Suspension Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Suspension Tattoo Designs For Men – Shock Absorber Ideas

Some are made out of flesh and blood. Others of us are different. We are more powerful, quicker, easier to repair — I mean, heal.

We are humans that are secretly bionic, and we show ourselves with a suspension spring tattoo.

We bionic humans are in good company. Our brothers and sisters include the Six Million Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman, Luke Skywalker, Robin Williams in that really bad movie he did, that hot chic in Blade Runner, Gillette from Archer, the old guy in Roijin Z, and so many others, not to mention our cousins, the cyborgs and androids.

While these are works of fiction, the reality of incorporating bionic technology into the human body is old news. Pace makers regulate our heartbeats, iron lungs help us breathe, and huge variety of amazing new technology is revolutionizing human mobility and dexterity for those who have lost limbs. Bionic hands, for example, are now widely in use. Each finger is driven by its own motor and controlled by residual electric impulses in the remaining limb.

If you are committed to the future of bionic humanity, then there’s no better way to show the world than with a shock absorber or suspension tattoo.


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