattoos For Men

Compass Rose Tattoo For Men

Compass Design Tattoo For Men

Clock And Compass Tattoo For Men

Best Compass Tattoos For Men

Best Compass Tattoo For Men

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