Music Staff Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Music Staff Tattoo Designs For Men – Musical Pitch Ink Ideas

Music lovers tend to gravitate toward this tattoo style, but they aren’t the only ones. Some are drawn to the imagery of a music staff for no other reason than its beautiful complexity.

Perhaps they have a particular connection to a piece of music that goes beyond mere appreciation.

There are any number of reasons to commit to this timeless design, and it can be incorporated into other pieces of art in quite creative ways.

One of the most interesting styles combines abstract art with the music staff. In doing so, the design is built from undefined lines and shapes, and it eventually morphs into the music staff by all the pieces converging together in the correct space. That sort of visual flow is perfect for the way music progresses on a staff. It makes the eyes follow the tattoo in the same way they must run along the music staff to find the next note.

Some music staff tattoos only include a few bars of music, but the continuos nature of the staff makes it possible to place an entire song coiled around a limb like a musical ribbon. In any case, music staff tattoos are heartfelt and aesthetically pleasing. This is a great way to commemorate a song that was special at a certain moment in your past, or simply to create a solid representation of your love of music.


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