Top Best College Majors For Men

Top 35 Best College Majors For Men – Higher Education Ideas

Pursuing a college degree can seem daunting and unattainable, especially when you know it could possibly entail endless essay writing, seemingly useless filler courses, and impossibly boring lectures.

Do not be discouraged, as all hope is not lost if college is an imminent part of your future.

Below, we will review the top 35 best college majors for men who desire to acquire an interesting, engaging, and satisfying career post-college; many of which offer a high-paying salary.

Best College Majors

1. Business Administration and Management

Business Administration And Management College Majors For Men

Interested in acquiring a versatile degree that provides you with the potential to earn a very comfortable wage? Pursue a business administration and management degree.

This degree will prepare you for indefinite success in management positions in corporations, major banks, non-profit groups, and even government agencies.

Per the U.S. Census Bureau, on average, graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree in business earn roughly $2.6 million over the course of their career. This is about $200,000 more than the average for those who possess a bachelor’s degree.


2. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering College Majors For Men

Are you very hands-on and a “Mr. Fix-it” type, but do not want to devote years of college to acquire a well-paying job? Consider a degree in electrical engineering.

In as little as 2 years, you can earn a degree in this field and be working in areas such as communication, scientific research, power generation, and robotics.

Average salaries range widely for those who acquire this degree. Dependent upon your degree and experience levels, the average annual salary can vary from $59,240 to $146,820.


3. Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Convservation College Majors For Men

If you have always been the outdoorsy type, you may wish to consider a degree in wildlife conservation. Wildlife conservation degrees are versatile, meaning that they have the potential to introduce you to many different career paths and opportunities.

As a wildlife conservationist, you would be working closely with the government and/or private agencies to monitor various animal populations, assess pollution levels in waterways, and analyze human interactions in the environment and their effects on the natural habitats around them.

The median salary in this field varies slightly, between $35,430 and $61,110 annually, which is a rather comfortable living wage for most college graduates.


4. Construction Management

Construction Management Cool College Majors For Men

Perhaps job stability and a great growth outlook for the future are what matter most to you. Look no further than a degree in construction management.

With this type of degree, you would be presented with countless opportunities in virtually every town and city, big or small, coordinating and overseeing a variety of projects, from commercial and residential building structures to collaboration with architects, engineers, and other subcontractors.

Earnings can vary greatly in this field, with the lowest 10% taking home around $52,350 annually and the highest 10% making $155,200 annually.


5. Sports Management

Sports Management College Majors For Men

Since the 1980s, interest in sports management has boomed. Were you the classic jock in high school, with Sunday afternoons being entirely devoted to cheering on your favorite football team? A degree in sports management may be right up your alley.

With this degree, you would be working behind-the-scenes planning, managing, and budgeting for amateur, college level, and/or professional sports organizations and teams.

Starting out in this field, you would generally make between $35,000 and $42,000 annually, but salaries can vary greatly. Athletic directors take home an average of $80,000 annually, whereas professional sports managers can make $200,000 or more per year.


6. Architecture

Architecture College Majors For Men

Are you highly creative, with a knack for building and designing things? A degree in architecture may be your ticket to success and lifelong career satisfaction.

A good architect provides the foundation for a strong and lasting building structure. His role is to provide the design for a building, which a construction company then uses and follows to bring that building to life.

As an architect, you can expect to earn a very comfortable annual wage of roughly $79,300. With more experience in the field, it is not uncommon for annual earnings to meet or exceed $119,410.


7. Computer Science

Computer Science Top Paying College Majors For Men

Do you consider yourself a geek or tech-savvy individual? Why not pursue a degree in computer science?

Computer science is a field that is not only unmistakably on the upward climb, but also great for anyone who wishes to work in a constantly growing, evolving, and advancing industry. With this degree, you would be welcomed to work as a web developer, software architect, computer systems analyst, computer programmer, software developer, or business intelligence analyst, to name a few.

Earning potential is vast in this field, with software developers taking home about $87,185 per year, and software architects living more than well on $116,267 per year.

If you want to see if computer science is for you, try an online course from Udacity first.

8. Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering College Major Degrees For Men

Career opportunities in this area of study offer an average salary of $103,000 per year, and the opportunity to earn $152,000 and upwards.

Nuclear engineers are tasked with designing and improving upon power plant and medical equipment. Roles can range from observation, monitoring, and operation to engineering better nuclear machinery.


9. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering College Majors For Men

If math and science are your forte, a degree in chemical engineering may prove to be the perfect fit.

