Traditional Moth Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Traditional Moth Tattoo Designs For Men – Nocturnal Insect Ink Ideas

For some people, the moth symbolizes an inherent nocturnal essence and may even be a harbinger of omens. Sometimes, the omen is positive, but not always. The sudden appearance of a moth can be seen as a warning or as a happy premonition, and in the case of moth tattoos, the exact meaning is up to the wearer.

Traditional moth tattoos drawn with a bold outline and filled in simple browns, reds and yellows convey a vintage appeal that could work well as part of a traditional sleeve, chest, or shoulder piece.

That said, moth tattoos come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. They can have a photo realistic quality or be the result of a completely artistic interpretation. As mentioned above, the traditional moth tattoo is one increasingly common and instantly recognizable interpretation.

Whether drawn to mimic the exact wing patterns of a specific type of moth, or as a creative take on basic moth design, there are many visually appealing directions to go here. The options are pretty much endless and are limited only by the creative bounds of the artist and the client.

The moth can be drawn as a stand alone tattoo or incorporated into a bigger piece. For those whose professions allow, traditional moth tattoos look especially good as part of a forearm sleeve or, for those brave enough, across the tops of the hands.


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