Orca Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Orca Tattoo Designs For Men – Killer Whale Ink Ideas

Imposing and at times destructive, the orca whale is one of the largest mammals on the earth today, and it is found in every ocean on earth.

It’s presence has long inspired island tribes, becoming a ubiquitous presence in their tribal art, so why not your own body art?

The orca is, overall, a mysterious yet playful creature. Known also as the killer whale because they sometimes choose to hunt seals and dolphins, this beautiful giant is not meant to be taken lightly in spite of its fame as a performer species.

Tattoos depicting orcas can symbolize both of these aspects of the orca, representing both it’s awe-inspiring fierceness as a skilled hunter and its mammalian gentleness that allows it to be a performer. In many ways, these two sides to the orca represent the hard and the soft sides of every man.

The focus of an orca tattoo is usually the body of the orca and its vivid black and white contrast. While the actual colors of the orca’s body, black and white, are typically kept for tattoos, you can easily customize the meaning of the tattoo by changing the form of its body.

With its body in an arc, as if leaping from the water like Shamu, will conjure lighthearted memories of childhood. This will symbolize that some men, while gigantic, are still gentle on nature. On the other hand, an orca in a straight line, on the hunt, will represent the orca’s strength.

Additionally, you can choose to add blues and greens to soften the nature of your orca’s presence to have a less imposing tattoo, or you can choose reds and oranges to highlight its savagery.


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