Rad Tattoos For Men

50 Rad Tattoos For Men – Radical Body Art Design Ideas

Radical: adjective 1.relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Characterized by departure from tradition; innovative of progressive.

Some people get tattoos because the image bears some significance to their lives.

Others get tattoos to pay tribute to experiences of heavy emotion, like job success or heartbreak. Others seek to remember someone they’ve lost. Some people, however, get tattoos that are downright radical. The value of these tattoos lies inherently in their power. Gertrude Stein wrote, “A rose is a rose is a rose,” but these tats are rad because they are rad because they are rad.

‘Rad,’ the shortened form of ‘radical,’ modified frequently by ‘totally’ may have been used as early as the 19th century, but it was no doubt popularized by the pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For everyone, the quality of ‘rad’ is a little different. Maybe your version is Cat Batman, or a human ouroboros, or George Washington shredding on the bass, or a cat fireman, or a robot prairie dog, or Mount Rushmore with the cast of Friends, or a ship sailing on a pint of beer, or a satellite image of Hurricane Ike surrounding your belly button, or Sad Keanu Reeves, or Cat Abraham Lincoln, or a surfer riding a massive tongue, or Picachu’s ghost, or two unicorns making love, or Santa Paws (Cat Santa).

Whatever rad tattoo your imagination can think up, you can wear just below your epidermis and show the world.


3d Skull Back Rad Guys Tattoo Ideas

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Full Back Shaded Ornate Female Portrait Rad Tattoos Men

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Gentleman With Rad Full Back Chinese Tattoo

Geometric Dotwork Pattern Half Sleeve Rad Tattoo Design On Man

Geometric Skull Forearm Guys Tattoos With Rad Design

Geometric Star Leg Calf 3d Incredible Rad Tattoos For Men

Green Mechanical Hand Rad Guys Tattoo Designs

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Inner Arm Bicep Striped 3d Mens Tattoo With Rad Design

Leg Portrait Realistic 3d Male Tattoo With Rad Design

Male With Cool Rad Demon Mask Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Design

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Masculine Rad Gates Of Heaven Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

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