Backyard Pavilion Ideas

Top 50 Best Backyard Pavilion Ideas – Covered Outdoor Structure Designs

Outdoor pavilions, once charmingly referred to as “follies” by the English elite, have endured for centuries around the world.

Intended to provide shelter and repose, as well as a designated space to entertain throughout the seasons, the backyard pavilion has enjoyed a particularly modish comeback in recent years.

From cozy beach retreats to more stately Grecian capacities, the modern backyard pavilion is designed to fit every outdoor space and lifestyle. Perhaps you are looking for a quiet, Asian inspired Zen retreat to work and meditate, or wish to enjoy a romantic tryst with a loved one under a breezy canopy; you may be planning to host a series of events that call for a more open and guest-friendly space. Wherever your desires lie, your pavilion is your home’s natural companion and counterpart.

More than just a status symbol, a backyard pavilion speaks of one who utilizes his outdoor space to the fullest, and understands that his home was made to be enjoyed under sunny and starlit skies alike. A pavilion is both refined and unpretentious, a representation of a homeowner’s welcome to guests and family alike. With spring just around the corner and warmer days beckoning, why not treat your home to a resplendent outdoor abode where new memories can not only be made but enhanced?


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