How To Wear A Pocket Square

How To Fold And Wear A Pocket Square – An Essential Charismatic Ingredient To Any Suit

To the dismay of style aficionados everywhere, pocket squares fell out of mainstream awareness way back in the 1970s.

For the following decades, men’s suits have been unfairly deprived of an essential charismatic ingredient.

Fortunately, the dynamic accessory is making a timely comeback. Many people have credited Daniel Craig with the return to timeless metro-sexual appeal.

In addition to James Bond, other male icons following suit with pocket squares include George Clooney, Peyton Manning and even Aziz Ansari. Mankind should thank these stars for bringing expressiveness back to the attire of slick gentlemen!

Instead of pitying the last few generations for their woeful lack of confident fashions, we should all strive to embody today’s refined definition of carefully composed masculinity. In addition to brandishing ornamental opulence, pocket squares provide vital economic benefits.

For the cunning lad on a budget, these fiery garments enshrine an ability to recycle suits a little more liberally. Rather than buying endless shirts and blazers, the wise connoisseur simply stocks up on a diverse assortment of foldable fabrics.


Proper Pocket Square Folding Techniques

How To Fold A Pocket Square For Men

Pocket square ownership is not enough for one to become genteel; in fact, a poor presentation will make the display backfire entirely. Still, this attractive staple of classic masculine clothing has eluded modern generations.

Based on a mere lack of exposure, most men under the age of 40 don’t even know how to handle a pocket square when the time comes.

In truth, there is no universal way to arrange the cloth, but some general consensuses are in place. If it seems too complex, just look at all the different knots available for neckties. If you think about it, they really are comparable!

For example, the two customizable elements possess more posh flair than any other pieces of a suit, and the approaches to these adornments contain endless experimental varieties!

To get you started, here are the most common patterns for distinguished sophistication:


Presidential Fold

How To Wear A Straight Pocket Square

How To Fold A Presidential Square Straight Pocket Square

This notorious strategy is also known as the Straight Fold or Square Fold. It is the most used method for aristocratic men all over the globe. Here’s how to conquer this majestically manicured arrangement with ease:

1. Place the fabric down as a flattened square.
2. While emphasizing symmetry, horizontally fold the cloth in half.
3. Conduct another symmetrical fold, but make this one vertical.
4. Tuck into the pocket. A strikingly noticeable square rectangle should pop out from the top.


Puff Fold

How To Wear A Puff Pocket Square

How To Fold A Puff Pocket Square

Here’s an elegant twist that melds simplicity with civility:

1. Once again, lay down the pocket square. Keep it flat.
2. With a finger and a thumb, pinch the fabric in its precise middle. Let the folds fall into place on their own with a gradual pull. Now, hold it still with one hand.
3. Without letting go, use the unoccupied hand to neatly gather loose fabric a festively curved form.
4. Gently tighten the pocket square’s lower end before slipping it into your suit coat. Fluff it as much as you want until the puffs are coiffed to perfection.


Winged Puff Fold

How To Wear A Winged Puff Pocket Square

How To Fold A Winged Puff Pocket Square

For an advanced deviation, persuasive provocateur’s rely on this exotic design. Origami experience may be a plus for tackling this one. Here’s a rundown of the fabulous fold:

1. Place the fabric down flat again, but keep corners at the top and bottom this time. This diagonal view is vital!
2. Fold the highest corner over the middle until it meets the lowest point. The overlap must be exact.
3. Fold side-by-side halves with the left and right corners until they also meet the bottom point. Now, you should have a miniature version of the exact same shape you started with.
4. One by one, fold each of the lower three corners upwards. The top corner stays unfolded and exposed. At this stage, the shape may resemble an unsealed envelope.
5. Slide the square into position with the remaining triangle tip sticking out to exude an illustriously suave demeanor.


Two-Point and Three-Point Folds

How To Wear A Three Point Pocket Square

How To Fold A Two Point Pocket Square

How To Fold A Three Point Pocket Square

For sociable gatherings and casual business meetings, these dual variations reign supreme. Try them out yourself:

1. Start with the square flattened and corners up. Fold the fabric in half with a slight asymmetry.
2. For Two-Point, simply fold two uneven flaps back on the left side. For Three-Point, perform the same folds at an upward 45 degree angle.
3. Wrap the unfolded right side in the exact same manner as done in step 2. This will create a genteel balance during Two-Point; however, Three-Point’s end result is more unique. It coyly generates a luxuriously lop-sided presentation that is brave and superior.
4. Tuck it in straight and you’re done!


The Cagney Fold (AKA Four-Point)

How To Wear A Four Point Pocket Square

How To Fold A Cagney Four Point Pocket Square

Want something new and exciting? Then do this one! Here’s how:

1. Start with a flat pocket square and point the corners up again. Fold in half evenly.
2. Fold the two parallel corners in. Pull them a little beyond the top tip on each side.
3. Make two tight folds simultaneously to procure an upside down equilateral triangle under four jagged points.
4. Place it in your finest suit. It will replicate a rose, especially if a deep red is chosen.


Dunaway Fold

How To Fold A Dunaway Pocket Square

This one is preferred for those who love silk. The fabric will be preserved by this technique’s rounded edges and lack of creases. Here’s the step-by-step:

1. Place it down almost flat this time. The exact center should be protruding slightly.
2. While lifting from the center, you should use gravity to quickly tuck in the sides.
3. Dangle the fabric from one hand’s fingertips. Use the other hand to straighten loose ends into a narrowly unified bunch.
4. The cylindrical shape should now be rolled down from the top until a round mound gathers at the halfway point.
5. Now, bring the top up and over the bulky middle section. Once four points are balanced and facing up, compress it gently with your thumbs.
6. After the desired flatness is acquired, slip it delicately into place.


Scallop Fold

How To Fold A Scallop Pocket Square

Here is a fun departure from the norm:

1. Start flat again. Then, fold the bottom left corner to meet the top right.
2. Take the lower right corner and bring it towards the top left. Line them up precisely.
3. Without creasing, loop the two new top corners in a circular fashion. This should cultivate a dashing curved opening.
4. As always, put it into your pocket with care.


When to Wear Pocket Squares

Highly selective gentlemen swear by their pocket squares, and they are becoming more socially acceptable all the time.

Still, these accessories definitely fit certain occasions over others. Primarily, the event should be festive and jubilant; otherwise, a guest may seem disrespectful or insensitive. Most of the time, donning a pocket square is the only way to not be a square yourself!

In the modern era, these invigorating add-ons and indispensable. They are truly the best weapon for your wardrobe, especially if you want to unlock an ambitiously arousing armament.

Pocket squares have an undeniable effect on women that will certainly work to your advantage. Remember, never discount the importance of color coordination and synchronized patterns.

With the right pocket square technique, you will never relinquish your mighty throne of godly magnetism.

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