Hyena Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Hyena Tattoo Designs For Men – Animal Ink Ideas

Let’s face it, hyenas get a bad rap in the animal kingdom, as well as in popular culture.

Blame a certain Disney film if you will, but man’s love/hate relationship with this wildcard creature dates back thousands of years, with much of the distaste surprisingly unearned.

Early man regarded the hyena as a trickster, a mercurial figure with no moral code but certainly not without its own obscure virtues. In dreams the hyena totem represents cleverness, and the need to think quickly on one’s feet in times of distress. It also marks the balance between having and not, and asks us to learn to laugh in the face of despair and be grateful for what we do possess. Anyone who is familiar with the hyena’s call can certainly agree to this.

A hyena tattoo acts as your own calling card in life, and while some may not immediately understand the message, they will. Like the braying beast, you laugh at the absurd assumptions and restrictions others may place on you, and prefer to find your own way apart from more acceptable routes. The hyena is both hunter and scavenger; it is never afraid to go after its prey, but neither is it too proud to swipe the leftovers of others. In other words, the hyena is a survivor.

Whether you choose a primitive rendering of the creature or highly stylized likeness, wear your hyena tattoo with pride: this is a creature that has survived for thousands of years, with little more than a brazen laugh and devil-may-care demeanor.


3d Chest Guys Hyena Tattoo

3d Hyena Guys Tattoo Designs On Chest

3d Realistic Chest Hyena Tattoos For Gentlemen

Amazing Mens Hyena Tattoo Designs On Thigh

Arm Awesome Hyena Tattoos For Men

Arm Hyena Guys Tattoo Ideas

Back Hyena Tattoo Designs For Guys

Cool Hyena Tattoo Design Ideas For Male On Back

Full Arm Sleeve Black And Grey Hyena Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Full Chest Hyena Mens Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Hyena Sword Leg Tattoo

Gentlemens Hyena With Machine Gun Leg Tattoo Ideas

Guys Hyena Tattoo Design Ideas On Arm

Guys Hyena Tattoo Designs On Leg

Guys Hyena Tattoos Full Chest

Guys Tattoo Ideas Hyena Designs On Leg

Guys Tattoos With Hyena Arrows Chest Design

Guy With Hyena Tattoo Design On Forearm

Hand Hyena Tattoo Design On Man

Hyena Arm Tattoos Men

Hyena Hand Tattoos Guys

Hyena Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen On Back

Hyena Tattoo Ideas For Males On Leg Calf

Hyena Tattoo Ideas On Guys On Leg

Hyena Tattoo On Men

Hyena Upper Back Tattoos Male

Incredible Forearm 3d Hyena Tattoos For Men

Leg Calf Hyena Guys Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Male Cool Hyena Tattoo Ideas

Male Hyena Tattoo

Male Hyena Tattoo Ideas

Male Tattoo With Hyena Design On Hands

Male With Cool Hyena Tattoo Design On Upper Chest

Manly Hyena Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Masculine Hyena Tattoos For Men

Mens Hyena Tattoo

Mens Hyena Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Hyena Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Hyena Tattoo Ideas

Mens Manly Hyena Tattoo Designs

Mens Tattoo Hyena Design

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Hyena Design

Mens Tattoo With Hyena Design

Neck Male Hyena Tattoo Design Inspiration

New School Male Hyena Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

Old School Traditional Foot Male Hyena Tattoo Designs

Outer Arm Hyena Male Tattoos

Remarkable Hyena Tattoos For Males

Retro Old School Hyena Mens Tattoo Ideas

Sharp Hyena Male Tattoo Ideas

Thigh Creative Hyena Tattoos For Men

Traditional Mens Cool Hyena Tattoo Ideas On Upper Chest

Unique Mens Hyena Tattoos

Upper Chest Hyena Male Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Cool Male Hyena Tattoo Designs On Chest

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