Lake Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Lake Tattoo Designs For Men – Nature Ink Ideas

Bodies of water carry multiple meanings but one thing is certain: they are places of refuge, a return to the womb-like comfort that only nature can provide.

Oasis or mountain retreat, the lake is a beloved symbol of man’s need to retreat every now and then to a place of stillness and harmony, to gather his thoughts and reflect on his path away from the chaos of the outer world.

Swimming, fishing, or just sitting on the dock with a cold beer, life awards few pleasures, and the lake is surely one of the greatest.

A lake tattoo is nothing short of a painting and, in the hands of the right artist, a true masterpiece. Mountains, trees, wildlife, and even a setting sun can accompany an expansive lake tattoo, and just gazing on it is sure to instill a kind of poetic peace in both viewer and wearer. Inked in soft natural shading or with photographic realness; your lake tattoo is your own safe haven, and unlike so many locales, is absolutely of your own rendering.


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