Matches Tattoos For Men

70 Matches Tattoos For Men – Matchbook Design Ideas

A light in the dark, matchstick tattoos pack a surprising punch in their tiny size. Ablaze with a flames or a dim glow, a match is a small yet mighty tattoo for your collection.

Strength, hope, and steadfastness all come to mind when a tiny match is seen burning gently in darkness.

Whether used to ignite passion, inspire feelings of wellbeing and perseverance, or simply flaunt your fiery personality, match tattoos offer an interesting take on the use of fire or flames in tattoo designs.

Often surrounded by mysterious swirls of smoke or an otherworldly halo of light, a match tattoo signifies the first breath of life into a roaring fire. For the man with flames in his heart and a passion for living, a match stick tattoo may seem like an obvious choice. Its owner’s zealousness and zest for life, coupled with feelings of determination and dependability can all be recognized in this surprising little work of art.

On the other hand, a miniscule match burning gently and softly may communicate feelings of steadfastness, fearlessness, and self-confidence when executed with dexterity. On the opposite spectrum of loud, daring tattoos, the size of the match doesn’t impede its ability to burn with it’s own kind of light and brightness. The subtlety of a matchstick tattoo leaves plenty of room for refined and thought-provoking meaning.


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