Mushroom Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Mushroom Tattoo Designs For Men – Fungus Ink Ideas

Mushrooms have evolved in symbolism and meaning over time. When you were a kid, they were whimsical and cute, something out of cartoons like “The Smurfs.”

They made you think of fairies and gardens and storybooks or perhaps simply food. The book Alice in Wonderland popularized the red and white mushroom icon, tying the image in with rabbits falling down holes and little girls growing to three times their normal size.

However, mushrooms have taken on a more psychedelic approach over the years. They’re more commonly known for their natural psilocybin, a drug that will give you hallucinations and visions. Along with LSD, mushrooms became a staple of mid-century drug culture, appearing on tie-dye shirts, tabs, and smoking accessories.

No matter what mushrooms may mean to you, they make excellent images for tattoos, especially small ones. There are many options for color and cartoon-like line work. A small mushroom on the wrist or ankle is fun for a flash of color. Larger pieces including mushrooms often have the classic Alice in Wonderland theme, complete with the iconic hookah-smoking caterpillar or Cheshire cat.

Images of mushrooms invite further creativity for you and your artist. Due to their hallucinogenic qualities, some people might want to see where the mushroom image takes them. They may want to include animals, patterns, names, or anything else they identify with the mushroom. The possibilities for this tattoo are endless.


3d Face With Mushroom Mens Tattoo Ideas On Thigh

3d Leg Guys Tattoo Ideas Mushroom Designs

3d Upper Chest Trippy Mushroom Male Tattoos

Amazing Mens Mushroom Snail Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Designs

Arm Guys Mushroom Tattoos

Awesome Skull Mushroom Back Tattoos For Men

Back Of Leg Cool Male Mushroom Tattoo Designs

Back Of Leg Woodcut Mens Tattoo Mushroom Design

Bstract Eye Arm Male Tattoo With Mushroom Design

Crab Mushroom Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen On Upper Chest

Creative Chest Triangle Mushroom Tattoos For Men

Dotwork Triangle Thigh Mushroom Guys Tattoo Designs

Forearm Small Black Ink Mushroom Male Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Inner Forearm Geometric Mushroom Tattoo

Guys Smallcolorful Mushroom Tattoo On Leg

Guy With Mushroom 3d Arm Tattoo Design

Hyper Realistic 3d Mushroom Tattoo Ideas For Males On Leg

Inner Arm Bicep Dotwork Mushroom Tattoos Men

Inner Arm Bicep New School 3d Mushroom Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Inner Forearm Detailed Mushroom Mens Tattoo Designs

Inner Forearm Guys Tattoos With Mushroom Design

Inner Forearm Triangle Geometric Mushroom Tattoo Design On Man

Leg 3d Mens Tattoo With Mushroom Design

Leg Calf Male Mushroom Tattoo Ideas

Leg Calf Mushroom Tattoos Male

Leg Running Man Mushroom Tattoos Guys

Lower Leg Guys Mushroom Tattoo Design Ideas

Lower Leg Mushroom Tattoo On Men

Male Cool Small Traditional Old School Mushroom Tattoo Arm Ideas

Male Mushroom Tattoo 3d Design Quarter Sleeve

Male Mushroom Tattoo On Rib Cage Side Of Body

Male With Cool Leg Calf Mushroom Tattoo Design

Manly Mushroom Tattoo Leg Calf Design Ideas For Men

Masculine New School Arm Mushroom Tattoos For Men

Mens Cool Leg Sleeve Black And Grey Shaded Mushroom Tattoo Ideas

Mens Mushroom New School Foot Tattoo

Mens Mushroom Tattoo Design Inspiration On Rib Cage Side

Mushroom Guys Tattoo Ideas On Leg

Mushroom Tattoo Design Ideas For Males On Inner Forearm

Mushroom Tattoo Designs For Guys Leg Sleeve

Rib Cage Side Shaded Distinctive Male Mushroom Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Side Skull Incredible Mushroom Tattoos For Men

Sharp Mushroom Male Tattoo Ideas On Thigh

Side Of Leg Guys Mushroom Rock Cliff Edge Tattoo Deisgns

Skull Mushroom Guys Tattoos On Arm

Small Dotwork Wrist Mens Tattoo Ideas With Mushroom Design

Small Inner Forearm Cool Mushroom Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Small Simple Forearm Artistic Male Mushroom Tattoo Ideas

Thigh 3d Realistic Mens Mushroom Tattoo Ideas

Thigh Ornate Mushroom Tattoos For Gentlemen

Unique Mens Mushroom Thigh Crystal Tattoos

Upper Back Watercolor Mens Mushroom Tattoo Design Ideas

Upper Chest Remarkable Mushroom Tattoos For Males

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