This area of study entails the combination of physical and life sciences with mathematics and economics to ensure the proper use, transformation, and application of chemicals and energy. The best part about holding a degree in this field is that you may work in a variety of areas, including healthcare, environmental health and safety, food processing, specialty chemicals, and even construction.

With regard to earnings, chemical engineers receive an average annual salary of between $72,000 and $108,000 annually.


10. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice College Majors For Men

Perhaps mystery, crime, and problem-solving have always intrigued you. If this is the case, you may wish to consider a degree in criminal justice.

With a criminal justice degree, you would be welcomed to work in a plethora of occupations, to include probation officer, private detective, FBI agent, forensic scientist, state trooper, and crime scene investigator.

Those who possess a degree in criminal justice can expect to live well, with salaries ranging from $56,260 for a police officer to upwards of $85,544 for an entry-level FBI agent. You can put your problem-solving skills to the test with this major.


11. Undersea Warfare

Undersea Warfare College Majors For Men

Maybe you are looking for something a little different to pursue, something off the beaten path per se. A degree in undersea warfare might just be your calling.

This area of study entails learning about submarines, mines, missiles, and other underwater weapons systems. Oftentimes, degree holders in this fieldwork closely with the Navy in positions such as naval cyber warfare engineers and undersea warfare analysts.

To give you a better idea, the salary range for a naval cyber warfare engineer is $78,842-$84,268.


12. Combat Systems Engineering

Combat Systems Engineering College Majors For Men

If problem-solving and warfare intrigue you, then a degree in combat systems engineering may be worth considering.

Pursuing a degree in this field means learning how to design, build, and maintain nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons systems. It also entails studying how those systems integrate with each other.

Nationally speaking, combat systems engineers can expect to earn roughly $88,717 per year.


13. Viticulture and Enology

Viticulture And Enology College Majors For Men

Wine is often considered to be the nectar of the Gods. If you agree, then why not acquire a degree in viticulture and enology? Devote your life’s work to winemaking and grape study.

Areas of study in this field include everything from biology and horticulture to general winemaking and basic cellar practices. Job opportunities include vineyard manager, craft distiller, lab technician, and cider maker.

Even better, annual earnings in this field are limitless, with craft distillers making between $21,000 and $58,000, and vineyard managers taking home upwards of $107,000.


14. Exercise and Movement Sciences

Exercise And Movement Sciences College Majors For Men

Are you a gym rat? Are exercise and fitness the name of the game for you? A degree in exercise and movement sciences is likely a perfect fit.

This area of study will prepare you for some of the most interesting, stimulating, and engaging self-improvement based careers, including fitness center manager, sports coach, physical/sports trainer, exercise physiologist, and even secondary school gym teacher.

Annual earnings in this field are broad, ranging from $17,340 to $65,180.


15. Accounting

Accounting College Majors For Men

If you are good with numbers and already have strong money management skills (or want to learn), then a degree in accounting is your ticket to success.

With a degree in this field, you will be prepared to compute taxes owed and provide tax return services, organize and properly maintain financial records, and assess the operations of finance departments for compliance with local/federal laws and regulations.

Like most occupations, earnings vary in this field too, with book keepers making around $38,990 annually and accountants taking in roughly $75,280 per year.


16. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering College Majors For Men

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is an ever-changing and rapidly growing one. However, direct patient care isn’t for everyone, and so that’s what makes a degree in biomedical engineering so special.

As a biomedical engineer, you would work closely with doctors and researchers to design and produce systems and equipment necessary to solve problems on the clinical level. Alternatively, you may work directly in a medical manufacturing company, where biomedical products are designed and produced for healthcare facilities.

To say that a career in this field is rewarding is an understatement. Starting pay for newbies in the field is generally around $51,480, increasing drastically to $139,520 for the more experienced.


17. Graphic Design

Graphic Design College Majors For Men

Have you found that what you value most is your naturally creative instinct? Look no further than a degree in graphic design.

A degree in graphic design will not only enhance the skills you already obtain, but it will also open up more than a few opportunities for solid careers in art directing, film editing, product and web design, architectural drafting, and technical writing, to name a few.

A career in graphic design will likely not make you break the bank, but the trade-offs of being able to stretch and grow your creativity and more flexibility are wins. The average annual salary in this field is approximately $48,730. Though, the real dough can be found with freelance work.


18. Physics

Physics College Majors For Men

If you have a keen interest in learning more about the physical world, both on the particular and cosmic levels, and you also have a natural passion for mathematics, then a degree in physics is perfect for you.

This science and math-based area will prepare you for a broad array of career opportunities, including physicist, laser engineer, high school physics teacher, lab technician, and optical engineer.

