Farming Tattoos For Men

60 Farming Tattoos For Men – Agriculture Design Ideas

Farmers are the unsung heroes of the world, and have been since time immemorial.

We feast on the fruits of their labor and depend on them to sustain us throughout the seasons, but seldom give them their just due. An agricultural tattoo not only honors the farmer, but the ancient, sacred skill that often determines life or death.

Whether you wish to pay homage to the farmers in your life, or want to let the world know you are among the agricultural elite, there are many tattoo styles and topics to choose from. Tried and time-tested equipment, including the instantly recognizable John Deer tractor, as well as the many harvests, are just the beginning; the real question is: what about farming appeals to you? What aspects of the art of farming and agriculture reflect similar aspects in yourself?

Every man’s trade and rewards of pride are unique to him, and your tattoo should evoke a similar sentiment. From billowing wheat grains across your shoulders to a tall grain silo that rises along your bicep, a farming tattoo lets the world know you value hard work, and sharing what you sow with the world.


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Farming Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

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Farming Tattoo Designs For Men

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Farming Tattoo For Men

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Farming Tattoos For Men

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