Gyarados Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Gyarados Tattoo Designs For Men – Pokemon Ink Ideas

Thanks in part to Pokemon Go, Pokemon tattoos are the latest trend in tattoos for men. These unusually bright and colorful tattoos are quickly gaining popularity. Pokemon fans find them fun, expressive and exciting, but some of them have managed to transcend the game itself.

Gyarados is one such inspired creature design, with an appeal that extends beyond the realm of the Pokemon phenomenon.

With multiple video games, televisions shows, trading card games, and now an augmented reality game to its credit, Pokemon has become a culture within a culture. It is equal parts authentic mythology, and the results of modern creativity, applied to elements out of ancient legend in ways that make them relevant and fun for people in today’s modern world.

Gyarados is one such element; this popular Pokemon looks like a Japanese water-dragon. Gyarados tattoos show the strength and power of the one who bears them; they show others that he is ready to face all challenges! The image of this aquatic dragon-like creature can be stylized like a cartoon, or expressed in surprisingly traditional and elegant ways, while still being recognizable for what he is.

That Gyarados comes from a collection of modern TV shows and games should not reduce the impressiveness of a high quality Gyarados tattoo; after all, long ago, when the now-ancient figures and symbols that many people have tattooed today weren’t so ancient, they were applied for the very same reasons.

Amazing Mens Gyarados Leg Calf Tattoo Designs

Awesome Mens Gyarados Foot Tattoos

Blue Gyarados Men Forearm Tattoo

Blue Ink Gyarados Guys Inner Forearm Tattoos

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Japanes Gyarados Water Waves Mens Half Sleeve And Hest Tattoo

Manly Gyarados Ocean Wave Arm Tattoos For Guys

Manly Shaded Gyarados Guys Pokemon Tattoo On Arm

Man With Awesome Gyarados Shoulder Tattoo

Masculine Gyarados Pokemon Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Blue And Yellow Gyarados Pokemon Arm Tattoo

Mens Gyarados Outer Forearm Tatto Designs

Mens Gyarados Thigh Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Red Gyarados Tattoo Design On Forearms

Pokeball With Gyarados Mens Pokemon Forearm Tattoo

Pokeball With Gyarados Shaded Mens Leg Tattoo

Pokemon Themed Mens Gyarados Tattoo On Upper Arm

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Red Gyarados Mens Full Arm And Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

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Upper Back Giant Gyarados Mens Shaded Tattoos

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Water Waves Gyarados Guys Pokemone Tattoo On Arm

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