Starting out, a new physicist can expect to earn around $55,610 per year. After just 10 years in the field, that number jumps to nearly $100,000 annually.


19. Military Information Systems Technology

Military Information Systems Technology Best Mens College Majors

For a growing career that ties military, computer, science, and IT components into one, a degree in military information systems technology is the way to go.

Courses in computer graphics, information warfare, robotics, cybersecurity, and geographic information systems will prepare you for rewarding careers as command and control center officers and specialists.

With a degree in military information systems technology, you can expect to take home roughly $53,741 or more per year.


20. Emergency Management/Homeland Security

Emergency Management Homeland Security College Majors For Men

Since the devastation of 9/11 and the resultant ongoing terrorist activity worldwide, the need for skilled emergency management and homeland security specialists continues to rise.

A degree in this field will prepare you to identify weapons of mass destruction, analyze the psychology behind suicide bombers, create an emergency plan, and implement border/airport security.

For a steady, growing, and rewarding career as a homeland security agent, expect to take home between $80,445 and $104,396 annually.


21. Biotechnology

Biotechnology College Majors For Men

If you are stuck between going the biology or engineering route, then a degree in biotechnology is sure to please.

Biotechnology entails the combination of biological sciences and engineering technologies to alter how different organisms and other life systems create products for the advancement of medicine, food, and healthcare.

With a degree in this field, earnings average greatly, from $35,500 to $119,609 per year.


22. Theme Park Engineering

Theme Park Engineering College Majors For Men

Do you consider yourself to be a child at heart, but want to put your strong intelligence and design skills to good use? Consider a degree in theme park engineering.

As a theme park engineer and/or architect, your responsibilities would include designing amusement park structures and ensuring their safety, fine-tuning the mechanics of ride infrastructure, and making sure that everything is up to code.

Starting pay in this field sits around $50,000 annually, with more experienced architects working for larger parks earning significantly more.


23. Educational Leadership and Administration

Educational Leadership College Majors For Men

If leadership comes naturally to you, and you also enjoy working with children, then a degree in educational leadership and administration is sure to bring you lifelong career satisfaction.

A degree in this field includes coursework in areas such as leadership, management, and problem-solving, which prepare you for real-life job opportunities as a principal, vice-principal, or even superintendent in elementary and secondary schools.

On average, careers in educational leadership and administration pay out roughly $69,289 per annum.


24. Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences College Majors For Men

Are you the type that recycles every can, refuses to swim in murky waters, and loves to take nature hikes in your free time? Why not pursue a degree in environmental sciences?

This area of study prepares individuals for a plethora of job opportunities, including recycling officer, water quality specialist, nature conservation officer, and environmental consultant.

Yearly earnings aren’t too bad either. While the amount you make is directly related to the specific type of job you acquire post-graduation, the average salary for environmental science degree holders is $63,570 per year.


25. Nutritional Sciences

Nutritional Sciences College Degrees For Men

If you are a health nut and gym rat, then you know the significance of good nutrition in a healthy lifestyle, so why not learn a little more about it and acquire a degree in nutritional sciences? You’d only be destined to make more money doing what you already love.

A degree in nutritional sciences will set you up for undoubted success in areas such as sports and fitness nutrition, clinical dietetics, education, public health nutrition, and even the media.

Per annum, degree holders in this field take home anywhere from $35,240 to $80,950.


26. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering College Majors For Men

Are you considering a degree in engineering, but want to ensure that the area you choose to study pays out in the long run? Invest in yourself with a degree in petroleum engineering.

The role of a petroleum engineer is to assist in finding natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits. Working and collaborating with other teams of specialists, these individuals uncover the safest and most cost-efficient means of extracting Earth’s natural resources.

Average earnings for a petroleum engineer are between $102,300 and $176,300 annually.


27. Statistics

Statistics College Majors For Men

If you are a highly organized individual with a strong attention to detail and who enjoys working with numbers, then a degree in statistics is for you.

Statisticians are responsible for assessing and managing large volumes of data in an array of areas, from healthcare to manufacturing to governmental agencies.

Annually, degree holders in this field make between $54,900 and $103,100.


28. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Have you always been captivated by things that fly, and are naturally gifted in the areas of math and science? A degree in aerospace engineering is your ticket to success.

With a degree in aerospace engineering, you would be able to pursue a career, either designing spacecraft (astronautical engineer) or designing aircraft restricted to our atmosphere only (aeronautical engineer).

Degree holders in this field take home a very comfortable annual salary of up to $107,900.


