Valknut Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Valknut Tattoo Designs For Men – Norse Mythology Ink Ideas

Whether you want to invoke meaningful symbolism or don wicked geometrical lines with your body artwork, the valknut tattoo is an increasingly popular modern form of ink to select. It is aesthetically minimal and versatile, but it is also packed with substance.

The tattoo form that has its roots in Norse mythology is also known as Hrungnir’s heart, Knot of the Slain, Heart of the Slain, Heart of Vala, and the Borromean Triangle.

Found engraved in ancient stones, the valknut is assumed to signify the afterlife.

In some instances, it has come to represent the soul’s power and strength when battling with gods of death or other terribly adverse circumstances. Rebirth is another concept to which the valknut has ties given its imagery featuring nine points, intimating reincarnation. The three interlocking triangles universally convey continuity, order, and undying will.

The valknut comes in varying designs, with the open, non-axial form being the most popular. The triceps variation is traced to the Middle Ages, where it was printed on talismans said to possess magical ability. This symbol has resonated among cultures for centuries, and its compounding popularity is inspiring tattoo artists.

Popular locations include the bicep, shoulder, and upper back.


3d Black Ink Shaded Metallic Valknut Tattoo Design On Arm

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