Lady Justice Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Lady Justice Tattoo Designs For Men – Impartial Scale Ink Ideas

Those concerned with fairness and integrity would be well served to consider the magnificent Lady Justice as a tattoo. A symbol of the law and equality, this enchantingly elegant deity will suit most anyone.

For men with an eye towards order and righteousness, all other designs pale in comparison to Lady Justice.

Originally known as Justitia, this Roman goddess was the provocative physical personification of morality in the ancient judiciary system. She stood watch over their courts and trials, and still does so today in the form of imposing stone statues.

Tattoos of Lady Justice vary wildly in design and depiction. While many opt for a more direct rendering of a woman holding the impartial scales of justice, other designs do away with much of the woman for the scales themselves held only by a head and hand, with abstracted cloth filling in the design to create a beautiful symbol of honor and honesty.

She is also perfect for any man with the astrological sign Libra as she may be considered the patron goddess of Libras everywhere.

Whether a symbol of incorruptibility or a guardian to truth, Lady Justice will always be able to find a home in an inky mural.


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