29. Telecommunications

Telecommunications College Majors For Men

If you aren’t afraid of heights and the idea of working overtime excites you, then a degree in telecommunications is likely a great fit.

Telecommunications involves working for telephone companies and networks, satellites, radio broadcasting systems, and even the internet either fixing, constructing, designing and/or overseeing everything from copper wire installation to fiber optics cabling.

In this field, the median annual salary is about $51,736, but a higher earning potential is provided for those with more experience.


30. Geology

Geology College Majors For Men

For those who are captivated by climate change, natural disasters, and Earth’s creation and evolution over time, then a degree in geology is ideal.

Aside from climate change and mineral/metal/crude oil exploration, geologists also analyze the causes and locations of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.

Degree holders in this field can expect to earn a comfortable $46,200 to $82,000 per annum.


31. Law

Law Best Paying College Majors For Men

Let’s face it. Everyone hates lawyers until they need one. Until car accidents, injuries and business disputes are a thing of the past, and lawyers will always be in demand. If you dream of being Harvey Specter from the popular TV show Suits, well, here’s your chance. Unless of course, you want to risk it like Mike Ross.

When it comes to salary, the lowest lawyers on the totem pole bring home about $55,870 per year. The median salary reaches an impressive $115,820, while a portion of the highest-paid lawyers earn a respectable $187,200 per year.


32. Astrobiology

Astrobiology College Majors For Men

Does life exist beyond Earth? A career in astrobiology just might help you discover the answer. If you find yourself looking up at the stars and wondering what if and what is, this major might be for you. Though it’s not all alien-focused, in reality, you’ll be studying the effects of outer space on humans, collecting ice samples, or even exploring the properties of exoplanets and beyond.

Salaries range anywhere from $25,000 per year all the way up to $110,000 per year. With so many different sectors to hop into, your only limited by your biological, planetary, and cosmic phenomena knowledge.


33. Psychology

Psychology College Majors For Men

Explore the human mind in greater detail and discover what makes humans respond and react. From human development to social behavior and cognitive processes, psychology offers numerous routes to take.

Median pay is a respectable $72,580 per year.


34. Yacht Operations

Yacht Operations College Majors For Men

This is one of the more unique industries that are becoming more and more popular. Getting a degree in yacht operations means you will be equipped with a large range of skills and other relevant experience to help you excel in this field. Some of the duties involved with yacht operations include all deck operations, the storage, use, and maintenance of tenders, equipment, and deck supplies, and they are also in charge of the deckhands.

The chief engineer also oversees all of the engineering operations on the yacht. This is the ideal position for someone who is very solutions-oriented and have strong project management skills and an understanding of different software, a mechanical, diesel, or electrical background as well as inventory maintenance experience.

The average salary of a yacht engineer can be over $100,000 per year, but it depends on the kind of engineer you are, the kind of operations you oversee, and your level of education and experience in the industry.


35. Packaging Science

Packaging Science Best Mens College Degrees

This field of work may not be as well known as others. Graduates of packaging science programs can go on to find jobs developing wrappers for products including candy, gum, cosmetics, electronics, and more. They may also be in charge of coming up with tamper-proof bottles for both drug and beverage companies.

This college major focuses more on the science of packaging and the visual design of selling products. It is a very stable career. Many graduates have reported starting salaries of approximately $85,000 per year.

This major allows you to learn how to integrate science, technology, design, and also incorporate your business skills to develop packages and different packaging materials. In addition, you will also study distribution and transportation, graphic design, engineering, marketing, packaging law, and so much more.


Deciding on a College Major

Choosing your college major can prove to be quite the challenge, especially after seeing just how many college majors you can choose from. Our list is by no means as extensive as it can be either. These are just the top 35 best college majors for men. There are still so many others out there.

So, whether you are currently in college or you are about to enroll, you need to start figuring out which college major is going to be the best for you.

First, what do you like? Make a list of at least ten things you love and then make a list of all of your strengths and weaknesses. Connect your interests to your strengths to help narrow down your college major choices.

Next, consider your career goals. What kind of degree do you want? When you have a specific goal in mind, it makes it much easier to start narrowing down your majors.

Get some advice. It never hurts to discuss your choices with an adviser or other professional. They can put you in touch with helpful resources you might not otherwise even know were available to you.

Finally, come up with one or two backups. This way, you will have more options later on if you do decide it is time to switch your major.

Remember, it isn’t set in stone. You can change your college major. Some studies have even found that some students end up changing their major at least once, while others do it several times. Choosing your major is a big deal and is definitely something you will want some guidance and advice on.

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