Anatomical Heart Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 91 Anatomical Heart Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

To cultivate a viscerally attractive merger between biological realism and intangible emotions, tons of witty guys are exploring anatomical heart tattoos. These inspiring ink jobs are profoundly intriguing and alluring.

The heart is an incredibly complex organ, and most visual representations fail to capture the high level of detail involved.

Luckily, overly simplistic symbols are no longer the only way to showcase deep emotional values. With today’s powerful tattoo technology, it is now possible to replicate every valve and ventricle. Plus, vibrant shades of red add enormous oomph.

Of course, these masterpieces are highly customizable. A partner’s name can be easily integrated into the finished design. An anatomical heart tattoo can also be used to encase a previously existing inscription. These cunningly aesthetic creations offer a slick opportunity to literally wear your heart on your sleeve, but courageous dudes often get their heart art right on top of the real thing.

For even more heart-filled fun, a lot of bros out there are experimenting with hyper-realism; meanwhile, other fellows are partaking in abstract portrayals of human emotion. Either way, the final effect is commanding and captivating.

Just check out the amazing options right here. You will certainly be persuaded by the intrinsically appealing images ahead!

1. Small Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Tuck an anatomical heart tattoo in a bodily corner for yourself. Add a miniature version on your wrist or as a smaller chest piece as a reminder of the essentials of life. If you want to include detail despite the condensed space, be sure to work with an artist who is adept at line or dotwork. This way the shading will stand out instead of fading and blurring together in time.

2. Scientific Illustration Anatomical Heart Tattoos 

If you want to go a more scientific route, there’s a plethora of scientific illustrations to choose from. Peruse old scientific textbooks to find the perfect figure depiction. Scientific illustration anatomical heart tattoos are a great way to explore different options for linework with different parts pointed out like the fifth, sixth, and seventh pieces shown. Black ink is a popular option for this, but you don’t have to completely disregard color; the final piece pictured is a great example of an image from a classic anatomy textbook.  

3. Anatomical Heart Chest Tattoos 

A chest piece is an ideal place for a heart tattoo. Whether you want to anatomically correct with your anatomical heart chest piece, or go down a metaphoric route like the third piece pictured, you’ll have the luxury of a lot of space to work with. The second piece shown is an especially great example of a torn skin piece, that gives the tattoo an especially 3-dimensional feel. You also have a lot of options for different side ornamentation with skulls or roses to add another layer of intricacy to your anatomical heart chest tattoo.  

4. Neo Traditional Anatomical Heart Tattoo 

Traditional anatomical heart tattoos combine the age-old traditional heart piece with a contemporary feel. You can also maintain the image of a modern anatomical heart and incorporate another image in the traditional style. The pieces pictured above offer a great mix of traditional and neo-traditional anatomical heart tattoos, whether you’re looking for a colorful or black ink design.  

5. Geometric Anatomical Heart Tattoo 

Just because you’re going for anatomically accurate doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it. Break down the anatomical heart into geometric linework or include a mix of geometric patterns with the foundation of a heart. The first, fourth, and fifth image shown also demonstrate a great incorporation of neo-traditional style with geometric linework. Geometric anatomical heart tattoos can represent the mix of the literal and the figurative connotations of the most simple and complex organs.  

6. Gramophone Anatomical Heart Tattoos 

Showcase your loud love with a gramophone anatomical heart tattoo. The gramophone was once the premier method with which to play musical recording, and the mixture of a gramophone with an anatomical heart gives the tattoo an anachronistic feel. A great opportunity to tribute an antiquity of music, if you hold music in great esteem this is a wonderfully unique design choice. 

7. Forearm Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Wear your heart on your sleeve with a forearm anatomical heart tattoo. The forearm is a great place for small-to-medium size tattoos, and it’s also easy to mix in a variety of designs alongside your anatomical heart. Go with an abstract depiction like the first piece shown or talk to your artist about something more realistic like the fourth piece. You can go crazy with colors or maintain a grayscale solidarity. Either way, a forearm anatomical heart tattoo gives you a piece you can turn to time and time again if you ever need a reminder of what’s inside.  

8. Linework Anatomical Heart Tattoo 

Anatomical hearts already incorporate a great deal of linework detail, so feel free to go all out with a completely linework anatomical heart tattoo. Using needles with various thicknesses, you can embellish your anatomical heart with metaphorical or realistic imagery. 

I love the first piece’s depiction of ‘home is where the heart is’. The third piece pictured is also a wonderful combination of complete black filler with alternating linework. It’s also a great chance to dispense with having an outline and allow the tattoo to fade into the unblemished skin. Check out the variations between all black and color as well! 

9. Blood Red Anatomical Heart Tattoo 

Colorful anatomical heart tattoos will always present a lot of options, but you can’t go wrong with classic blood red. Blood red anatomical heart tattoos embellish the fleshy feel of a heart. The classic countering of blue is also an additional flavor to add, but you can’t go wrong with the more natural color of them all.  

Anatomical Heart Tattoo FAQs 

What does an anatomical heart tattoo represent? 

An anatomical heart may be considered to symbolize love or the very essence of life itself. While not exactly the same as a simple two-dimensional heart, an anatomical heart goes one step beyond to depict true flesh and blood. 


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